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11/26/2016    Saturday - Today my guests were myself, with Mitch Santell providing hand-holding and perspective as I discuss the many issues swirling round us with respect to the momentous moment we find ourselves in. We talk all the aspects of the election, lead up and aftermath. We look through the lens of plans laid by "humans", and plans of the larger framework, that of the Divine that hold all of it. We speak of faith, and the need for time with God in order to sustain our truth journey through this minefield. To hear "Backstory" and Kate's other music, please listen at reverbnation.com/katemagdalena.

11/04/2016    Friday - Guest host, filmmaker activist Matt Landman interviews popular Crow777 regarding his podcast, NLP, Maritime Law, The Legal Name and Chemtrails, unscripted/live.


10/29/2016    Saturday - Guest hosting for Kate Willens, Patrick Roddie talks with fellow chemtrails/geoengineering researcher and activist Max Bliss. They discuss the history of weather modification, the rapidly increasing scale of the spraying program, how it ties in with a global plan for humanity and what we as individuals can do to raise awareness and help stop the spraying. Max and Patrick both attended several geoengineering and climate conferences and testified on Aircraft Pollution at the EPA. Patrick's website is http://StopSprayingus.com and Max's is http://unearthclimatechange.com

10/22/2016    Saturday - James Gormley is an award-winning editor and journalist with over twenty years of experience in the field of nutrition. Author of "Health at Gunpoint," he is a leading voice in the fight for our health freedoms against the tyranny of the FDA, the USDA and big pharma. His website is jamesgormley.com and his books are available on Amazon. Patrick Roddie is a leader in the fight to expose global geo-engineering. His view is that we are only going to expose and confront this crime by alerting others, and not at this stage of the game by legal confrontations with the offenders. Visit Patrick at stopsprayingus.com

10/07/2016    Friday - Kraig Carroll is just an ordinary guy powered by an extraordinary love that drove him to medically care for his late wife Shirley in ways that saved her life, far beyond what the Docs could do. Realizing this, they gave him the power to direct her care, healing her heart, curing her diabetes, obliterating her cancer, and in a real sense -- raising her from the dead. Listen to find out about "Shirley's Law" --- what he used to heal her, and what you can use to heal yourself. His book "How Is It Possible" is available at amazon.com


09/30/2016    Friday - Today we've braved the churning waters and narrow straights of betrayal and narcissistic abuse. In the first hour Sandra Lee Dennis spoke about her book "Love and the Mystery of Betrayal" which emerged during and after her soul shattering experience of romantic betrayal. Sandra shared how she navigated through the soul-affronting passages of the dark night of the soul, and into a springtime in which she emerged with a newfound experience of the Divine both in her and around her, finding a new balance, again able to experience joy. Learn more about Sandra's work at www.sandraleedennis.com.

In the second hour Quinn Holliday of www.asscdirect.com spoke about his work as a life coach working with victims of those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Quinn characterizes the disorder, revealing what traits to look for in these individuals, and the motivations underlying their machinations. Quinn offers a course through his website to further instruct and counsel those who have encountered emotional abuse in their dealings with narcissistic abusers. Quinn also offers counsel, direction, and support through his youtube channel, Assc Direct.

09/23/2016    Friday - In the first hour BackStory proudly presents Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence and Mandy Brooks on the Legacy of Slavery in Song. Dr. Jacqueline offered us her strength, joy, and pride in being a black American woman today. Through her gifts of storytelling, drama, music, and dance, she brings the unique legacy of the slaves to us today; this is the fulfillment of a sacred mission. Please visit her website to learn more: www.legacyshowcases.com and drjacquelinelawrence.com. Mandy Brooks collaborates with Dr. Jacqueline, as well as singing and recording on her own. Please visit www.mandybrooks.com to hear her beautiful songs. In the second hour is a replay of Kate's interview with Sharon and Gabe of the Human Frequency.

09/09/2016    Friday - Dr. J. Marvin Herndon is a maverick all right, with astounding scientific insight ranging from what is truly at the earth's center (a natural nuclear reactor) to the formation of galaxies, stars, and planets. In this significant interview, he explains the stranglehold that now binds our science from the top down, revealing how the government funds science, and so how science is beholden to political agendas. He clearly explains why and how he came to his view that the finest residues of toxic coal fly ash serve as the matrix of the aerosols infesting our skies (chemtrails), and our lungs. Please listen to this astounding interview, and share it, so that more people can understand what is being sprayed. Please visit his website at nuclearplanet.com to learn more about Dr. Herndon's work.


08/26/2016    Friday - Matt Landman, potent activist and producer of The Global Chemtrails Summit was today's guest on BACKSTORY. A mover and shaker, Matt is a doer: he observes, researches, analyzes and acts to bring about the awakening needed for real change to occur to expose and stop geoengineering. Matt also spoke about his research into vaccinations. "If only we realized how powerful we really are, we would realize how much change we can bring to the challenges we face," teaches Matt. The second Global Chemtrail Summit will be May 6, 2017 in Portland, Oregon. Follow him on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/landman808

08/12/2016    Friday - Sharon Daphna and Gabe Lazar are hosts on AFR's show "The Human Frequency." They shared their solutions-based wisdom with us about how orgone energy, or life energy, can be protected and amplified through the use of orgonite. Sharon and Gabe 'gift' orgonite to cell phone towers, conductors of the bad juju, what Sharon calls "death energy." Using orgonite can regulate electro-magnetic frequencies on your person, in your home, and in the skies above you. Sharon has turned waking up to the chemtrail program a blessing, in that it opened her to understand vastly more about life, and our true potentials, than she ever imagined. Empower yourself by learning about this wonderful blessing. And find out more at her website www.thechembow.com and her blog "Somewhere Under the Chembow."

