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12/28/2017    Thursday - #freedomofjoycerant Operation Mockingbird Anderson Cooper meltdowns, mother Gloria Vanderbilt Satanic ritual art. plus Hollywood list of pedo managers, agents, and directors revealed. http://www.gossiprocks.com/forum/latest-gossip/255181-hollywoods-pedophile-epidemic.html

12/26/2017    Tuesday - Facebook censors the "Getty" word from social media threads because of the heat surrounding the family ignited by Truth Media coverage and the opening of the Ridley Scott film "All the Money in the World" Christmas day 2017. Jairo from the UK joins in hour two where the topics flow from social engineering by global reality shows to Thomas Andrew Drake whom is rumored to be the real Q-Anon.

12/14/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant -Roy Moore, Ritual Defamation, and FBI Investigators conspire against Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential Election.

12/12/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show interviews John Urwin who was a member of "The Sixteen", an elite, ultra-secret group of handpicked men who were charged with carrying out assassinations in the Middle East and Eastern Europe during the Cold War. Urwin was trained extensively in the use of extraordinary weapons and military techniques that were not made available to other parts of the armed services. He assignment was to stop the illuminati from bringing in the New World Order. He shares information on how the Elite have been using DNA manipulation, and secret technology for a luciferian planet earth takeover.

12/07/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Show interviews Miles Johnston from The Bases Project - Topics include: Mind control frequencies, Black Goo, Artificial Intelligence, and Max Spiers.

12/05/2017    Tuesday - I updated my Facebook status to, "I'm in a relationship with Matt Lauer" starts off the Freedom of Joyce Rant. Followed by, former DNC Ed Rendell becomes suspect in Haitian child trafficking, child pornography, and snuff films.


11/30/2017    Thursday - Matt Lauer, Russel Simmons, and the slew of horny and decadent media men of the hour is the main topic of the Freedom of Joyce Show, with an added ingredient of Q Anon tick tock Follow the Creepy White Rabbit Alex Podesta Art. Electropig Von Fokkengruuven joins in hour two with the millennial bitcoin update.

11/28/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Monsanto, George Soros, Marijuana, Cory Feldman, Keanu Reeves, Moon Boots, Andy Dick, Q Anon, Modern Art, and farting teeth. Freedom of Joyce Rant-Monsanto, George Soros, Marijuana, Cory Feldman, Keanu Reeves, Moon Boots, Andy Dick, Q Anon, Modern Art, and farting teeth.

11/21/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - The Horror of Al Frankenstein and the woman equality hater Hollywood agenda. In hour two host Tere Joyce annihilates her guest when he claims he is okay with a cannabis product made by a marijuana company that was bought out by Monsanto.

11/14/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Woman says George HW Bush groped her when she was a child. Marijuana Freedom Fighter Joe Grumbine joins in hour 2, to ask for a call to action on The Rohrabacher Amendment that would protect states rights for medical and recreational marijuana legalization. For more information click here: https://thsintl.org/coalition-call-to-action-re-the-rohrabacher-farr-amendment/

11/09/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in Hour One: Why is everybody still talking about Max Spiers? Spiers murder investigation has been delayed. Jim Lee from www.climateviewer.org joins the show in hour 2 to discuss his most recent research in geoengineering and weather modification.

11/07/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant: Antifa November 4th protest is a dud, Donna Brazile feared for her life after death of Seth Rich, and the Podesta Brothers are in for it. AFR Host Vinnie Eastwood joins to update us on all things Cannabis in New Zealand in the second hour.

11/02/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant Topics in First hour are as follows: "Donna Brazille wrote a book to save her ass, and "Was the Bundy Oregon stand off really about the Uranium One Deal." Electopig Von Fokkengruuven joins in hour 2 where the conversation weaves through personal frustrations symptomatic from the dumbing down of society through media propaganda, and our vaccinated educational system.


10/31/2017    Tuesday - The Halloween Fake News Show Freedom of Joyce Rant - Unranium One, Release of JFK Files, Corey Feldman, Nov. 4th, Kevin Spacey, and Marijuana. Not necessarily in that order. Tyler Nixon joins in hour 2, and gives his expertise on the release of the JFK files. Electropig Von Fokkengruuven rounds out the discussion.

10/26/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Corey Feldman will name 6 Entertainment industry moguls who are guilty of pedophilia and a major pedo studio, but first you need to support him with a donation towards making a documentary about his life.

