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12/29/2016    Thursday - Authentic Freedom of Joyce Rant by host comic Tere Joyce. At the top of the show she attempts to support her theory that mankind is going to be okay based on the fact that the Chicago Cubs finally broke the goat curse and won the World Series on the 108th game. She supports the idea that the 108 sequence mathematically explains the creation of man and the universe. So, like the George Michael songs says, "We just got to have faith."

12/27/2016    Tuesday - Topics of the Freedom Of Joyce rant include: Obama signs the "Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act into law threatening to shut down Alternative news sources for "Fake News." Facebook' fights against fake news. Google says it plans to pull ads from fake news sites. Wild Bill Samsel from The Samsel Report joins the show in the second hour to give his two cents worth.

12/22/2016    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - The Christmas Spirit shines through the commercialism, illusion and chaos. Barry Prince joins in the second hour to vent about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The good news is that one day in the future their may be a Canadian Syrian refugee hockey player superstar. Canadian born Barry suggests host Tere Joyce marry him and then divorce so she can have dual citizenship. All joking aside...The Freedom of Joyce Show wishes you a Happy Holiday 2016.

12/20/2016    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in the first hour - William Randolph Hearst was the first to do fake news. Perfect example is the lies his paper spread to outlaw the cannabis plant. Other topics covered: Obama blames the presidential election results on Russia hacking and informing WikiLeaks. The hack implicates John Podesta of something that made Hillary lose the election but Obama fails to let us no what it is....Perhaps if we keep hearing how bad Russia is, no one will take notice. Why did CNN choose to show the assassination of the Russian Ambassador of Turkey on TV? Guest in the second hour is cannabis activist/comedian turned Hip Hop artist Cameron Jennings Versus Humanity.

12/15/2016    Thursday - Guns, marijuana, and Comic Con in Utah. Plus...stand-up comedy, CIA drug running, #don'tkillthemessenger, and the Mormon/Free Masonic connection.

12/08/2016    Thursday - Facebook Trending: Madonna twerks with Ariana Grande. Madonna is probably thinking , "When is the illuminati going to make me stop doing this shit." "I'm ready for a nap." Download this archive to hear more Freedom Of Joyce commentary on Illuminati Hollywood and Halloween parties at the White House.

12/07/2016    Wednesday - Freedom Of Joyce host begins My Life in Jumbo's Clown Room - Episode #1 Laughing Down the Rabbit Hole. Tere Joyce gives a personal account of working in mainstream media and the truth media. The show opens with her description of taking a fellow comedian to a gallery in Hollywood where the art that hung on the walls had a MK-Ultra Alice in Wonderland Baphomet motif. You can read future blog posts at www.freedomofjoyce.net

12/06/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show topics - Zuckerburg removes facebook posts and groups that are considered fake news, especially posts and forums relating to #pizzagate. Man is arrested for shooting a gun at Comet Pizza over believing "fake news", and cannabis can save the planet if only it was free to the people. Cannabis activist Patrick Moore, and radio personality Barry Prince join the show in the second hour.

12/01/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant - Host Tere Joyce had a lot to say about President Obama's proclamation that "Weed Should Be Treated Like Alcohol and Cigarettes," and Esquire Magazine's branding Barrack as "Obama, the Cool Dad President". Barry Prince joins in the second hour to talk about the his disatisfaction with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada, and the seediness of the global elite as they take us into the demise of planet earth.


11/29/2016    Tuesday - Revolution Radio is to #pizzagate as Max Spiers is to Michael Aquino. Freedom of Joyce rant on the mainstream media and truth media cover up of satanic pedophile ring in world politics, aristocracy, and entertainment business.

11/23/2016    Wednesday - The commercialism and folklore of Thanksgiving against the back drop of emotional tension from this year's current presidential election is the Freedom Of Joyce rant in the first hour of the show. Stand-up Comedian Rick Shapiro from Lucky Louie with Louis CK, Timeless, and HBO joins in the second hour. Want to make one more change The commercialism and folklore of Thanksgiving against the back drop of emotional chaos over this year's presidential election results is the Freedom Of Joyce rant in the first hour of the show. Stand-up Comedian Rick Shapiro from Lucky Louie with Louis CK, Timeless, and HBO joins in the second hour.

11/22/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant - #pizzagate #kanyewest #twittergate. Despite mainstream media claims of fabricated conspiracies created by wikileaks to sabotage Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, investigations into the Satanic Pedophile ring implicating Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Hollywood, military industrial complex, and many others continues.

11/17/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - Anonymous - George Soros Exposed - It's much more than just Marijuana and Monsanto, but a Revolution for the New World Order.

11/16/2016    Wednesday - Racist Allegations is the New McCarthyism is the theme of the Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the first hour. Topics: Breitbart.com is accused of having incendiary headlines that are White Supremacist and Anti-Semitic on their website as reported by CNN. Breitbart.com Founder Steve Bannon was recently made senior chief strategist and senior counselor to president elect Donald Trump. Coincidence? Mainstream media news outlets claim children are bullying other children who are minorities and immigrants. Hillary supporters accuse others on facebook publicly if you show any sympathy towards a Trump agenda. Dege Coutee from the Patient Advocacy Network calls in the second hour to talk about how to deal with the bad marijuana initiative that just passed in California.

