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02/06/2019    Wednesday - White Helmets are setting up another staged gas attack in Syria. The nuclear holocaust clock just ticked closer to midnight. Ukraine may have a comedian as president soon. I dissect Trump's SOTU speech.


01/30/2019    Wednesday - Everything you wished you didn't know about Roger Stone. The truth about the Russian Hacking BS. I expose the new guy claiming to be the President of Venezuela along with the players supporting him. Is the Yemen slaughter winding down? I review the propaganda film 'A Private War.

01/23/2019    Wednesday - Israel and the US are poking at hornet nests in the Middle East. Our government shut down and Brexit: 2 sides of the same coin.

01/16/2019    Wednesday - In addition to recent news; much is revealed by the new films 'Vice' and 'Brexit; the Uncivil War.' We need MORE CO2; not less! I explain why.

01/09/2019    Wednesday - Trump says pull the troops out of Syria but his handlers say nope! The PC police are going nuts with their transexual policies. Anti BDS is rampant treason committed by our current traitorous government. I review the Golden Globes and the Vice film.

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