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03/06/2019    Wednesday - This version of the Carol Rosin show included a lengthy conversation with conservation biologist Guy McPherson. We focused on the world's children and how they can pursue excellence and love in a life that is necessarily short.


01/30/2019    Wednesday - Jean-Christophe Jeauffre, this award winning filmmaker, writer, director and producer of major documentaries, movies and projects, Founder of the Jules Verne Adventures 25 years ago, has traveled deeper into the heart, mind and spirit to share what he's learned from his real life journeys into the Arctic, jungles, oceans, and with vision taking us into space. Aware of the impacts of politics and economics, he discusses how far life is taking us and possibilities. How can each of us prepare ourselves and comprehend the facts, as we move at an accelerated pace through the present and into our future?

01/16/2019    Wednesday - Carol's very special guest was Author Guy Mcpherson talking about human extinction on planet Earth.

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