11/10/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce rants on how the corrupt propaganda motivated mainstream media has inspired a a slew of facebook live stream crying melt downs, and angry racist accusations towards those who did not vote for Hillary Clinton. The good news is unemployment went down from all of the paid Trump protesters.

11/09/2016    Wednesday - This one is better. Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead. La La La La. A Freedom Of Joyce Rants the Day after the Presidential Electon 2016. The first hour is a monologe of sacrasm as host comedian Tere Joyce shares her observations of the worlds reaction to Trump winning the presidential race. Dustyn Pierce (Anon Radio) joins in the second hour to help theorize the future of the US under a Trump Administration.

11/08/2016    Tuesday - Election day Freedom Of Joyce Rant - No I am not voting for the satanic witch baby eater that goes to spirit cooking parties for president. You lost me at baby. Barry Prince (Big Puzzle) joins in the second hour.

11/02/2016    Wednesday - Freedom Of Joyce rant in the first hour includes, Hilary, Trump, John Travolta, and L. Ron Hubbard. Barry Prince (The Big Puzzle) and fellow AFR host Chuck Ochelli join in the second hour to discuss the American presidential campaign between Trump and Clinton, and the future stability of the United States.

11/01/2016    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce rant in the first hour is about the current political revealing of US satanic government, and targeting that host Tere Joyce has experienced linking up to the Halloween holiday. Marijuana activist and Marina Mayor candidate 2016 Kevin P. Saunders is the guest in the second hour to discuss why Californians should actually vote no on Prop. 64 the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.


10/27/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce rant - Tere Joyce discusses the social engineering in Holllywood as it pertains to stand-up comedy, music industry, and reality television. Joyce pontificates how it programs and controls the human race on a massive global level influencing what we do, buy and vote for.

10/26/2016    Wednesday - Spiritual Psychic Counsler Jolene Jo Jo Seebacker returns to the show to give advice on how to protect yourself from statanic rituals and targeting leading up to and after Halloween.

10/25/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce interviews Orelia Light Helias "Lady of Light." Orelia is a energy healer and a psychic who has worked as a remote viewer, psychic, and analyst for an unamed government agency. She is the author of the book "A Light in the Dark, the field guide" it is offered on her website www.enhancethelight.com. In this interview she explains the different groups associated under the umbrella of what we refer to as the Illuminati and their battle of a similiar group of equal force intended control the human race.

10/19/2016    Wednesday - More Hillary, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and alleged pussy cat grabbing of the root chakra are the topics of this shows Freedom Of Joyce Rant.

10/18/2016    Tuesday - Politics, Propaganda, Pussy and Pot are the topics of discussion as they pertain to the presidential race of Hillary and The Donald. Donald Trump calls into the show and is impersonated by comedian Jefferey Peterson for some satirical fun. #freedomofjoycerant

10/12/2016    Wednesday - Freedom of Joyce interviews Haitham Khatib photographer and filmmaker on the Palestinian frontline. Haitham took up photography and video to document life in Palestine which includes Zionist occupation raids at 2am in the olive farming community he lives, and genocide of the Palestinians who reside there.


09/27/2016    Tuesday - Cara St. Louis returns to the Freedom Of Joyce show. An overview of Cara's most recent lectures in Australia are examined. The three main disquisitions are false history, the Fae, and chemtrails. Louis explains how all three of the topics are interelated and link together in verity of our current reality.

09/22/2016    Thursday - Laurie Buckley returns to the Freedom of Joyce show and imparts words of wisdom and hope during this time of political chaos and radial tensions. Host Tere Joyce ends the show with a timely quote by Ben Franklin - "There was never a good war or a bad peace."

09/20/2016    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - "The World is a Vampire" - Smashing Pumpkins lyrics to Bullet with Butterfly Wings is host Tere Joyce's opening line to FOJ rant. The rant intertwines vampiric personal experiences to globalists energy sucking human psychic and creative energy, with an agenda to gain economic power while depleting planetary resources.

09/15/2016    Thursday - Hyper Dimensional Healling with guest Sethikus Boza. Sethikus is a transformational psychologist, student of the occult sciences, nei-gong-ruach practitioner, creator of black earth productions, and a magus. The show starts with Boza's own awakening and how it led him to his current work and moves onto healing of ourselves with a focus on targeted individuals, milab, mk-ultra victims, and super soldiers. The show also touches on the current spiritual war between the light and dark and it's significance during this time in human history.

09/14/2016    Wednesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant today. Tere Joyce gives a humorous social commentary on Obama's attempt to push the TPP favoring big corporations with a threat to burden American tax payers. Other topics include non-existant dental coverage poses more health threats for US adults, Max Spiers autopsy report, and RIP Alexis Arquette.

09/13/2016    Tuesday - Host Tere Joyce does commentary on Hillary's fall during 9-11 memorial due to pneumonia, rumors of Parkinson disease, and WABC newscaster flub announcing her death. Dege Coutee' joins the show to break down why Californians should not vote for the George Soros funded Prop. 64 legalizing recreational marijuana because it will eliminate current medical marijuana laws that guarantees affordable medicine for cannabis patients and much more. Dege Coutee' is the president of The Patient's Advocacy Network which is a grass roots non-profit that protects cannabis patient's rights. Host Tere Joyce also serves on the board of directors. www.cannabissaveslives.org

09/08/2016    Thursday - Host Tere Joyce Rants about attachment to materialism and dependency on technology, while seeking solutions to the ills it causes spirtiually and globally. Guest cannabis activist Patrick Moore professes that one of the reasons Monsanto and George Soros are puttiing money behind marijuana recreational legalization is because Monsanto is losing money from GMO food sales, and desperately needs another viable cash crop to survive.

