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12/29/2015    Tuesday - Tere's special guest was Laurie Buckley.

12/17/2015    Thursday - Todays guest was Radio Show host Barry Prince from Shake and Awake Radio. Topics discussed are Ontario Canada's new sex ed program that reads like a pedophile manifesto written by a man who plead guilty on Pedophila charges, the wonders of cannabis, and healing mushrooms.

12/15/2015    Tuesday - Hawaiian Vapor Owner (Vancouver WA) Steven Berry discusses the Oregon's new Bill 2546 which forbids the use of e-cigarettes in public indoor spaces by extending the Indoor Clean Air Act to cover the devices. The bill also bans cannabis vaping as well causing the World Cannabis Cafe in Portland Oregon to close it's doors. Oregonian cannabis smokers will no longer be able to smoke or vape in publc indoor spaces causing more restrictions for tokers since before they legalized it for recreational use. This show included Improvisational music & holiday fun. (Strong Language) TVMA

12/10/2015    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce show with guest Greg Pallen, Greg Pallen is a geoengineering activist and politician who ran for the US Congress 4th District Georgia in 2012 on the Republican ticket. He gives us an update on geoenginerring contamination "coal fly ash" and how it comes to play in the climate summit meetings in France.

12/08/2015    Tuesday - The power of the "F-Bomb". Tere Joyce ascertains on the media's manipulation of the recent global terrorists attacks and how celebrities, politicians, radio personalities, and newsreporters have used neural linguistic language to bastardize the the media into false journalism to propel a nefarious agenda. She also comments on the continuel condemnation of the "F-Bomb", and finds the restriction an insignicant action of contol, especially in the current times of media profiling and it's attempt to create global animosity.

12/03/2015    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - 420 Extremists with Patrick Moore. Patrick is a hemp cannabis activist who is behind the team to get Jack Herer's Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative on the ballot in the state of California. Topics touched upon are EU Climate Summit meeting of France, Mainstream media free porn on extremism and terrorism and Obama's public announcement of bringing the European Union Global Police to combat such yet to be determned allegations. Patrick and Tere discuss the conspiracy surrounding cannabis as written in Jack Herer's The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and how hemp is an obvious solution for a healthy, eco-friendly, more peacful humanity.

12/01/2015    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - Occupy Anniverary with Filmmaker and Activist Melissa Balin (Searching for Angela Shelton) and Liz Savage - Activist, Writer, Producer, and former Independent Wrestler. Host Tere Joyce was in Occupy Los Angeles with her two guests four years ago. The four women reminence what it was like to work as online journalist in the media dept, from arrests, gangstalking, and judicial injustice. The show involves cannabis dabbing and toking, with a special 420 smoke to thank all the occupiers around the globe. TVMA - Strong Language as a passionate discussion ensues.


11/24/2015    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce show with guest Laurie Buckley - Topics - President Obama and Francois Hollande unite against terrorism, Syrian Refugees, Hillary Clinton asks the Laugh Factory to remove youtube video of comedian's satire about her. Is the story true or not?

11/21/2015    Saturday - Tere Joyce joins American Freedom Radio's Marathon Special with her very special guest Rick Simpson whose cannabis oil has cured many people with terminal illneses. http://phoenixtears.ca

11/19/2015    Thursday - Tere's special guest today was Steven Kelley.

11/17/2015    Tuesday - Sgt. Daniel Brad McBolan III (miltary industrial complex created) explains how we have been inslaved by an artificial intelligence, but freedom is attainable through the heart chakra with unconditonal love.

11/12/2015    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce show with Canadian Cannabis Activist Electropig Von Fokkengruuven. Repeal, Decriminalization, Legalization. What does it take for the cannabis plant to really be free and accessible to the people? Is such freedom possible in the current economical and political system we exist in today?

11/10/2015    Tuesday - Karl Young was electrocuted at his day job and suffered occipital neuralgia, PTSD, tremendous neurological damage, & herniated 3 discs. He was tested by a series of psychologists and was proclaimed functionally retarded and physically disabled. Young was playing with a formula of cannabis extraction of non psychoactive components. He began taking higher doses of the compound in many forms and began healing like never thought possible. He now has his own line of edibles and extracts. http://www.hermeticbotanicals.com

11/03/2015    Tuesday - Tere's special guest was Karen Ann Lucyk MacDonald.


10/29/2015    Thursday - Tere's special guest was Chad Meek of http://giantrockthemovie.com.

10/27/2015    Tuesday - American Freedom Radio welcomes Tere Joyce to our Radio Family. Tere's special inaugural guest was Cannabis Activist Ron Kiczenski.

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