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12/30/2016    Friday - ACTOR JON CYPHER sends a unique and vitally important message to President-elect Trump about how one simple step on to the Presidential and World stage can and will change the course of history by agreeing to champion the "Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space" introduced by Russian and Chinese leaders. Space cooperation is a "force for peace on earth," as President Vladimir Putin has said. Signing the Treaty that will ban all space-based weapons, continuing the peaceful cooperation in space that is currently in place will usher in a new, stimulated Space Age economy providing more jobs and profits than from any hot or cold war. As UN Russian Ambassador Dr. Vitaly Churkin has pointed out: it was the US (under the old administration) that refused to sign the Treaty. Since President Putin has long been ready to sign this Treaty, it is a given that other nations will now follow.

12/16/2016    Friday - Carol gives updated commentary about Dr. Guy McPherson, an internationally recognized science expert. The extinction event he predicts is coming based on what has already happened to this planet. PREPARE! It's the truth and our decision makers won’t tell you. What to do! Note: This is NOT a doomsday message, & not a projection or theory. This is the TRUTH, today. And it is about CALM, and LOVE.

12/09/2016    Friday - On the Carol Rosin Show, Professor Emeritus Dr. George Lakoff, one of the most world renowned experts in linguists and a Cognitive Scientist, and author of many books including the international best seller, 'THE ALL NEW DON”T THINK OF AN ELEPHANT,' presents vitally important information in a brilliant interview based on his decades of his scholarly work and experiences to help us understand how our neural circuits, our brain and mind work, and what we need to understand to create new resulting from the election of President Donald Trump.


11/18/2016    Friday - DR STEVEN GREER, Producer "Disclosure Project" Forthcoming New Documentary: "UNACKNOWLEDGED: AN EXPOSE of the Greatest Secret in Human History" URGENT SHOCKING NEW INFORMATION! FAKED stories of alien threat; Faked abductions; Faked mutilations; Staged and scripted fear producing alien & space events! Electronic war technology impact consciousness/thinking/beliefs Unacknowledged Special Access Projects; Named names! www.disclosureproject.org www.siriusdisclosure.com

11/11/2016    Friday - WOW! WAR IS OVER! Listen-up! This is new and exciting, fact-packed information that is pivotal to our lives at this unique and historic moment in time! Some HUGE new things happened in November 2016! Dr. J.J. and Dr. Desiree Hurtak discuss the present and future related to this new beginning of a whole new way when real security and peace, unlimited new opportunities and needed benefits for all, truth and innovations that exist and will emerge and prevail in peace in the USA and around the whole world! J.J. and Desiree packed this show with so much information on so many subject areas of concern it would take volumes to describe…you must not miss this!

11/04/2016    Friday - This incredible interview with the brilliant world renowned Russian global political analyst and internationally honored journalist, ILYA OSADCHUK. He has held many important international journalistic and other positions including as the first Director of the Gorbachev Institute, a world expert with following of 18 MILLION VISITORS to his blog per year. ILYA OSADCHUK presented an idea packed, exciting, thought provoking, real/honest, very important update with vital timely information...all beautifully translated with serious intelligence (and some humor), with the amazingly innovative inventor/scientist and executive businessman, DR. ALEXANDER PYNTIKOV.


10/28/2016    Friday - Michiko Hayashi presents ground-breaking and profoundly important information on the work of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto and the Emoto Peace Project www.emotopeaceproject.net, including how our thoughts can literally create a beautiful, peaceful world as the waters teach us, and through love and gratitude. Ted Mahr, Host, OUT OF THIS WORLD RADIO speaks about Cosmic Messages from the Masters, including wisdom for humanity from Professor Albert Einstein, President John F. Kennedy, Nostradamus and other great spirits! www.outofthisworld1150.com

10/21/2016    Friday - Jean-Christophe Jeauffre is a French award-winning filmmaker/explorer. At 25, he co-founded Jules Verne Adventures, an organization dedicated to exploration, conservation and entertainment, hence the creation of the world famed Jules Verne Festival and of the Jules Verne Awards. His passion for exploration and for the ocean led him to create the Jules Verne Films & Expeditions, a production company leading expeditions around the world and producing new concepts of action-documentaries where true-life adventure meets with strong story-telling, and spectacular environment. He brought along sometimes some of Cousteau's original divers to continue the quest of his inspirational mentor.

10/14/2016    Friday - You do not want to miss KEVIN SANDERS on The Carol Rosin Show, his second appearance. After decades of insider work in major media, in several organizations as a representative at the UN, and in a variety of fast advancing fields Space Age science and technology, Kevin eloquently presents vital new and unique information, insights, and wisdom about many issues of today's concern, with vision and info that is beyond exciting.

