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11/21/2017    Tuesday - On Todays Show American Survival...Chance The Owner of American Survival Wholesale "GETS IN GEAR" That is Survival and outdoor gear, How to Choose Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Tents and Camp Stoves. Plus a Special Story Of Thanksgiving that will touch your heart.

11/14/2017    Tuesday - Today On American Survival, We honor our Veterans who served our country with pride. Listen in as we share some inspiring true stories from Veterans, in their own words!

11/07/2017    Tuesday - Today only on American Survival, The Owner of American Survival Wholesale shares some amazing stories of Survival, and goes in depth on the subject of Nutrition and Stamina as it relates to Surviving in any Disaster. Take notes..this is Solid Information you can Implement starting NOW!


10/24/2017    Tuesday - Tonight on American Survival in the First hour Chance teaches How to prepare for a Wildfire and what to do if your home is affected by this disaster. In hour two. We are interviewing Mike Kerr, The Coordinator for Hear The Watchmen, discussing Spiritual Preparation and The Evil that calls itself pedophilia!

10/10/2017    Tuesday - In the First hour We Bring on a Husband and Wife Team, Blu and Susan, who discuss Spiritual Preparedness and Bikers for Christ. In the Second Hour...Chance teaches Physical Preparedness, and Survival. Water - Shelter - Fire Don't Miss one minute of This in Depth training!

10/03/2017    Tuesday - How are you supposed to prepare for a disaster if you are BROKE! Today on American Survival, we have Don Stinson, teaching us how to become an Entrepreneur, and the lessons that go along with that. In Hour two we have Craig Hill a Financial Planner, and Precious Metal Dealer discussing retirement, and the economy in general. Craig brings to the table Solid advise based upon Christian morals and many years of helping people just like you.


09/26/2017    Tuesday - In Depth Survival Training with Lucinda Master Gardner of Texas Ready Seeds, plus More Great Medical and First Aid Training with Elizabeth bringing over 35 Years in the Medical Field discusses Alternative Methods of Wellness.

09/19/2017    Tuesday - Today on American Survival we welcome Stewart Rhodes, Founder of the Oathkeepers. Stewart discussed the challenges they face daily in both Houston, TX and in the Florida Keys with disaster relief. In the second segment, Stuart Rhodes gives great advise on Firearm safety, selection, and Training.

09/12/2017    Tuesday - Today on American Survival, Chance the Owner of American Survival Wholesale Brings the Idea of Preparedness to a New Level. Discussing Pet Survival with Jill the Owner of Remnant Canine 360, and Financial Survival With Ross Powell at Survival 401k, teaching the ins and outs of getting your hard earned money, out of the SYSTEM! Website: www.americansurvivalwholesale.com

09/05/2017    Tuesday - Today on American Survival, Chance the Owner of ASW provides timely Hurricane Preparedness Training, along with The Mental Side of Survival and how that relates to every Survival Situation website: www.americansurvivalwholesale.com

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