08/06/2016    Saturday - Our exciting guests today were Suzanne Maher of Ontario, Canada, founder of the website byebyebluesky.com and her dear friend and fellow activist Val Hall of the Bay Area. Suzanne's work fits the niche of providing timely, cogent, and elegant brochures, banners, slogans, and billboards to geoengineering activists through Canada and the US. Our conversation covered how their work and activism can be used by other activists to bring the message to the world that geoengineering must STOP. Suzanne also covered how to detox from the nanoparticulates which we eat, drink and breathe, and how doing so is a necessity to survive.


07/29/2016    Friday - Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News discusses her incredible journalistic experience of documenting the mysterious deaths of at this date 60 holistic doctors over the past year. She discusses her journey personally, and at times even emotionally; she shares how the families of the victims' lives have been touched and altered by the experience. One of the surprise benefits of the interview was the birth of a new possibility of holistic docs coming together to demand a full-scale investigation, so that these deaths - many of which have occurred violently and unnaturally may cease. Her website is www.healthnutnews.com.

07/22/2016    Friday - "Anonymous Ann" was our guest today, bringing her profound experience dealing with Morgellons. She gives first symptoms which she brushed off as anomaly, but which she later comprehended as she realized what she was dealing with. Ann describes how to make a home apothecary to make your own baths, salves, and lineaments to address this condition. We also discussed the spiritual aspects, and how healing it is to see the phenomenon against the multi-dimensional goodness of the wider terrain in which we dwell.

07/08/2016    Friday - There isn't a more important subject to speak about than the centrality of the aerosol program to the workings of the New World Order agenda. In this mind-bending interview, Clifford Carnicom, the dedicated scientist and researcher who has spent the last twenty years serving the public good, speaks about the organism which he has uncovered everywhere, in all the kingdoms of nature, and within human beings. This organism crosses the domains of natural biological classifications, and has made a 'new biology' within us. It is at the heart of The condition known as Morgellons, a condition not limited to those with the dreaded skin condition. Carnicom speaks of the necessity for the public to pick up on the research he has done, and run with it, using it to fight for the natural world that is our birthright, for the sake of all life now and to come. We had a surprise visit in the second hour by Elana Freeland, a great researcher and author in her own right, who has worked closely with Clifford. Having them both in discussion as to the meaning of it all, was mind bending in the extreme! Please visit carnicominstitute.org to keep abreast of current research, and give as generously as you can to support this crucial work of our times. You can also follow CI on Twitter and Facebook.


06/10/2016    Friday - Dr. Nick Begich, author of "Angels Don't Play This Haarp" was our honored guest today, discussing the uses of HAARP for mind control, weather 'modification', and military purposes. Dr. Begich particularly stressed the need to monitor our own minds, and to avoid fear and other forms of negativity, as we strive to meet the challenges of our time. This is Part One of a two part series. Dr. Begich's website contains an amplitude of information on these subjects. Find him at www.earthpulse.com


04/02/2016    Saturday - Perhaps Max Bliss is so named because of his blissful manner; I was very happy to speak with Max, the 'Activist's Activist,' as I so called him. He inspires so many of us in our work against geoengineering. His research is very deep, and his heartfelt intelligent words are moving mountains, still underground, like islands - which will one day be raised for all to see! www.unearthclimatechange.com


03/12/2016    Saturday - On today's show Kate interviews author Elana Freeland whose book "Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth," provides the research necessary to understand the broad nature of the aerosol operations. She was joined by Billy Hayes who was one of the builders of HAARP itself. Both Elana and Billy can be reached on Facebook.


02/27/2016    Saturday - Kate's very special guests today were Scott Stevens, Harry Rhodes and Terry Lawton with a Geo-engineering roundtable.

02/13/2016    Saturday - Today's show features Sylvain Henry of Quebec, Canada. Sylvain is a leading activist in the movement against geoengineering in Canada. He seeks to unite our movement so that we can accomplish our goal. In this lively discussion, Sylvain discusses his vision for how united action, done peacefully and in timed coordination is the stone that can kill Goliath, the monster of geoengineering. Please visit his website, canadianspartacus.com. HIs group on Facebook is: ChemtrailHyperNetwork. Follow him on Twitter @911Satyagraha Please share if you care!


01/21/2016    Saturday - Harry Rhodes and Terry Lawton, both powerful and knowledgable activists from the UK join us on today's show. Terry spearheads activism against the aerosol crimes in Ireland, and Harry in England. Harry is an inventor, and promotes the use of Orgone as a method to counter the aerosols. During this interview Terry gives an amazing impromptu speech to everyone to join our cause! Harry's website is lexxenergysolutions.com; both activists are on Facebook.

01/16/2016    Saturday - Scott Stevens, meteorologist extraordinaire, joins us today to discuss the all and everything behind the purposes and procedures of the chemtrail/contrail phenomena. The how and the why are covered, touching upon the program's vast implications, and how it will be blown open and upended in the wake of the near future. www.weatherwars.info

01/09/2016    Saturday - Alexandra May Hunter is a legal specialist on geoengineering, and the state and federal laws pertaining to it. She speaks about her participation in the June Climate Conference in Paris, as well as why she is confident that the Senate will not approve the United States participation in the COP21 agreement. Please see Lexie's pages at aircrap.org, http://www.aircrap.org/2015/03/13/alexandra-may-hunter-environmental-legal-consultant/, and at byebyebluesky.com, http://byebyebluesky.com/alexandra-may-hunter/

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