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12/27/2017    Wednesday - Post Xmas Report: Trouble in the Holy Land. Trump gets enshrined in Israel. Slave trade in Libya can't keep up with immigrants. Ron Paul speaks and the latest on the Global Warming Fraud.

12/20/2017    Wednesday - Trump puts a boondoggle tax bill through, but at least got rid of forced insurance. Trump's declaration about Jerusalem is ruining Xmas. I review the best movies released for the end off the year and do a global cooling weather report.

12/13/2017    Wednesday - Syrian refugees may be invading Europe again as Russia pulls out. Trump got his 700 billion dollar gift to the Military Industrial Complex. The World Bank is tightening the Global Warming Fraud noose. Roy Moore is OUTA here! And Yemen is finally fighting back.

12/06/2017    Wednesday - #MeToo has been named Time Magazine's Person of the Year, chosen over the poll winners; Prince Salman of Arabia and Mueller? What's with the Readers? Trump says Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel! Uh oh! Russia's been kicked out of the Olympics. Cops are going cray cray! All this and more!


11/22/2017    Wednesday - War ending in Syria and Iraq and new alliances between Russia, Iran and Turkey. JFK assassination anniversary document release update. Latest conspiracy theories about Vegas, the true story of Thanksgiving and much more!

11/15/2017    Wednesday - They're still trying to get rid of Trump, even N. Korea has sentenced him to death. EU has started their own military. Heroin production in Afghanistan has doubled since last year. Sex scandals won't go away. Spacey, Louis CK and Weinstein are down for the count and others are falling with them. Record cold everywhere, suck it warmistas!

11/08/2017    Wednesday - Harvey Weinstein may be getting arrested for rape and he’s been using ex Mossad agents to harass his victims. The Texas church shooting and the wars in the Middle East. The Saudi kingdom done lost they minds! Another Vegas conspiracy theory involving The Saudis. All this and more in this week’s episode.

11/01/2017    Wednesday - Crazy Uber driver rams into a crowd of pedestrians with a rented truck. North Korea collapses a mountain on his own people. JFK document release no big deal. Sexual harassment in the news and pedogate in full disclosure mode. Antifa super soldiers coming out next weekend to start a civil war?


10/25/2017    Wednesday - Some doofus got past security and hurled insults and Russian flags at Trump. Hillary and Obama may face charges over allowing Russian control over our Uranium stockpiles and her emails. White power and Israeli influence in our country are covered. Rohingya refugees are getting noticed, but not in a good way. B-52s are being pulled out of the mothballs as Iraq and Syria are declaring independence from us.

10/18/2017    Wednesday - The Harvey Weinstein scandal is all over the news, will Michael Moore survive it? Failed revolutions in Iraq and Spain. Syria can prove we back the terrorists. Did Syria wreck an Israli F-35? I cover it all in this week's episode.

10/11/2017    Wednesday - We are still the bad guys in Iraq and Syria. China doesn't like us either. Pence is acting out, the Iraqi Kurds are trippin' and their government is spanking them. I take up where I left off exposing the latest on the Las vegas shooting, then I get into the injustice of vaccines.

10/04/2017    Wednesday - In this week’s episode I cover the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. I give all the latest info and disinfo. I try to make sense of the official story and the conspiracy theories surrounding this event. Was it a staged event? A false flag? You decide.


09/27/2017    Wednesday - Kneeling football players? Is that what you're supposed to be obsessed with, Donnie? Oh, you're lowering taxes for the 1%, too. But little to no help for crises in Yemen, Myanmar, Africa, and elsewhere. A crazy guy brought an arsenal to the Whitehouse. Saudi women will finally be allowed to drive a car and we're gonna build a space station with Russia to obit the moon. I cover all that and the latest news on this week's episode.