09/07/2016    Wednesday - Tere Rants Today.

09/06/2016    Tuesday - DEA plans to ban Kratom by classifying it as a schedule 1 drug in the US on September 30, 2016. This is the topic of discussion on the Freedom Of Joyce Show with guest Dereck Connors from Dayak Chill Spot. Despite DEA claims that kratom is highly addictive and has no medical value, millions of people have started using it for medicinal and opiate addicton problems. Several Kratom patients called into the show to share why they use kratom and how their lives have improved because of it. Many kratom users are older 50+ as opposed to the stereotypical underground youth culture that have had legal access to many local head shops through America.


08/25/2016    Thursday - Therapy for Targeted Individuals with guest Jolene JoJo Seebacher. JoJo is a spiritual psychic counselor who created "Psychic Soul Counseling" at various schools. She is the owner at Spiritual Life Journeys and works worldwide in the TI and awakened truth movement communities. Topics discussed: energy work, grounding-shielding techniques, soul contract revocation, Alien Love Bite-byte, MK, Monarch, MiLab, bloodline ancestry, ancient etymology and much more.

08/24/2016    Wednesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in the first hour starts with ICANN, and how Obama plans to give control of the internet to foreign governments causing a potential threat to US free speech, and ends with a letter from prison by super soldier James Casbolt. He writes of a global depopulation agenda with a melding of the classes to create global peace and justice, and referred to it as Operation Angola. In the second hour super soldier mutant Nate Grey is the featured guest. He affirms that he was genetically designed mutant in vitro for special ops development.

08/23/2016    Tuesday - Tajinder Gill from "Taj Investigates" is the guest. Taj has worked extensively with Miles Johnston from The Bases Project. He is a part of network of support for targeted individuals. Milab, mk-ultra, and monarch programming. The objective of his new show is to not only give awareness to the above mentioned, but solutions that will help heal individual victims and the public at large.

08/18/2016    Thursday - 30 year cannabis activist Jeff Eichen is the first guest on the Freedom Of Joyce show to discuss his new documentary series Lifers. The series focuses on inmates who are serving life sentences in prison for cannabis. He will be having a green carpet showing of the first part of the series coinciding with Seattle Hempfest 2016. For more info go to www.lifersthemovie.com. The second guest of FOJ is super soldier Holly Baglio. She shares her journey of recalling repressed memories after watching interviews of other super soldiers such as James Casbolt, Max Spiers, and Aaron McCollum.

08/17/2016    Wednesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the first hour - Still waiting for the aliens to do a crop circle with marijuana leaves. It will give new meaning to weed maps. Joyce talks about cannabis from the theory of ganja's extra-terrestrial origins to bees using the flower to make canna-honey. Comic radio personality Laurie Buckley joins in the second hour and gives a empowered perspective of the state of American politics and global affairs.

08/16/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant- Medical, Denti-cal, Obama Care, Big Pharma, and the US failed healthcare system. Host Tere Joyce pontificates on such topics as she embarks on her own healing caught in the search for her best dental plan options. In the end, she suggests a love based health care system instead of the profit over people system that currently enslaves America.

08/11/2016    Thursday - Savannah Lynn from The Wimberley Healing Energy and Wellness - WHEW, is the guest on The Freedom Of Joyce Show. Savannah found away to treat her vaccine injury related illness with a bio-modulator machine that uses electric frequency and magnetism.

08/10/2016    Wednesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in the first hour - Science community is very close to approving genetic human and animal hybridization, Suicide Squad movie socially engineers us to except and sympathize with narcissist psychopath personalities as long as they kill for the government, and false rumors of THC in Colorado state drinking water. Barry Prince joins in the second hour to discuss Fukushima and the poisoning of our oceans, and the wonders of the cannabis plant.

08/09/2016    Tuesday - CIA augmented admit Duncan O'finioan returns to the Freedom Of Joyce show. O'Finioan breaks down how the illuminati satanists have organized their agenda like a game of football designed to orchestrate a well planned blue print that follows the book of Revelations end game for the human race. Man's free will is the one thing that stand's in the way of the dark cabal accomplishing soul harvesting and humanites demise.

08/03/2016    Wednesday - Occult symbolism and the transhumanism agenda in the new virtual Pokemon Go app with guest Randy Maugans (Off Planet Radio). Other topics of discussion are "Mandela effect" and the "Human Remembering" one of humanity's most important subjects ever.

08/02/2016    Tuesday - Rage against the deceit is the tone of this episode's Freedom Of Joyce Rant. Host Tere Joyce points out that Super Soldier Max Spier's last show was July 12, 2016, where you can clearly hear he is ill and in physical distress. The show was taped 4 days before his passing away. She questions why no one sought medical attention for him. Joyce points out inaccuracies of reporting by Miles Johnston from the Bases Project on Kerry Casady's show Project Camelot concerning the chronological sequence of events leading up to Max's death. In the second hour Tere Joyce exposes the greed and arrest for tax fraud of alternative media personality Sean David Morton and his satanic tendencies.


