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04/18/2018    Wednesday - The big news this week is the continued war on Syria. The new Axis of Evil: UK, US and France; have tested their assorted missiles against the old Russian defense missiles in Syria's arsenal. Proof that there was no poison gas attack is abundant despite mainstream claims to the contrary.

04/11/2018    Wednesday - On this show I talk about the fake gas attack in Syria, the drumbeats for war and all the players involved. Even Tucker Carlson ain't buying it! I talk about the history of these excuses and why they do it.

04/04/2018    Wednesday - Trump says he wants to pull out of Syria, will France move in? Prince Salmanís propaganda tour as Arabia joins Israelís crimes against humanity. Russian agents dropping like flies.


03/28/2018    Wednesday - Anti-gun protests over another staged shooting creates new darlings for the left. We need anti-war protests; we're turning Jordan into a military base. Trump is bringing more swamp creatures to Washington and Facebook is finally outed.

03/14/2018    Wednesday - This week I talk about the school walkouts over the Parkland shooting and previous staged events. I cover the OJ Simpson 'Lost Confession' of murders and who really might have done it, Mike Pence sucking up to AIPAC, Saudi nukes, the Yemen crisis and Myanmar's ethnic cleansing.

03/07/2018    Wednesday - This week I am joined by Nancy Reed of standup comedy and her own show; About Your Health. We talk about all things alternative medicine and the conspiracies therein.


02/21/2018    Wednesday - In this episode I go into great detail about last week's Ash Wednesday Valentine's Day Massacre. I cover the latest developments and conspiracy theories. I talk about the myth of gun control stopping gun violence in great detail. And I review Clint Eastwood's new film 'The 15:17 to Paris' and the TV series 'The Blacklist.'

02/14/2018    Wednesday - An Israeli jet was shot down and there was a new Valentine's Day Massacre. They're trying to start part 2 of the war in Syria with a fake chemical attack. Netanyahu may be out and the Koreas may be reuniting. The latest expose of global warming fraud from the mouths of "scientists".

02/07/2018    Wednesday - What up with Jim Carrey? The Israelis are acting out again. Lebanon and Syria are in their crosshairs. I take apart Trump's State of the Union speech and find out the plans of global domination by the elite are laid out for all to see.


01/31/2018    Wednesday - In this week's episode I talk about the alliance of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Russia. Maybe peace will break out after all. This week I am joined by Nancy Reed, comedian and activist. We talk about Trump's speech and how he is impacting alternative medicine. We cover the latest in vaccines and supplements.

01/24/2018    Wednesday - They're still pushing the same old lies. I talk about what's really going on in Afghanistan, Myanmar and Syria. The latest on Turkey, Russia and The Wall. Saudis are sneak attacking Iran, how to help your pet and the hilarity of the global warming lie.

01/17/2018    Wednesday - Psychologists are taking shots at Conspiracy Theorists and women are trying to take down Golden Globe winning actors. The Korea's are joining up to host the Olympics, but Spielberg's "The Post" is banned in Beirut. Rex Tillerson just won't shut up...all that and more on this week's show!

01/10/2018    Wednesday - A French Survey shows that a heck of a lot of French people are Conspiracy Theorists! Sure looks like the elite are planning to invade Iran next. Russia knocked down a bunch of home made attack drones and global cooling is on the rise!

01/03/2018    Wednesday - On tonight's show I am joined by my friend and fellow comedian Nancy Reed. She is host of a radio show called 'About Your Health.' We discussed alternative cancer treatments and the history of medicine in general. We referred to a video series called The Truth About Cancer available on Youtube. We talked about the Hoxsey Formula and her personal experience with it. Available here: herb-pharm.com/products/product-detail/herbal-detox.

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