10/24/2017    Tuesday - Gonzo Journalism, CIA created Modern Art, and Remembering Ralphie, Harvesting Harvey and other tales of truth come into play in this Autumn Harvest Fest Freedom of Joyce Rant. Link to article: http://www.dcclothesline.com/2017/10/24/hunter-s-thompson-was-a-pedophile-bestialist-who-made-snuff-films/

10/19/2017    Thursday - Open Secret documentary exposes Hollywood Pedophilia trailing on the hills of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Creepy Joe Biden, and #metoo are the topics of discussed in the Freedom of Joyce Rant in hour 1. In our 2, Cannabis activist Joe Hemp and Patrick Moore (United States Cannabis Coalition) discuss the fate of California's passing of Prop. 64 Adult Use, and the pitfalls of declassification of marijuana from the Control Substance Act. https://www.thedailybeast.com/hollywoods-pedophilia-epidemic-exposed-in-an-open-secret https://www.snopes.com/obama-medal-of-freedom-weinstein-clinton-cosby-weiner/

10/12/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Harvey Weinstein and his association with the Clintons is explored in hour one. Electropig Von Fokkengruuven joins in hour two where the Weinstein scandal discussion continues, then moves on to transgender agenda and crypto currency.

10/10/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Vegas Shooting, Harvey Weinstein, RIP Ralphie May, Pink Pussy Hats, and true confessions of a Trump supporter in hour one. Marijuana politics is the focus of hour two, with cannabis activist & youtuber Joe Hemp.


09/28/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - There is a lot more going on than just kneeling football players and entertainers. It is propaganda to push racial tensions to a crescendo culminating in a violent Antifa domestic terrorist coup to remove Trump/Pence from office. Thus, saving the US from fascism. Electropig Von Fokkengruven joins in hour 2. He gives us a lesson on the Canadian and US Rothschild dollar, while shining a glimmer of hope with the current upswing of cryptocurrency.

09/26/2017    Tuesday - Jeff Session's is ignorant concerning marijuana legalization. Roger Stone and conservative constituents get shunned by liberal marijuana community. Classified information is leaked from Hilary's private server, and kneeling football players are the topics of the Freedom of Joyce Rant in hour 1. Nate Grey joins in hour 2 to announce the new version of ypxnews.com. YPX News is dedicated to uncovering the truth no matter how well hidden, or bizarre it may seem. It is a site for those who study the paranormal to come together, share researched data, and personal experiences.

09/19/2017    Tuesday - Tyler Nixon joins the Freedom of Joyce Show for the first time to discuss removing marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act, the United States Cannabis Coalition, and Roger Stone's ban from speaking at the Cannabis Business Expo in Los Angeles September 13-15, 2017. Cannabis Activist Patrick Moore whom organized an alternative venue for Roger Stone to speak at calls into the show in hour two.

09/14/2017    Thursday - Tere broadcasts live covering Marijuana coalition rally.

09/12/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant topics in first hour: Trump supporters under attack with Hollywood Marxist plotlines in the series American Horror Story and Star Trek. Roger Stone gets dropped from LA pot conference and threatens $1 million for breach of contract. Patrick Moore joins us in the second hour and informs AFR listeners that Roger Stone will be speaking on the corner of Pico and Flower Street near LA Convention center Friday Sept. 15, 2017 at 12 noon in retaliation to his boycott. Alchemy Lounge gets hit with threats by Stone boycott organizers for including Roger into their cannabis business expo festivities.

09/07/2017    Thursday - Facebook Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Singularity, Elon Musk, and the Mark of the Beast are the subjects of the Freedom of Joyce Rant in Hour 1. Sex doll website gets shutdown by Antifa for lacking racial diversity. CEO of the sex doll company Sam Sithisakd joins in hour 2.

09/05/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in the first hour includes: Protest against Roger Stone speaking at LA pot conference, celebrities put down the American flag and threaten to leave US, and political correctness on the usage of the word pedophilia. Cannabis Activist and Oaksterdam founder Kevin P. Saunders joins in the second hour to discuss new California initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms.


08/31/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Host Tere Joyce wakes up to arguments and racial slurs over a facebook post showing what Melania Trump wore to Hurricane Harvey, and pointing out that Michelle Obama did not even show up for Hurricane Sandy. FBI fear Awan case was cleverly rigged to protect Obama, Lynch, Holder, and Congressional Dems. Biotech Institute LLC is secretly working on patents of marijuana strains in the fashion of Monsanto. Here is the link for further reading. https://www.gq.com/story/the-great-pot-monopoly-mystery

08/24/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Social media reaction to Trump rally in Arizona, mainstream media continues to fuel racist sentiment, Google reinforces Hollywood political deception by silencing independent media with artificial intelligence. Electropig Von Fokken Gruuven joins an our 2. Main topics of the hour are: H3H3 Productions youtube channel wins lawsuit, Fugitive Sean David Morton is arrested.

08/22/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant on Google & Youtube's AI intelligence censorship on independent media and free speech. Ian Jacklin from icurecancer.com returns to FOJ show in hour 2. Topics, include archons, reptilians, and cannabis oil kills cancer.