07/28/2016    Thursday - In the first hour of the Freedom Of Joyce Show - Host Tere Joyce analyzes the current truth media information on the death of Max Spiers, and finds it to be contradictory, Barry Prince (The Big Puzzle) joins in the second hour to discuss current events such is Hilary's double email scandal and the terrorist attack in Nice France.

07/27/2016    Wednesday - The first hour of FOJ rant is about the Presidential Election 2016 and the Hillary and Bernie showdown at the DNC. Stand-up comedian Kay West joins the show live from the DNC where she gives inside information about being a Bernie Sanders delegate that mainstream media won't cover.

07/26/2016    Tuesday - Capitalism vs Welfare State - IS the topic of the "Freedom Of Joyce" Rant. The digital illusory inflated dollar. We are spiritually and virtually attached and dependent on a failed system perpetuated by the greed of man. Meanwhile people argue that we should not raise minimum wage to $15 an hour because the price of fast food burgers will go up effecting our economic ability for a low cost crappy nutrition slow kill. Dustyn Pierce from Anon Radio joins in the second hour to take the topic to the next level of discussion.

07/21/2016    Thursday - Cara St. Lois breaks new research on the Fae, Phe, Fe, or Fey for the first time to American audiences on the Freedom Of Joyce Show. Cara is a writer, teacher, activist, and speaker. She has penned the books, Consolata's Companion, The Sun Thief, and with Harold Kautz-Vella Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. The Fae are the so-called fairies of legend that are the seed race of the modern human being, the sidhe, and the hybrids.

07/20/2016    Wednesday - More information on the suspicious death of Max Spiers is analyzed by the help of augmented CIA military admit Duncan O'Finioan, whom points out the the spiritual ceremony performed within the 6 hours following Max's death, was most likely a satanic ritual intended to harvest his soul. O'Finioan also shares his twenty plus years in helping people heal from satanic ritual abuse.

07/19/2016    Tuesday - In memory of Max Spiers - A message of the heart. The Freedom Of Joyce Show host recalls past show of Max Spiers, and focuses on his message of going into the heart of humanity. Other topics include the terrorist attack in Nice France, the RNC with Donald Trump, Melainia Trump, Duck Dynasty, Scott Baio, and Antonio Sabato Jr. Ole'

07/13/2016    Wednesday - "I believe in humanity and a positive timeline" is the theme of this Freedom Of Joyce show with guest Sarah Rachel Adams. (Bases Project) Sarah shares her knowledge on targeted individuals, transhumanism, DNA evolution, and healing the body physically and spiritually with good nutrition and monatomic gold.

07/12/2016    Tuesday - #whitelivematters is just a reactive sound byte fueling stupidity and prejudicial unrest in US in order to mask the real truth of what is going on. The mainstream media hype disguises police state oppression against our 1st amendment rights, failed law enforcement, failed judicial system, and more gun control to bring in the New World Order. Meanwhile we have already forgotten that Hilary got away with it!! These topics and more highlight this episode of The Freedom Of Joyce Show.

07/07/2016    Thursday - Hollywood, Reality shows, Lizards underground downtown LA, and counter intelligence truth media hosts who gaslight other hosts for the agenda are the topics of discussion in this episode of the Freedom of Joyce show.

07/06/2016    Wednesday - Rise of German super state EU members to dissolve armies increasing economic powers, Nigel Farage resigns from UKIP, Justin Trudeau defends Saudi Arms deal, president of Mexico pushes for a merge between Mexico, Canada and US, and Hilary still gets away with murder but feminists think she is being picked on because she is a woman. Yeah right...Electropig Von Fokkengruvven joins in the second hour.

07/05/2016    Tuesday - Hillary walks away from email scandal, Independence Day has been marginalized to commercialism, Lays potato chips, Budweiser, Fireworks, and praise to the military industrial complex are the topics of Freedom Of Joyce satirical rant in this post July 4th show.


06/30/2016    Thursday - The guest on the first hour of the Freedom Of Joyce show is artist/activist Lee Boek from the Public Works Improvisational Group at www.publicworksimprov.com. The group started out of a church on Ocean Park Blvd. in Southern CA . The group of artists, poets, storytellers and many other muses have been creating political, historical, humanitarian, and socially aware content since 1974. Ron Kiczenski is the guest on the second hour to to discuss how most of marijuana legislature in the US is unconstitutional, and violates our human rights. The very act of creating and upholding such laws is a criminal act against humanity, and the health of the entire global ecosystem.

06/29/2016    Wednesday - Super Soldiers, Mk-Ultra, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and shamanic healing in the astral plane with Christine Hart from Investigative Hack. https://www.facebook.com/christine.j.hart.1

06/28/2016    Tuesday - The CIA created the European Union is the topic of the Freedom of Joyce rant and the mainstream commercialism of making tribute to the military for the July 4th celebration. Norhblat Forsgren joins is the second hour to disclose Helium 3 in Africa and how it may come into play in the EU clean energy agenda.

06/22/2016    Wednesday - Tere Rants in the first hourand is joined by Laurie Buckley.

