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12/04/2017    Monday - It was a joy to hear from Max Bliss. We covered the gamut of weather modification history and technology, its goals to further one world control through the conviction that climate warming is real and must be stopped by further Geoengineering. We also spoke about the spiritual outlooks and practices that can ground and uplift us as we engage in educating about this program. Visit Max at unearthclimatechange.org


11/20/2017    Monday - Today's show was round 2 with Jim Lee. In this talk Jim acquaints us with the breadth and depth of his research into methods of weather modification in use now, which he makes available to the public at climateviewer.com Jim also introduced his concept of a fix, which he hopes will bring accountability and transparency into weather modification. Jim is raising funds so that he can attend an upcoming conference where he will bring his solution to the table. Please support him at: https://www.gofundme.com/weather-control-conference-2018

11/06/2017    Monday - Jim Lee of ClimateViewer.com and ClimateViewer.org brought us into his world for a spell; a world of mapping, examining, and ordering the world of Geoengineering and weather modification. Jim is a a self-taught expert on these subjects, and is working to convey his knowledge to the public, especially to scientists in research institutions like MIT, Harvard, and many others. Jim has great skills in crossing boundaries to bring real information that can bring real change. Please support his GoFundMe which you can link to on climateviewer.com. He is raising money to be able to attend a Conference on the above, in which he plans to bring his message of confrontation about what is occurring overhead to those who may be able to make the difference. Please give as generously as you can.


10/23/2017    Monday - Elana Freeland takes us from her childhood among the Roma in Detroit, to her first major prophetic literary work "Sub-Rosa America," a fictional work in 5 volumes which views the history of America from the window of 2019, when the world falls apart...through the journeys of her first and second books about the full spectrum of the geo-engineering program, and how it, along with 5G are the enablers of the entire matrix that has been put in place around us, unbeknownst to the general public. How each of us who burn to know the truth must take their place to engage with what IS occurring, about which most of humanity is uninformed, ignorant, and in denial. This is a majestic interview that will leave you breathless in places. Find her on her Facebook group, Elana Freeland, Chemtrails, Haarp, or her website, elanafreeland.com

10/02/2017    Monday - Russ Tanner is the founder of Globalskywatch.com, the home for all things chemtrail, and perhaps the closest we've come to an anti-chemtrail enterprise which is global in stature. Russ shared his thoughts about his own journey, and how the suffering he endured enabled the greatest gifts. In the end, Russ found that to be Jesus, and he shares how his Christian path is the best anti-dote for chemtrails he has found. To learn more about Russ Tanner and Chemtrails Global Skywatch, please visit globalskywatch.com.


09/18/2017    Monday - The Power of Love in Activism, the message of Patrick Roddie. Patrick takes us along his sacred journey as a leader in the movement against Geoengineering. Newly spiritual, Patrick feels that he is divinely inspired in the work he does to expose it. In this candid and moving conversation, Patrick discloses this, sharing God's meaning for him, and how it gives him the strength to do what he does. The highlight is his focus on loving his enemy, and showing the power of forgiveness to undue him in the end.


04/08/2017    Saturday - Kate's back with her special guest Matt Landman reporting on the upcoming Chemtrail Summit in Portland, Oregon.In The Second hour Kate revbisits with James Gormley, Health At Gunpoint.

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