09/20/2017    Wednesday - Anthony's Weiner is back in the news! Putin has begun dumping the dollar. Trump lied his ass off to the UN about Syria, Iran and the world in general. Democrats demand proof that Iran isn't complying with the Nuclear agreement. Another call for banning all nuclear weapons by the UN. How about all nukes in general? Shouldn't we should stop killing ourselves off?

09/13/2017    Wednesday - Can cyber crazies like Twitter bots, sex robots and leaflets dropped from the sky harm you? Now Israel is attacking dead Palestinians as they are losing in Iraq and Syria. Should the Kurds have independence in Iraq? What's going on in Myanmar? All that and 9/11 are covered in this week's episode.

09/06/2017    Wednesday - More hurricanes are attacking us. Another crazy woman throws her hat in the political ring. Syria's beating us and Buddhists done lost they minds. Wildfires in California and North Korea's got hydrogen bombs. The USS Liberty is finally getting their day in court as Russia calls us names. I review Al Gore's newest Global Warming Lies film.


08/30/2017    Wednesday - Hurricane Harvey and Li'l Kim Jong-un are vying for the 'Who's Worse?' award. The Syrian war is winding down while Afghanistan's is ramping up. Israelis done lost they minds. Protests everywhere with no end in site. I tell all in this week's edition.

08/23/2017    Wednesday - What's really behind all these protests over Confederate statues? Wassup with Bannon? Why are we staying in Afghanistan? The Russians are making gains in Syria while we are making military bases. I explain all that and the Radiation report on this week's show.

08/16/2017    Wednesday - The Charlottesville fiasco is dragged over the coals along with the Trump protests that followed. Venezuelan Presidente Nicolas Maduro is interviewed in absentia. Guam was terrorized by their own radio stations! The Middle East is going through changes. Yemen and Syria face my wrath as well. All that and more!

08/09/2017    Wednesday - More fun with Trump and Kimmy-un, the sanctions aren't going as they planned and Syria is covered as well. The UN is not doing as it should tho pays lipservice. The Philippines and Duterte face my ire as well as the "Russia did it" crowd. Protests in India, Mexico, Israel and Venezuela are expounded upon as well as the swine flu and vaccines scam.

08/02/2017    Wednesday - On this week's show I break down Debbie "Sassy Wassy" Shultz's buddy Imran Awan, his wife and brother's collusion with terrorist groups. "Pompy" Pompeo's breakup with Wikileaks and Trump's reluctance to sign the new sanctions bill are covered as well. I let you know what's really going on with Iran, Syria, Ukraine and Israel. All that, protests around the world and more! Check it out, my dabies.


07/15/2017    Saturday - On this week's show: What would you quit drinking for? Saudis in Iraq, failed cease fire in Syria and our spies are drag queens in Russia? Protesters everywhere! They don't like us, Israel, CO2, NRA or themselves. It's a madhouse and I sort it all out for YOU!

07/08/2017    Saturday - On this show: Trump and Putin finally have a sit down. Maybe Syria will get some relief from US interference. Protesters at the G-20 are outa control. Is Trump cray cray? 4th of July celebrated around the world, but not in a good way; Chicago was the worst! Are soccer players in Lebanon terrorists? The UN is trying to be the good guys but needs to make up its mind! I tell it it like it is about global warming fraud and more!

07/01/2017    Saturday - On this week's edition of Conspiracy Comedy News, I compare the gangsta event in Little Rock to the ones in Syria. I imply that Sean Spicer and Nikki Haley are sharing the same brain cell. Protests EVERYwhere! Israel is still the bad guy and the rest of them are just getting a bad rap. All this and more!


06/24/2017    Saturday - On today's Conspiracy Comedy News show, Marz Theron pokes fun at Trump and his detractors' complaining about Russians stealing our elections. Tells the truth about Syria, Israel, Macron and Ukraine. Covers protests, invasion by immigration, sanctions and more!

06/17/2017    Saturday - American Freedom Radio Welcomes Marz Theron. Tune in for all the fun! Tonight Marz runs down all the news real and fake with a bit of much needed humor and truth.

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