06/21/2016    Tuesday - Topics of this Freedom Of Joyce Show are celebrity deaths on the summer solstice, Joan Rivers death after admitting Michelle Obama is transgender, mainstream media coverage of Orlando shooting, crisis actors, and cannabis as a treatment for autism in children.

06/14/2016    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Orlando Terrorist Shooting, Marijuana Initiatives to regulate dispensaries in Bakersfield CA, Truth media shills in the first hour. The Mandela Effect and it's indication of manipulating our current timeline with guest Norphblat Forsgren from the Trips in Reality show on the Time 4 Hemp Network.

06/09/2016    Thursday - FOJ Rant in the first hour is focused on cannabis and Clinton corruption. Tere Joyce points out that it is progressive to see a woman run for president but she's not the one. Second hour guest is Jeremy Michael Olson who is working on new CBD Frozen Hemp juice made from Charlotte Web strain that can be shipped through the US because it contains a low enough amount of THC to not be federally illegal.

06/08/2016    Wednesday - Australian truther comedian, singer/songwriter/ healer Elissa Hawke is the guest on the Freedom Of Joyce Show. Elissa and host Tere Joyce compare notes of what it is like to be female comedians in a male dominated field and how each one awakened to walk a different path away from mainstream entertainment using humor and healing modalities such as the cannabis plant.

06/07/2016    Tuesday - Tere Joyce compares Big Pharma's menopause and PMS medications to current cannabis applications in the first hour of FOJ Rant, and then moves onto to the primary presidential elections in California. Eagle Eye joins in the second hour to join in on commentary of American presidential candidate hopefuls.

06/02/2016    Thursday - Gorilla rights, Gorilla jokes, and Anderson Cooper. The Freedom Of Joyce Show questions the intent of media sensational stories from television to the Internet and how the illusion of chaos can create wars and laws that will result in the enslavement of humanity. Stories covered are: Gorilla Shooting, Hillary Clinton email scandal, and the coincidental timing of the UCLA and Windsor Canada shootings. The shootings may be more than just potential false flags but rather a display of a Marshal Law type lockdown and public interrogation that we can expect to be standard procedure in the future.

06/01/2016    Wednesday - Cannabis and Cats are the heart of the first hour of the Freedom Of Joyce Rant where host Tere Joyce remembers the politics surrounding marijuana from Pasadena, CA to Portland, Oregon in 2007 and beyond. Laurie Buckley joins in on the discussion in the second that ends with suspecting the UCLA shooting to be another false flag.


05/31/2016    Tuesday - Last Truther Standing is the topic of the Freedom Of Joyce Rant. Tere Joyce wishes for a message of love, compassion, empathy, and peace in the truth media in this post Memorial Day 2016 broadcast. She asks of herself and her alternative media colleagues to have integrity in their work and information. We now have an opportunity to educate, empower, and shift the global consciousness to a positive future timeline.

05/26/2016    Thursday - Tere's special guests Were R. Edward Forchion "NJ Weedman" in the first hour and Columbine victim Richard Castaldo.

05/25/2016    Wenesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show invites Electropig Von Fokken Gruuven for commentary on the following truth media current events : Elijah Wood outs pedophile ring in Hollywood, Feds protect convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will criminalize transgender hate speech, and NJ Weedman Joint is raided by police narcotics squad for using cannabis for spiritual purposes.

05/19/2016    Thursday - Is Sean Parker a global elitist? Host Tere Joyce continues to uncover the facts on the internet social media billionaire who put up a million dollars to legalize marijuana for recreational use on the ballot for the 2016 elections in California. Multiple Sclerosis patient Kimberly Matlock shares her homeopathy treatment for MS using cannabis, aloe vera, mulberry leaves, and much more.

05/18/2016    Wednesday - Dege Coutee President of the Patient Advocacy at www.cannabissaveslives.com was the guest of the Freedom Of Joyce show to talk about why Californians should not vote for the "Adult Marijuana of Use Act 2016" (AUMA 2016). AUMA is backed by The Drug Policy Alliance and has been funded not only by George Soros but Sean Parker former President of Facebook. He was played by Justin Timberlake in the film The Social Network about a college undergrad Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) who begins work on a new concept that eventually turns into the new Global Network Facebook.

05/17/2016    Tuesday - Truthers under attack is the topic of interest on the Freedom Of Joyce Show. Host Tere Joyce gives examples of thruthers who did not go along along with the status quo resultng in being marginalized as a "fringe subculture" ending in loss of parental rights, incarceration, and even death. AFR host Chuck Ochelli and Canadian cannabis activist ElectroPig Von Fokkengruvven join the show in the second hour to comment.

05/12/2016    Thursday - Tere Joyce goes into the proganda, and social engineering that influences cultural biases on the cannabis plant influencing America to rock the vote for initiatives funded by Monsanto connected philanthropist Geroge Soros.

05/11/2016    Wednesday - Cyber bullying, Patriot Act, second amendment, NSA spying, social media profiling, cointel truth media, and the aftermath of Tere's own journalism of the Bundy family saga are the topics of rant in this episode of the Freedom Of Joyce show.

05/10/2016    Tuesday - Marijuana reptilian Hollywood activists sabotaging potential California cannabis initiatives from reaching the ballot in order to keep control of the cannabis plant in the hands of the global elitists is the topic of the Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the first hour. Barry Prince joins in the second hour to give his thoughts on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's rejection of help from Russia and Mexico to stop fires in Alberta Canada.