10/07/2016    Friday - A most fascinating, insightful, and important, not-to-miss fact and truth show!: MEL FABERGAS, founder, producer and host of "VERITAS RADIO," seriously probe hidden issues that deeply affect the core of humanity, and present new, earthbound and cosmicbound high frequency primal answers, solutions, and vital suggestions for transmuting consciousness and for necessary personal and world leader actions action to responsibly take NOW.


09/21/2016    Wednesday - Today's special guest was Dr. David Livingston, "Dr. Space," internationally famous Host of "THE SPACE SHOW," Airing in over 50 countries, having interviewed over 3000 space experts, this noted media, science and world space expert presents the most important, fascinating, exciting space development updates from his uniquely knowledgeable perspective about Off-Earth business ventures, space protocols and challenges, and amazing opportunities and projects and why space is so important to all of us!

09/16/2016    Friday - Do not miss Dr. Will Tuttle, author of #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon (in 16 languages), the new version of "THE WORLD PEACE DIET." Dr. Tuttle presents the most profoundly important new foundations of information for the survival of humans and other animals, and our environment, including as related to our economy, politics, cultural perspectives, lifestyles, challenges and solutions for our time. http://worldpeacediet.com

09/09/2016    Friday - DO NOT MISS: UPDATED FACE-THE-FACTS INFORMATION presented by internationally recognized science expert, Dr. Guy McPherson, September 9th, 2016. This is based on what has already happened to this planet, and about what we are all going to experience: EXTINCTION! You have a need to know. PREPARE! It’s the truth and our decision makers won’t tell you. What to do! Note: This is NOT a doomsday message, & not a projection or theory. This is the TRUTH, today. And it is about CALM, and LOVE.


08/26/2016    Friday - Dr. Ruggero Santilli, on The Carol Rosin Show, August 26, 2016, a most special icon in our time, discusses his R&D, technologies and vitally important new projects that he pioneeers in creating, that he has written about and courageously spoken about to reveal truths in spite of blocks, so that peace with real security can prevail! Dr. Santilli discusses specific technology and explains how this can detect the possible smuggling of nuclear weapons in containers and suitcases. He reviews his previous AFR show about his invented telescope that allows us to see entities never seen before! He covers timely new strategies for developing new innovations that can raise the frequency of consciousness and remove the slavery of our minds so that the weapons and war business can be replaced with new businesses and platforms for decision makers. http://www.thunder-energies.com/ http://www.santilli-foundation.org/

08/19/2016    Friday - Kevin Sanders presents Part 1 about vitally important information, insights, wisdom and implications of growing cosmic awareness about new technologies, policies and decisions making, including how WE can bring peace on earth with all that goes with it including FINALLY solutions to energy and the environmental crisis, healh, advanced communications, and more in the context of a NEW cosmic truth and reality! News of a likely "smoking gun" (Nitinol!) that is possible proof that "we are not alone." Discussions of politics and science, UN and world opinion, media and our future living on this planet and in space. Founder of the World Opinion Forum, UN NGO Rep. of the War and Peace Foundation, ABC-TV Critic and Commentator, CNN Science Editor, Author of "A beginners Guide to the BNL-BCCI Bank Scandal," expert on the most powerful NITENOL something REAL and NEW that can literally change the world, and MORE...

08/12/2016    Friday - International crop circle expert, Susanne Taylor, producer of the internationally awarded documentary, WHAT ON EARTH: INSIDE THE CROP CIRCLE MYSTERY (recognized in the New York times), addresses a new world view that Crop Circles represent...the truth! We can present this to all world leaders, decision makers, candidates and everyone including media so they can realize the importance of their incorporating into plans, platforms, policies and this CROP CIRCLE reality that leads us all to peace, which impacts all issues of concern. http://www.cropcirclemovie.com/


07/29/2016    Friday - MARY RODWELL, RN, Director, Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extra-terrestrial Encounters Founder, Australian Close Encounters Resource Network Producer, award winning documentaries, Internationally recognized author, speaker with new forthcoming book. Mary discusses reports on her study of 3000 "Star Children," global phenomenon cases and counseling. Scientific, biological, psychological, anthropological evidence of non-human contact relationships, telepathic abilities, spiritual awakenings, advanced maturity, wisdom, genetics, a human consciousness shift and more updates!

07/22/2016    Friday - Carol Rosin's vitally important information packed overview, update, vision, wisdom and suggestions for our new EarthBOUND to SpaceBOUND PLATFORM with new steps we can take only right NOW. Carol has extensive experience in the "revolving door." This is THE time to create and give a cosmic view of all issues to candidates and "decision makers" on all levels and cultures of our planet’s societies, that can now pivot the course of history...immediately!

