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04/29/2019    Wednesday - Dr. Anthony Fauci in his position as Director of the Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, gave $7.4 million to the lab in Wuhan to develop "gain of function" (greatest lethality to kill) in the novel coronavirus, as well as the confirmation by the Nobel Scientist (2008) who identified HIV and confirmed April 27, 2020, that Covid19 is a bioweapon with insertions of HIV, along with a host of other insertions of other lethal diseases like rabies - all of this emboldened me to share parts of my own story in which my eyes were opened to the octopus of corruption which has plagued American politics for the last century. Music today was the wonderful new song written for living our best during Coronavirus, "Mi NA Run" by the reggae artist Machel Downer of Jamaica. Machel felt inspired by God to bring this song to the world, teaching that support for the immune system is key to maintaining our health. Exercise, walking, running, prayer and meditation, as healthy a diet as you can. Machel believes vegan is best. We hope to hear more from this talented and inspired artist.

04/22/2019    Friday - In this groundbreaking interview, on the COVID 19 situation, Clifford Carnicom spells out the criteria for determining the cause of infection as specified by German scientist Robert Koch, Koch's Postulates. Clifford showed how the research he has conducted over the past twenty years to determine the nature of the pathogen found at the heart of the geoengineering program, satisfies Koch's Postulates, the definitive standard for infectious research for the last century. Clifford also clearly pointed out how with respect to the Covid19 situation, these have not fulfilled been fulfilled, and this is why there are so many conflicting aspects to our understanding of the pathogen at work. We covered a lot of territories, beginning with Clifford's early work to uncover the constituents of the aerosols dispersed into the atmosphere as part of the clandestine program of geoengineering.

04/08/2019    Wednesday - Tonight's show features Dr. Miles Sauteben, Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine, as well as Doctor of Chiropractic, from Nashville, TN.. His particular gift is "functional medicine" which reaches to invigorate the very cells with ingredients missing in our normal diets, all the more important now in order to strengthen our immune systems. His protocol is totally distance friendly from where you are in the US. His website is: www.valiancewellness.com. Please contact him to find out how he may be able to help you in these challenging times. Music featured in the show was Kate's song "United to Save the World" from her first album "Acquainted With the Night." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Kf0R1_Dnk

04/01/2019    Friday - Shining Light on Evil: Today's show was with Dr. James Lawrence, Professor at the Pacific School of Religion, at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA. Dr. Lawrence is a leading scholar in the field of Swedenborgian Studies, which is the study of the spiritual ideas of Emmanuel Swedenborg, Sweden's towering genius of both science and religion.


03/18/2020    Wednesday - Kate is back with her very special guest. On the Brink with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. We discuss the CV in light of the vaccine agenda which Dr. Tenpenny has done brilliant work to expose. Whatever it is we are facing, Dr T affirms trust and courage. She also teaches all about the vaccine program through her courses. Connect with her at courses4mastery.com and vaxxter.com

03/27/2019    Friday - Tonight's very special guests on Kate's first Friday night special were Regan Balman A.K.A. "Octaman" www.reganbalman.com and Vinny Eastwood www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com discussing their views on the state of the planet from their biblical or non-biblical perspectives.

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