05/05/2016    Thursday - Marin mayoral candidate Kevin P. Sanders is the featured guest on the Freedom Of Joyce Show. Kevin was arrested for having a marijuana delivery service in the city of Marin after mmj collectives were zoned out of the city. He faced 6 years in prison for selling $300 worth pot to undercover police. His 2013 charges were just recently dropped and he gave his first media interview of the whole ordeal on American Freedom Radio while traveling for the first time since house arrest.

05/04/2016    Wednesday - Ted Cruz ends his bid for the Republican presidential race, plus father Rafeal Cruz's supposed connection to Harvey Oswald, and the JFK assasination are the topics of discussion during the Freedom Of Joyce rant in the first hour. Barry Prince, Laurie Buckley, & Electropig Von Fokken Gruuven discuss what's new in the news and compare notes of how the Canadian government and USA mirror each other in the globalists agenda.

05/03/2016    Tuesday - Actor/Comedian Jason Stuart is the special guest in the second hour of the Freedom of Joyce Show. Jason Stuart has a role in the film Birth of a Nation which took the several awards including best picture of the Sundance Film festival. Stuart who plays a racist plantation slave owner says that the film starts where Black Lives Matters begins. Freedom of Joyce rant in the first hour exposes phoney cannabis oil makers, deception in the truth media, and how the popular vote means nothing in the primary elections.


04/28/2016    Thursday - Ian Jacklin actor, filmmaker, and creator of icurecancer.com is the guest in the first hour. Topic of discussion includes Hollywood coming out of the closet on vaccinations and chemtrails, and the different types of cannabis oils that are now availalble for purchase from infused oils to decarboxylated. Second hour host Tere Joyce goes into the legality of growing, selling, and distribution of high CBD cannabis.

04/27/2016    Wednesday - The veiling of deception show. Host Tere Joyce questons the validity and political motivation of yesterday's guest Sisters of the Valley. The Sisters of the Valley are a group of woman who dress as nuns (not real Catholic nuns) and make high cbd oil that they claim has extra positive energy from the prayers the nuns make while the cannabis plant is growing. Joyce questions why the mainstream media such as CNN has decided to give them so much attention, and the political effect they have on cannabis laws specifically in Madera CA, which struggles to grow the plant legally within the county limits.

04/26/2016    Tuesday - Hot topics galore on Freedom Of Joyce Show...In the first hour host Tere Joyce speculates that Prince's death was a occult sacrifice to the Queen of England during Beltane rituals. Other topics discussed during FOJ Rant are excution style muder of cannabis grow family in ohio and how the mainstream media is spinning it into a second amendment issue, plus the social media controversy over Target's new bathroom transgender accomodations. In the second hour Time 4 Hemp's Steve Danks and Sister Kate from the Sister's of the Valley join the show to discuss their cannabis-growing nuns campaign to fight Merced California Marijuana Ban.

04/21/2016    Thursday - RIP Prince. Freedom Of Joyce opens with giving tribute to his Royal Badness, and speculates that the vocal chemtrail advocate may have suffered foul play along with Merle Haggard. Featured guest is Eileen Dannemann who is the director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, and the founder of VaccineLiberationArmy.com, Topics discussed: Tribecca Films removing Dr. Andrew Wakefield's documentary Vaxxed, Donald Trump's addressing the connection between autism and vaccinations during republican presidential debates, vaccinations and psychotropic drugs causing suicide and homicides, and how presidential candidate Ted Cruz's father is connected to vaccine deception, Harvey Oswald, and the Nixon administration.

04/20/2016    Wednesday - Happy 420 Show celebrated with cannabis advocates of the world. Paul Haydon & Sarah Sativa from Dark City Compassion Club UK & Spain, Electro Pig Von Fokkengruuven Canada, Barry Prince from The Big Puzzle Show Canada, Laurie Buckley Comedian USA, Doug Ferguson USA, and last but not least Sgt. Detective Harry Palmer Jr. Retired Washington State. The show touches on the medical, envirmomental, and recreational use with a bit of 420 fun.

04/19/2016    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in the first hour: Booger Man Ted Cruz wins delegate nominations in primary elections excluding the vote of the people in the swing state of Colorado launching protest arrests. China dumps U,S. dollar as reserve currency, Ted Cruz claims that Americans do not have the right to masturbate; and Angela Merkel allows comedian to face prosecution for Erdogan poem. Second hour: Host Tere Joyce launches Porn Star Virgin series where she cronicles her exploration of human sexuality amongst the back drop of writing a hustler adult film "Hardcore Circus". directed by Erica McLean.

04/07/2016    Thursday - Coming out of the cannabis closet and the ramifications of doing so is the topic of discussion with Freedom of Joyce's guest, radio producer and AFR host Mitch Santell. Host Tere Joyce gives current cannabis news: Anti-Legalization Congressional Panel to Meet Next Week, and DEA May Decide to Reschedule Marijuana By 'Mid-Year'.


03/31/2016    Thursday - Peter Christ who is the co-founder of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) is the featured guest in the second hour of The Freedom of Joyce Show. Peter gives us the history of LEAP from it's initial concept, development, and current support of marijuana legalization. In the first hour host Tere Joyce rants about the removal of anti-vaccination documentary film Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe from the official Tribeca Film Festival line-up.