07/01/2016    Friday - ROBBIE GRAHAM, the world's leading expert and author of one of the most important books ever written, "SILVER SCREEN SAUCERS: SORTING FACT FROM FANTASY IN HOLLYWOOD" is the most important and pivotal, timely interview EVER, as Graham unravels and reveals the truth about how the CIA, Space Command and the Military Industrial Government Complex infiltrates and intentionally manipulates our minds and actions through the spinning of facts into well funded fiction so that people will actually believe that the fiction is factual. Specific lie-based beliefs and perspectives are prevailing as this intentionally spreading of disinformation, for specific interests and purposes, is accepted as reality. Graham discusses how, through history to the present, Hollywood UFO movies and TV shows have influences decision makers & people, including in exopolitics, ufology and other areas (including children and media), to fear and support created enemy viewpoints and wars, with an emphasis on fictional stories that promote fear of UFO's and ET's. This interview is especially important at this time when our survival is at stake, and peace on earth and in space is necessary. Robbie Graham's website: http://silverscreensaucers.uk/


06/24/2016    Friday - SCIENCE FRAUD TRUTH & UPDATED FACTS for SURVIVAL IMPERATIVE: Dr. Rima Laibow on The Carol Rosin Show. DO NOT MISS THIS! For the sake of your life & survival, and that of everyone you can share this with, this show presents THE most important information EVER presented in a jam packed two hours of FACTS we need to know with world expert Rima Laibow, MD, incredible special guest on The Carol Rosin Show. URGENT personal and policy decision making recommended resources, products, actions, events. TRUTH about disastrous consequences of scientific and health related fraud! What planetary and all decision makers, including each of us, CAN DO to create and apply innovations for healing,(including frequency, nano silver and CBD info), environment, energy, raising consciousness and more! Dr.Rima@NaturalSolutionsFoundation.com https://overpopulationisamyth.com/ www.DrRimaTruthReports.com www.GDS-Therapy.com www.TRUTHAboutAgenda21.com www.NSFMarketplace.com

06/17/2016    Friday - Dr. McPherson shares, with a special heartfelt wisdom, his experiences with young people, various cultures and communities, business and others who invite him to speak around the USA and the world. His thoughts about why we don't want space-based weapons and why we do want a rise in human consciousness with serious thinking about what has and is happening (and why) to humans and other animals and to our life support environment, is presented in a context that can lead us to better, peaceful relationships and to producing divine right actions. In this special show, he presents vital messages to our planet's decision makers in the military industrial government(s) Complex, including to country and community leaders, that are profoundly important at this time! http://guymcpherson.com

06/10/2016    Friday - Charles Radley, space technology expert consultant, discusses fascinating updates on what's really going on in outer space from his direct experiences in space and defense fields. He includes topics including: Space Elevators, Satellites, Solar Power, Moon Mining, Mars, Safety & Hazards, Innovations, and Dr. Gerard O'Neil's "High Frontier" Vision of Living, Working and Traveling in Space for Solutions, Jobs, Economy, Security, Social-Health-Education-Communication, Earth Observation, Environment and Energy, and World Cooperative Space Ventures for Peace and for Fun, on Earth & In Space, as we humans evolve into our new cosmic consciousness.

06/03/2016    Friday - GERARD AARTSEN discusses the most important truth and facts about the ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) with real ET messages. Gerard Aartsen's info, insights, and wisdom are profoundly important and timely to pivot the course of history to peace, solutions, sustainable healthy happy lives as humanity evolves into a higher frequency of consciousness! He clears up confusion and answers questions, presenting "Priorities for a Planet in Transition."


05/27/2016    Friday - Dr. Ruggero Santilli, an icon alive in our time, received many top awards, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, presents: Historical and Experimental Evidence on the Lack of Expansion of the Universe! Antimatter Galaxies, Antimatter Cosmic Rays and Antimatter Asteroids! INVISIBLE TERRESTRIAL ENTITIES NOW VISIBLE THROUGH HIS SANTILLI TELESCOPE! NEW INFORMATION about his earth and cosmic work on BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGIES and INFORMATION VITAL TO OUR SURVIVAL!

05/13/2016    Friday - URGENT NEW MESSAGE from DR. STEVEN GREER! CRITICAL TIME! - NEW VITAL INFORMATION courageously discussed by Dr. STEVEN GREER on The Carol Rosin Show, May 13, 2016, ARCHIVED on www.americanfreedomradio.com. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW! A HORRIFIC HOAX is being played on all of us. Disinformation has been purposefully spread around the USA and world, including by some in the Ufology community. Dr. Greer EXPOSES THE BIGGEST LIE EVER, vitally important for all to know! He also discusses some good news about what's happening, new developments, things we can do, and his call for more whistleblowers, and for people who have free energy devices. He announces a forthcoming important New Movie, Book, Treaty, Disclosure Peace Concert Celebration and much more. Contact: Steve Greer: Info@SiriusDisclosure.com Carol Rosin: spacetreaty@gmail.com


04/29/2016    Friday - Carol Rosin discusses a new and important TO DO action plan for us to present policy "talking points" to a candidate for US President regarding agreements/business deals that can replace the entire war industry and mindset...including ideas for innovative projects for sustainable healthy green living and a real new way to a new presidential policy-platform for security and peace that benefits all issues of concern, in language to which a candidate can relate and present. Send your "talking points" for the presidential candidate spacetreaty@gmail.com or directly to the candidate. If interested in the world leader contact aspect, read Treaty on www.peaceinspace.com and send relevant talking points to spacetreaty@gmail.com.

