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03/17/2017    Friday - ROBBIE GRAHAM, author of one of the most important books or our time, "SILVER SCREEN SAUCERS: SORTING FACT FROM FANTASY IN HOLLYWOOD," in this pivotal, timely interview unravels and reveals detailed truth about how the CIA, the Space Command, and the Military Industrial Government Complex literally infiltrates and intentionally manipulates and controls our minds and actions through the spinning of facts into well funded fiction so that people will actually believe that the fiction is factual, especially via movies, documentaries and TV.

03/03/2017    Friday - Gary Walton of http://thebigwobble.org. On this Carol Rosin Show, Gary presents the most shocking and important news about what has happened, and is happening every day on our planet. You must have the courage to hear this! This is only one week’s example! Truly mind-blowing!


02/24/2017    Friday - The Honourable Paul Hellyer, former National Minister of Defence, Canada and author of 14 books, presents profoundly important new information, shares some of his life story with personal reflections and new insights, and calls on all Presidents, Prime Ministers and decision makers around the world to incorporate a whole new vision and ideas he presents that can lead us into a new stimulated economy/jobs, new systems and technologies that can move us from war to peace on earth and in space, and to new paths to peace & justice, health, clean energy and environments, and to prosperity based on sustainable healthy happy living for all.

02/17/2017    Friday - This is best intelligence reporting ever by Mike Harris, international political/financial/science and technology expert and Editor of Veteran's Today, http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/harris in additional to the brief and vitally important weekly facts updates by Gary Walton, thebigwobble.org. This is the uncensored TRUTH about what is really going on in the whole global Complex and on this planet. It is a foundation that we all have a serious need to know....including our sustainable survival or extinction.

02/10/2017    Friday - Dr. Rima Laibow with Gary Walton on The Carol Rosin Show: HEALTH FREEDOM: Who Killed General Bert?! Plus thebigwobble.org update!

Do not miss this unique, heartfelt and informative show. This is a classic treasure of vital information in our time, with Dr. Rima Laibow, in Loving Memory of her husband and life partner, Major General Albert (Bert) Stubblebine, as she tells the story about the medical field that killed her husband just days before, on his 87th birthday! Accompanied by Gary Walton of www.thebigwobble.org , with a concise important complimentary update on what happened to our planet during this past week that impacts us all, this information is vitally important to all of us and any decision makers you can reach to share this! Dr. Rima Laibow, psychiatrist and M.D., in her most powerful and important presentation ever, announces her new availability for personal consultations. She also gives us steps and valuable resources for healing, physically, emotionally and psychologically. In his most powerful and concise weekly list, Gary Walton discusses updates about many happenings around the world including pandemics, radiation, sewage, plagues, fires, plastics in oceans, earthquakes, volcanoes, the die-offs of thousands of fish and birds, 400 whales that beached in New Zealand (happening worldwide), rising waters, abrupt climate changes, and the very big Smoking Gun that proves we humans are about to become extinct, likely before 2026. Do not miss The Carol Rosin Show with Dr. Rima Laibow and Gary Walton! And, please take the time to enjoy special music video, music that opened this this show, with ANAEL singing "BE STILL THY SOUL." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WotdRBM54J4
This week's show opened with this most beautiful music sung by the most beautiful angelic singer, ANEAL, chosen from one of her albums, this one appropriately called "Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey," played with permission from Bradfield, who wrote the amazing lyrics and music.

Contact: Dr. Rima Laibow
Website drrimatruthreports.com
Email dr.laibow@gmail.com

Contact: Gary Walton
Email gazbom56@gmail.com

Contact: Carol Rosin
Email spacetreaty@gmail.com


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Music & Lyrics by Bradfield

Be still thy soul
Relinquish this hold
Make thee again whole
Be still thy mind
Let thee unwind
And seek out a shrine

Harvest the gold
That's planted around you
Strand by strand
You'll be somewhat more certain
Carve out your role
And reach for the heavens
All you can dream
What you can be
Know that the sky will deliver

Bestir thy heart
With journeys afar
And rivers of stars
Bestow thy love
On all that ye touch
On all that ye may

Hence, let it be told
That rhyme will be reason
Paint your world
With shades that will uplift you
And break, break from the mold
Shake off the illusions
Never again lost in dismay
All that you need is within you

Be still thy soul
And fix on the goal
Thy tale will be told
Be still thy mind
Make thee one
With the source of life.

02/03/2017    Friday - Back by popular demand, Gary Walton, creator of www.thebigwobble.org, packs this show in an unprecedented update of news about our planet. This will blow your mind. His talk covers only ONE week of news on so many issues of concern, that impact all of our lives. We have never before seen the scale and acceleration of so much change on this planet…and you have a need to know the truth…if you have the courage to listen.


01/27/2017    Friday - The extraordinary deep researcher Gary Walton, creator of the world famous www.thebigwobble.org discusses the most alarming factual news of our time that every decision maker, every world leader, in fact, each of us has a vital need to know...NOW! "Earth has crossed the tipping point and is creaking under the strain: two thirds of animals will be extinct by 2020! Climate changed forever! World population to hit 8 billion and accelerating!" You won't get this info from mainstream news! These facts will change your life! Gary courageously presents the most factual news from around the world about major issues of concern. This includes extreme planet change. Also discussed are issues related to land, water, air, food, global volcanic activity, droughts, floods, catastrophic fires, tornados-cyclones-hurricanes-earthquakes, radiation-methane-toxins.

01/13/2017    Friday - DO NOT MISS THIS POWERFUL discussion about an actual model of how the world can and must work for every life on our planet. This vision is presented by multi-award winner Jacque Fresco, founder of the famed VENUS PROJECT. In this interview with Jacque (who is entering his 101st year!) and expert Roxanne Meadows, his Co-founder of THE VENUS PROJECT, they speak of a Resource-Based Economy that, along with Space Age technologies, can be intelligently applied to create advanced lifestyles and fulfill human needs worldwide. It offers the potential for new kinds of "jobs," the elimination of poverty, crime, starvation, disease, homelessness, and war! Now is the time when we must solve urgent problems of humans and other animals, the environment, energy, and other issues of concern threatening potential extinction (that some climatologists warn may occur within ten years). This new system is now ready and able to benefit everyone!

01/06/2017    Friday - This is a most important show about the Treaty that can literally pivot the whole course of history in 2017. Carol Rosin Honors President Vladmir Putin, UN Russian Ambassador Dr. Vitaly Churkin, and President Donald Trump as she calls on us to encourage President Trump to sign the Russia-China initiated "Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space."

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