03/30/2016    Wednesday - Show of the Two Michaels - Documentary Filmmaker Michael Murphy is the guest on the first hour to address Attorney General Loretta Lynch's agenda to prosecute climate deniers. Cannabis chef Michael Billingsly is featured guest in the second hour to talk about Oregon States new requirements on the marijuana extract industry.

03/29/2016    Tuesday - Shona Levana Gochenaur from Axis of Love and grass roots cannabis non-profit Patient's Advocacy Network at www.cannabissaveslives.com, is the guest on the first hour of Freedom Of Joyce. Shona calls in from the road just after protesting at a rally against a marijuana industry conference supported by billionaire Sean Parker and The Drug Policy Alliance in an attempt to stop marijuana legislature that will monopolize the cannabis market for the only chosen few. Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the second hour on Tribecca Films dropping the movie Vaxxed from the festival the line up.

03/17/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the first hour about George Soros funded Trump protesters in Chigago, and the ensueing maintstream media attack, featuring an ex vice president, various politicians and the hottest comedians of the day, Northwest based stand-up comedian Alex Elkin is the featured comic for first segment of "Comics Joint."

03/16/2016    Wednesday - Barry Prince (host The Big Puzzle) joins Tere Joyce in the first hour. Topics discussed included Illuminati mind control and symbolism for gamers, human behavior vaccinations from the Pentagon, and the Dark Act defeated in the senate allowing labeling of foods for GMOs. Hemp Farmer and radio host (Time 4 Hemp) Steven Danks is the featured guest in the second hour. He shares his story on how he started juicing cannabis when he was dying from liver disease and continues to get healthier every day.

03/15/2016    Tuesday - "You never go full flat earth tard." "You will never win an Oscar if you go full flat earth tard." "Everybody knows that." "#flatearthtard", comments Tere Joyce. More politically incorrect commentary unsues in the Freedom Of Joyce first hour rant of the show. Dana Arvidson from The National Cannabis Patient's Wall joins in the second hour highlighting legal action being made to sue the Federal Goverment for denying Patient's rights, and a campaign to repeal marijuana on the federal level.

03/10/2016    Thursday - Nataliya Sinyavskaya from www.novorossia.today Today sheds light on Ukraine revolution to join the European Union and how the Obama administration has backed their efforts with mercenaries and training of military. Freedom Of Joyce rant in the second hour.

03/09/2016    Wednesday - Guest- Paul Haydon from Dark City Radio and Dark City Compassion Club Spain. Haydon informs listeners of Spain's current cannabis laws and the onslaught of medical refugees seeking low cost medical treatment for serious ailments.

03/08/2016    Tuesday - Wallstreet, CIA, Aliens, Senator Ted Cruz eats his own booger, Chuck Ochelli, and Oliver Stone films, "Is he a mainstream truther?"

03/03/2016    Thursday - Guests for the first hour are Dean Ryan who is spearheading a rally on March 18th in Los Angeles CA to stop LA legislatives from seizing Tiny Houses from the homeless, and Barry Prince returns to discuss Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's failure to uphold his campaign promises on marijuana decriminalization. Second hour guest is Roger Landry (Liberty Beacon Project) who annouces Toxy Solutions. Toxy Solutions is a home kit that tests for toxic metals in the body with 99.19% accuracy. www.toxysolutions.com.

03/02/2016    Wednesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the first hour. If any politician, religious leader, or celebrity really cared about doing something for Climate Change they would be presenting the hemp plant as a global solution. Cannabis Freedom Fighter Ron Kiczenski is the guest in the second hour. He advocates that as long as our legislature, polticians, activists, and marijuana non-profits focus on cannabis commerce over human rights will will be subjected to corporate control of the plant by the likes Monsanto and Big Pharma.

03/01/2016    Tuesday - This year's election is one big reality show with Trump center stage to boost the ratings. Freedom Of Joyce rant goes from Leonardo DiCaprio's academy award winning climate change speech to Trump mania. Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolin III joins in the second hour. Is humanity and all sentient life subjected to an BIOAPI AI intelligence control of the consciusness of it's victims, or is this just fictionalized conspiracy to distract alternative media listeners?


02/25/2016    Thursday - Tere Joyce: 1st hour Freedom Of Joyce rant- Cannabis Conspiracy theorist is the even possible? Second hour discussion of aliens and the topics of the day including Canada's Justin Trudeau's cannabis treaties. Guests Laurie Buckley and Electropig Von Fockengruuven.

02/24/2016    Wednesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - 1st hour: Freedom of Joyce rant goes from pending militia protest in Portland Oregon, to the 1939 Cancer act passed by parliament to make further provision for the radium treatment of cancer, plus prohibiting certain advertisements relating to cancer medical options. 2nd hour: Guests include Barry Prince "The Big Puzzle", and Electropig Von Fokkengruuven to discuss Canada's federal court decision to shut down the ban on medical marijuana patients growing their own pot.

02/23/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - Opening rant on the validity of snopes.com as it relates to Bill Maher getting fined 1.7 million by the FCC for smoking a joint on live television. Tere Joyce disputes Senator Ted Cruz's outrageous comments about 2011 Occupy Wallstreet protesters. 2nd hour is an interview with songwriter G-Nutz and his new collection of Weed Anthems geared towards the stoner in all of us.

