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01/12/2017    Thurday - Freedom of Joyce Rant about the fake media CNN. NBC, Buzzfeed, and the Hollywood celebutards slandering Donald Trump, while hiding the real news about global pedophilia ring that they support. Cannabis activist Patrick Moore and truth media host Barry Prince joins in on the topic in hour two.

01/10/2017    Tueday - Urban Dictionary-Celebritard-A Famous Stupid Person. Typically refers to the current crop of vapid celebrities. Freedom Of Joyce rants on Meryl Streeps acceptance speech, and Rosie O'Donnel's Hollywood boycott to stop Trump from taking office. Stand-up comedian Ahmed Shariff from India joins in the conversation in hour two.

01/05/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Julian Assange says It wasn't the Russians. Hold the anchovies. Our President has implicated a WikiLeaks by the Russians giving him cause to sign the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda ACT into law. Will the real fake news media please stand-up and raise your hand? Tere Joyce predicts that in 8 years current Lieutenant Governor of California/Former San Francisco mayor pretty boy Gavin Newsom friend and business partner to son of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty Gordon Getty. Based on Gordon Getty's past contributions and support of Newsom's political career, he will most likely fund his future campaign to be the next NWO President elect. Newsom has been very involved in liberal issues such as gay marriage and marijuana legalization. Hillary ain't got nothing on the Gavinator.

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