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01/12/2018    Friday - Steven Greer's time sensitive SPECIAL UPDATE BRIEFING: For superpower leaders and all world leaders, for those who can influence them, including for all listening. This unique presentation ranges from relevant global history to the universal happenings today, related to all interconnected global and universal issues and HOW TO get from here to real peace in space and on earth. Time sensitive, this is about what TO DO, immediately, today. This is a not to be missed, important to our survival SPECIAL by Dr. Greer on The Carol Rosin Show, January, 2018.

01/05/2018    Friday - Spiritual, mystical, and extraordinary experiences (SMEE) discussed by Dr. Robert "Bob" Davis, a renowned sensory neuroscientist, author and lecturer, represent various types of non-ordinary or altered states of consciousness, and associated encounters with a so-called "supernatural world." Many of these experiences have been widely reported throughout human history across cultures, but today have a significant meaning.

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