02/18/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - Today Tere's Guests were "The Greek" in the first hour. In the second hour the guest is Ian Jacklin from www.icurecancer.com to dissertate how cannabis kills cancer cells.

02/17/2016    Wednesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - Today Tere rants on several issues including the Real Time episode where Bill Maher smoked a joint on his show.

02/16/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show- Where is the real music? Host Tere Joyce explores the control of the music industry by the military industrial complex and how the images projected through the artists and tuning of the hz frequency brain washes and controls the minds of it's listeners. Guest - Music and Radio producer Mitch Santell joins in the second hour to share is knowledge on the subject.

02/11/2016    Thursday - Occupation Mayhem - with guest Steven D. Kelley (Press TV) (RT Today) and author of Cities Under the Plain. In his book Kelley testifies that he has knowledge of human sacrifices under the Getty Museum in Los Angeles CA, including a secret underground palace meant for the escape of the rich and royal when the earth's surface is no longer habitable for the commom folk. Steven claims that the Bundy Occupation is Psyop fueled to take away our second amendment rights and enforce martial law. Kelley says that if we really want to make change in the world and stop the NWO from accomplishing their goals we need to peacefully occupy the Getty (no weapons), and alert the press and the American people of the human sacrifices and the satanic rulers that run the United States of America. He has just launched a social media site like facebook to unify truthers to take acton against those who rule from the underground. The truther social media site is at www.occupythegetty.com.

02/09/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce - Host Tere Joyce shares her obervations on live streaming interviews and events that took place during LaVoy Finicum's funeral in Kanab Oregon. Electropig Von Fokkengruuven joins in the second hour. The Canadian activist highlights the juxtaposition of online evidence of the Bundy militia arrest versus the FBI/mainstream media report.

2/02/2016    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Show- with guest award winnng documentary filmmaker Micheal Murphy - "What in the World Are They Spraying" and "Why in the World Are They Spraying". Michael Murphy comes on the show to give an update on his next documentary film An Inconvenient Shade of Gray which is just about to go into post production. The main body of the interview though is about the new lawsuit against geoengineering & climate change policy that Murphy is spearheading at www.geoengineeringactionnetwork.org. In the first hour Tere Joyce's monologue goes from Porter Ranch methane gas leak to Donald Trump Rally and the carnival show race of the 2016 presidential elections.


01/28/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - Bundy Arrest and Occupation in Oregon - Host Tere Joyce gives her thoughts on the Bundy Occupation and is later joined in the second hour by fellow AFR host Chuck Ochelli and FOJ show regular Laurie Buckley.

01/26/2016    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show - Greed in the end, fails even the greedy. Catheryn Louis - Host Tere Joyce dogmatizes on the topic of greed and how it is the root problem of our current economic, health and enviromental issues. Fellow AFR Radio host Mitch Santell (Remnants and Luminaries) joins in on the discussion bringing a focus on Hollywood greed in the second hour.

01/21/2016    Thursday - Sarah Palin to Donald Trump is the same as Charles Manson to Phil Spector. Endorsing one another does nothing for their credibility." This is the opening statement on the Freedom Of Joyce show that gets the ball rolling on a discussion of shady politicians and flawed cannabis laws in the United States and Canada. Today's Special Guest Was Electropig Von Fokkengruuven.

01/19/2016    Tuesday - Last Lizard Standing - Host Tere Joyce recounts her recent experience of attending a Hollywood Lizard Pot Party where her showbiz/cannabis/occupy colleagues reveal their lizard satanic rituali wiles, causing Joyce to question whether or not she was the sacrifice de jour of the birthday celebration.

01/14/2016    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Show - guest Integratron Legacy Chad C. Meek returns to the show to discuss his current web series "Giant Rock the Movement", which Joyce herself is producing. The discussion draws correlations on what happened to UFO contactee George Van Tassell in the past, and his effort to build a human rejuvenation machine with "free energy" Tesla technology. If his goal was accomplished what kind of world would we be living as opposed the one we exist in today?

01/12/2016    Tuesday - Todays Show synopsis - Tribute to David Bowie - Tere Joyce pays homage to David Bowie. Reviewing his life, music, films and cultural influence through various articles on his legacy. Highlighting such movies as Labyrinth, and how the film may have been created for mk-ultra monarch mind control programming.

01/07/2016    Thursday - 1st Real Repeal of Cannabis/Hemp Prohibition from the state of Michigan - Cannabis Activist Timothy Locke discusses the new petition that will begin circulating next week for the full repeal of marijuana prohibition on the federal level in Michigan State.

01/05/2016    Tuesday - Bundy Ranch Debunked - Tere Joyce and Laurie Buckley dissect the mainstreams storyline of the militia stand-off in Oregon. Host Tere Joyce did three shows with the folks who were involved with Bundy Ranch two years ago with the last one being with Ryan Payne who is part of the militia that came to the Bundy's defense in Nevada and who has currently taking action in Oregon. Laurie Buckley co-hosted the past show in 2014. Both woman agree that the facts of what took place back at Bundy Ranch in Nevada are not the same as the mainstream media tells today. Chuck Ochelli from the Ochelli Effect and Ochelli & the Greek joins the show in the second hour to share his knowledge on the unfolding events and how it may effect our future freedoms.

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