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08/16/2017    Wednesday - The Charlottesville fiasco is dragged over the coals along with the Trump protests that followed. Venezuelan Presidente Nicolas Maduro is interviewed in absentia. Guam was terrorized by their own radio stations! The Middle East is going through changes. Yemen and Syria face my wrath as well. All that and more!

08/09/2017    Wednesday - More fun with Trump and Kimmy-un, the sanctions aren't going as they planned and Syria is covered as well. The UN is not doing as it should tho pays lipservice. The Philippines and Duterte face my ire as well as the "Russia did it" crowd. Protests in India, Mexico, Israel and Venezuela are expounded upon as well as the swine flu and vaccines scam.

08/02/2017    Wednesday - On this week's show I break down Debbie "Sassy Wassy" Shultz's buddy Imran Awan, his wife and brother's collusion with terrorist groups. "Pompy" Pompeo's breakup with Wikileaks and Trump's reluctance to sign the new sanctions bill are covered as well. I let you know what's really going on with Iran, Syria, Ukraine and Israel. All that, protests around the world and more! Check it out, my dabies.


07/15/2017    Saturday - On this week's show: What would you quit drinking for? Saudis in Iraq, failed cease fire in Syria and our spies are drag queens in Russia? Protesters everywhere! They don't like us, Israel, CO2, NRA or themselves. It's a madhouse and I sort it all out for YOU!

07/08/2017    Saturday - On this show: Trump and Putin finally have a sit down. Maybe Syria will get some relief from US interference. Protesters at the G-20 are outa control. Is Trump cray cray? 4th of July celebrated around the world, but not in a good way; Chicago was the worst! Are soccer players in Lebanon terrorists? The UN is trying to be the good guys but needs to make up its mind! I tell it it like it is about global warming fraud and more!

07/01/2017    Saturday - On this week's edition of Conspiracy Comedy News, I compare the gangsta event in Little Rock to the ones in Syria. I imply that Sean Spicer and Nikki Haley are sharing the same brain cell. Protests EVERYwhere! Israel is still the bad guy and the rest of them are just getting a bad rap. All this and more!


06/24/2017    Saturday - On today's Conspiracy Comedy News show, Marz Theron pokes fun at Trump and his detractors' complainingabout Russians stealing our elections. Tells the truth about Syria, Israel, Macron and Ukraine. Covers protests, invasion by immigration, sanctions and more!

06/17/2017    Saturday - American Freedom Radio Welcomes Marz Theron. Tune in for all the fun! Tonight Marz runs down all the news real and fake with a bit of much needed humor and truth.

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