08/17/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant hour 1 - Police were asked to stand down during the riots by the mayor of Charlottesville VA. Hollywood Casting Agency crowdsondemand.com offer crowds for protests, rallies, PR stunts, and celebrity events. In hour 2, Dr. Joan Hangarter "Joan of Angels" joins the show. Joan is a psychic intuitive artist and radio host. She shares her personal journey and experiences with extra-terrestrials, and a message to help heal and create peace on earth.

08/15/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant.- Uncensored, free speech commentary on the deadly riot in Charlottesville VA in the 1st hour. Truth media host Dave Robbins of Mystic Freedom joins in hour 2. Dave worked for the FBI and Central Intelligence. He woke up and began a new life when the truth of 9-11 showed up in file on his desk in 2012.

08/10/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant on internet and social media censorship in hour one. Topics include: Kim Dot.Com, John Podesta, Steven Colbert, Seth Rich, Seymour Hersh, George Soros, and David Brock with Media Matters for America. Cannabis Activist Patrick Moore joins in hour 2, to discuss the new Hemp Museum in Hollywood California, and his recent meeting with Roger Stone who is a cannabis supporter!

08/08/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in the first hour- Chelsea Clinton Claims Marijuana Kills People, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Confirms Seth Rich as Wikileaks Source, and Roger Stone Tweets General Flynn Has List of High Level Pedos. VAXXED activist Joshua Coleman joins in hour 2. After Joshua's son was paralyzed from the waist down from a vaccine injury he took up the cause touring all over the US filming vaccine injury stories.

08/03/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in the 1st Hour - Hillary, Comey, Loretta Lynch, and Susan Rice are all under investigation and nobody knows about it. #mainstreammediasucks. NBC archived broadcast shows pedophilia cover up at the State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. Steven Colbert is best buds with John Podesta and debunks pizzagate. During his show he ascertains that pizzagate is a conspiracy created by the alt right whom base their theory on Russia hacked WikiLeaks emails. California mandatory vaccination lawsuit lawyer joins in our 2 to discuss the profit being made on vaccination pharmaceuticals.

08/01/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Trump says transgender people will not be allowed in the military - NGP-VAN is Guccifer 2.0 and hacked by the Bernie Sanders campaign not Romania, male sperm count plummets in the US, and Robert Mueller is just another fool on the hill who is telling us Waldo is real.


07/27/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Show connects the dots of mysterious deaths that correlates to the Clinton Foundation,, and the Mayo Clinic involving potential organ transplant trafficking from Haiti. Host Tere Joyce's data is based on facts presented by Elizabeth Lee Beck. Beck is one of the prosecuting attorneys in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit. Other topics include: California Deputy Attorney General who is G. Gordon Liddy's son is arrested for child pornography, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT aide Imran Awan is arrested. T. Phillip Mathews returns to the Freedom of Joyce Show in hour 2. Mathews in one of the prosecuting attorneys against mandatory vaccinations in the state of California.

07/25/2017    Tuesday - Father Dearest- Chester Bennington's uncanny resemblance to John Podesta, Linkin' Park's connection to the Clinton Foundation, and the mysteriousness surrounding his death is explored. Joleen Jo Jo Seebacher returns to the Freedom of Joyce Show in hour two. Jo Jo points out that not only did Chris Bennington's death happen on Chris Cornell's birthday, but he may have been a Satanic sacrifice for Cornell, because his death occurred during the days of a Satanic sacrifice holiday.

07/18/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant July 18, 2017 - AI Intelligence, Time Travel, Altered Timelines, Mandela Effect, 60,000 of Hillary Clinton's emails were saved on a cloud storage system and sent to the FBI to be investigated.

07/13/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant on Donald Trump Jr. allegations committing treason for meeting a Russian attorney who does not work for the Russian government, but in fact an independent contractor with Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS is an American Research firm that has ties to the Democrats and Clinton Allies, and Planned Parenthood. In September 2015, a wealthy Republican donor who opposed Trump's candidacy in the Republican primary hired Fusion GPS, an American research firm, to do opposition research on Trump. Cara St. Louis returns to the Freedom of Joyce Show in hour 2.

07/11/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show interviews T. Mathew Phillips who is the prosecuting attorney against the mandatory vaccination law in the state of California. Opening monologue covers new research that the Guccifer 2.0 files were copied locally not hacked. Read more about it HERE.

07/06/2017    Thursday - Bio Feedback and Scalar Homeopathic Therapy with The Quantum Genius Insight App with guests Ariel Policano and Karen Ann Macdonald. - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Welcome to Hell Protesters G20 Summit Hamburg, plus Feminist Dove Body Wash Campaign.


06/29/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Skippy goes to Congress. John Podesta meets with House Intelligence Panels behind closed doors. Podesta professes, 'My IT guy told me the phishing email was legit." Karen Ann Macdonald is the guest in the second hour to enlighten us on therapeutic yoni steams, and new software called Quantum Genius Insight. The software is downloadable on your iPhone or ipad, and not only diagnoses but administers treatment.

