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03/23/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Show candid interview of Holly Baglio who was part of a military program that uses mk-ultra mind control, sexual abuse, and satanic ritual occult practices to create alternate personalities. These alternate personalities often become politicians, entertainers, CIA secret agents, assassins, and what is now commonly referred to as super soldiers. Holly began to wake up from her mk-ultra slumber when she stumbled upon a Project Camelot interview of Max Spiers, and Michael Prince (James Casbolt) on youtube.

03/21/2017    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce show - 1st hour rant. David Rockefeller - Is he dead or in transhumanism heaven? Flat earth theory is a PSYOP to discredit a group of people whose research falls under the conspiracy umbrella. Throw some dis-info among the truth and no one believes any of it. Ian Jacklin (icurecancer.com) joins in hour two.

03/16/2017    Thursday - Snoop Lion and the Trumpanzees starts off The Freedom Of Joyce Rant, as host Tere Joyce admits she was broadcasting while still in her pajamas, Main theme of the show: Love is the answer, and cannabis helps.

03/14/2017    Tuesday - "Attack of the Lunatic Liberals. A Real Zombie story.", starts the Freedom Of Joyce Rant. The riff continues with, "I met my first alien at the UFO expo." Turns out he was a Trump supporter. In hour two, the featured guest is Prasad Paul Duffy who discusses the making of Revolutionary - a metaphysical musical. The show is currently debuting in Los Angeles CA at Ya Motha's House Theater.

03/07/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant on remote from the sands of Newport Beach CA ends Tere's High Times Cannabis Cup comedy tour from Las Vegas. She comments on the restrictions in partaking the good herb because of threats of a federal raid, while news of Trump wire tap explodes.

03/02/2017    Thursday - Tere Joyce live on the road to Las Vegas to attend the Cannabis Cup which is being threatened to be raided by the Feds.


02/28/2017    Tuesday - We are out of Russian dressing. Blame it on the Russians. The fact the so many people on social media wrote, "It must be the Russians," in relation to the Academy Award blunder speaks volumes. The liars are screwed. The Russian myth is the main focus of Freedom of Joyce rant. Thank you.

02/23/2017    Thursday - "But, I'm just a comedian!" Is the line that starts off the Freedom Of Joyce Rant - Host Tere Joyce points out how comedian pundits like Bill Maher and John Oliver are puppets to the powers that be. Meanwhile Breitbart editor/comic Milo Yiannopoulos incites riots by George Soros paid protesters, and is labeled gay pedo soft to take the focus off of corrupt pedo Podesta Hillary Clinton camp. Saeed David Farman joins in the second hour and shares his own personal ET contact experience and his upcoming event in Los Angeles featuring Jordan Maxwell, Laura Eisenhower, Sean Stone, Steven D. Kelley and more. Get your tickets for event and live stream viewing at www.5devents.com.

02/21/2017    Tuesday - Sara Rachel Adams and Tajinder Gill from Taj Investigates join the Freedom Of Joyce to talk about their new radio show, Max Spiers, homeless crisis, and accessing your divine soul energy.

02/09/2017    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the first hour covers speculation why the Clinton Foundation has shut down and the rumor of CEO Eric Baverman following WikiLeaks revelation. Roger Landry from The Liberty Beacon joins in the second hour to address the hacking of the TLB website over a post about Globalist Philanthropist George Soros.

02/07/2017    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant 02/7/2017 - Are you having a bad Trump Day? Host Tere Joyce rags on the violence and bad behavior of Trump protesters from the US to the UK.

02/02/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Searching for Ben Swan. CBS46 evening anchor Ben Swan's Truth in Media Site, twitter, Instagram, Fb accounts go down after his segment on Pizzagate. Joyce investigates Idealogical Subversion. Ideological Subversion is the changing of the perception of reality in the American population to such and extent that the despite the abundance of information, no one side is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.


01/26/2017    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant 1/28/2017 - You can blame George Soros for the pink pussy hat brainwash of nothingness adorned by a sea of marching suburban radicalness. Cannabis activist Jeff Waters calls into the show in hour two. Waters advocates that after a near death, his COPD improved greatly after using cannabis oil as a treatment.

01/19/2017    Thursday - Waiting for the Truth is the topic of the Freedom Of Joyce rant in the first hour focusing on the information war between the mainstream and alternative media. Tere Joyce brings up key points in Ben Swan's Reality Check segment on mainstream's CBS Channel 46 on WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta implicating pedophilia between the White House, Clinton Campaign, and Comet Pizza. Callers join in the second hour to share their truth.

01/17/2017    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant - Don't blow out the pilot light. We must keep flame going. Love and forgiveness is key to dealing with the racial tensions and the revealing of our current government media fueled corruption.

01/12/2017    Thurday - Freedom of Joyce Rant about the fake media CNN. NBC, Buzzfeed, and the Hollywood celebutards slandering Donald Trump, while hiding the real news about global pedophilia ring that they support. Cannabis activist Patrick Moore and truth media host Barry Prince joins in on the topic in hour two.

01/10/2017    Tueday - Urban Dictionary-Celebritard-A Famous Stupid Person. Typically refers to the current crop of vapid celebrities. Freedom Of Joyce rants on Meryl Streeps acceptance speech, and Rosie O'Donnel's Hollywood boycott to stop Trump from taking office. Stand-up comedian Ahmed Shariff from India joins in the conversation in hour two.

01/05/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Julian Assange says It wasn't the Russians. Hold the anchovies. Our President has implicated a WikiLeaks by the Russians giving him cause to sign the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda ACT into law. Will the real fake news media please stand-up and raise your hand? Tere Joyce predicts that in 8 years current Lieutenant Governor of California/Former San Francisco mayor pretty boy Gavin Newsom friend and business partner to son of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty Gordon Getty. Based on Gordon Getty's past contributions and support of Newsom's political career, he will most likely fund his future campaign to be the next NWO President elect. Newsom has been very involved in liberal issues such as gay marriage and marijuana legalization. Hillary ain't got nothing on the Gavinator.

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