04/22/2016    Friday - Asha Deliverance inspires and educates with incredible love, energy, and joy. She is the founder of Pacific Domes, a futuristic company that is working toward the creation of global sustainable communities. Asha is a life-long learner, who actively studies and teaches Vastu Shastra (the science of creation) and Unified Field Theory. She is an emissary of the Resonance Project. She practiced and taught Kundalini yoga and spiritual healing. She was one of the founders of the UCSC Farm Project in the early 70’s, which is now considered the Harvard of organic farming.

04/08/2016    Friday - Today's Special Guest was ABE KRIGER, a former 37 year Boeing Executive, International Space Station, Lunar Orbiter, Russia cooperation.

04/01/2016    Friday - A rare icon in our time, the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada, wove a most important, informative unique discussion for world leaders, all decision makers, and for us all, explaining simply the complicated global economic and cosmic bottom-line truths plus the way we can transform this old system! He raised an exciting ORAFLAMME, a flag around which WE can gather to produce a step that will get us out of this mess, with an urgency, so instead of "extinction" we can and will be able to, finally, live in real peace on earth and in space. Don't miss this!


03/25/2016    Friday - Carol talks about her journey to get a ban on all space-based weapons...to get the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Qeapons in Outer Space signed into a binding world law.

03/18/2016    Friday - WORLD PEACE ONE on the "The Carol Rosin Show" with DOUG IVANOVICH, Founder, CEO, Executive Producer and Architect of WP1 amazing global peace on earth & in space projects, world events, concerts, and more! www.worldpeaceone.com

03/11/2016    Friday - Carol's very special guests today were Dr. Desiree Hurtak and Dr. J.J. Hutak talking on the future of space. Their focus is on the Outer Space Connection and provide a brief overview of how "Space Law" is critical to our movement into outer space. It is clear that we are shaping a "New Image" of humanity through ethics and the creation of a "Space Kind" living in habitats beyond earth. As we move into space, we may also begin to encounter other Cosmic Cultures who certainly should not see us as warriors, but as peacemakers. This important conversation further honors the passing of Astronaut Edgar Mitchell who understood the power of consciousness and how we are living in a vast and awesome Universe.

03/04/2016    Friday - Dr. C.B. Scott Jones, military combat intelligence, and former Special Assistant to US Senator Claiborne Pell, Dr. Scott Jones (Commander ret.) will disclose his personal ET contact experiences and discuss insider information, challenges, opportunities and responsible immediate actions needed including the Treaty on the Prevention of Weapons in Outer Space and peaceful cosmic cultures communications and landings. Lecturer and author of "Phoenix in the Labyrinth," "When Cosmic Cultures Meet," and the most recent "Voices of the Cosmos." http://www.peaceroom.com


02/26/2016    Friday - Carol's very special guest today was the star of stage, screen and TV, Jon Cypher. His most recent TV acting credits include Major Dad, Hill Street Blues, General Hospital, Dynasty, Knotts Landing, Law and Order, Murder She Wrote and many more. He was also the MC for Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in 2001. Jon is also the husband of AFR Host, Carol Rosin.

02/19/2016    Friday - This weeks guest, Dr. Nick Begich is well known for his work and research on HAARP, "Mind Effects" and more. He has widely reported in these areas as an expert for many publications, government organizations and private companies. He has been an expert witness for the European Parliament on these subjects and provides significant research contributions in this area. Also, through the Lay Institute on Technologies he organized a private meeting of top scientists in the area of mind effects in 2007. Dr. Begich has authored five books in seven languages on technology and the impacts of change. Heard on thousands of radio and television talk shows and documentaries, he is a frequent commentator on new technologies, energy, politics, education and the environment. www.earthpulse.com

02/12/2016    Friday - On this weeks show Carol began a talk about her unusual personal journey and how she became a Space Treaty activist, including with an introduction to some of the amazing people she has worked with who had a major impact on her life and on some new steps being taken now leading to the possible pivoting of the course of history from war to space, without basing weapons in space.

02/05/2016    Friday - American Freedom Radio proudly welcomes Carol Rosin to our family Of broadcasters. On today's show Carol talks about the passing of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut and Space Treaty Activist and shared personal discussions with him about the many applications of Space Age technology and information for human needs, the environment, new energy and peace.

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