06/27/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show interviews DNC Fraud Lawsuit Counsel Elizabeth Lee Beck. Elizabeth shares how she and her attorney husband Jared become involved in the Bernie Sanders Campaign. The experience of helping the campaign eventually lead them to becoming prosecuting attorneys in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit. The Lawsuit was filed a year ago, and yet has barely garnered any mainstream media attention. Elizabeth gives detailed information on the lawsuit and the obstacles they have faced, including the unexplained deaths of Sean Lucas and Seth Rich.

06/22/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Show explores David Brock who has been described by Time as "one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party." He is the ex-boyfriend of James Alefontis, and founder of Media Matters for America. Brock's Media Matters is "engaged with Facebook behind the scenes" to shape the social network's fight against "fake news." Ian Jacklin from icurecancer.com joins in hour 2. Topics discussed include: cannabis, super soldiers, and the Anunnaki. Petition calling for the investigation of David Brock by the Department of Justice. https://www.change.org/p/united-states-department-of-justice-audit-david-brock-s-media-matters-conglomerate

06/20/2017    Tuesday - Megyn Kelly VS Alex Jones interview on MSNBC, and the new Ken Doll Man Bun is the main topic of the Freedom of Joyce Rant in the 1st hour of the show. Electropig Von Fokkengruuven returns in hour 2. The conversation continues with the corporate elite's agenda to take over marijuana. Bayer buys out Monsanto paving the way for GMO cannabis.

06/15/2017    Thursday - Comedian Lee Camp who is the host of Redacted Tonight on RT Today is being propagandized by The New York Times, which is being labeled fake news for running a false Trump Russian collusion story. The New York Times criticized Lee for addressing the Seth Rich murder in his monologue, and fingered him as a Russian agent because his show airs on Russia Today. Today's Freedom of Joyce Rant dissects the story, with commentary on the Jeff Sessions hearing included. Lee Camp Blog Post http://www.alternet.org/media/lee-camp-new-york-times-jason-zinoman-lies?mc_cid=d87381e02d&mc_eid=ba0ae5c696

06/13/2017    Tuesday - If there is no Russian narrative, than what makes you think there were golden shower prostitutes? CNN covered it? Freedom of Joyce Show highlights Comey's admission that Trump is not under FBI investigation for colluding with the Russians, and The New York Times article claiming Trump was under such investigation is false. #fakenews

06/08/2017    Thursday - Isn't Ironic is the theme of The Freedom Of Joyce Show which weaves a tapestry of analysis on several politicians, entertainers, false flags, Alanis Morrisette, and the bombing of the USS Liberty by Israel 50 years ago today on June 8, 1967. Oh, and please give us the goods on the Russian Narrative. We've had enough of the suspense.

06/06/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce channel gets censored for uploading a video about Kathy Griffin. Freedom of Joyce Rant theorizes bogus Kathy Griffin press conference is seemingly orchestrated during Seth Rich media investigation.

06/01/2017    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant on Covfefe, Squatty Potty, and Kathy Griffin. Griffin is just another illuminati puppet act to distract us from investigating the murder of Seth Rich.


05/30/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant on Seth Rich, Sean Hannity, and the Russian narrative. Support real news by donating to American Freedom Radio at www.americanfreedomradio.com. A place where free speech still reigns supreme.

05/25/2017    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce interviews Conspiracy Comedian Marz Theron who has a new show "Marz Madness" on Truth Cat Radio. Main topic - Donald Trump's World Tour, and conspiracy comedy's emergence in the Truth Media.

05/23/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce show covers Seth Rich Murder, DNC Wikileaks. and Kimdot.com soon to be interview with Sean Hannity. Special Guest Electropig Von Fokkengruuven

05/18/2017    Thursday - Who killed Seth Rich? Freedom of Joyce Show explores the new evidence that confirms that DNC employee Seth Rich was the person who leaked John Podesta's emails, and other DNC sensitive info to Wikileaks. This proves that the leak came internally from the DNC, and not from Russia. Paul Haydon from Dark City Radio is the featured guest to talk cannabis conspiracy.

05/16/2017    Tuesday - Dominations of the Matrix - Sophia Stewart writer of The Matrix and The Terminator is the featured guest in this episode of The Freedom of Joyce Show. Sophia Stewart discusses the Man VS Machine theme that runs through the Matrix and Terminator series and how it al comes together in a story of soul evolution in Matrix 4.

05/09/2017    Tuesday - The FCC Investigates Steven Colbert is the main topic of the Freedom Of Joyce show. The late night talk show is under fire for a joke insinuating gay oral sex between Trump and Putin. Joyce uses the seven dirty words you can not say on Television from George Carlin's routine as a reference point in her analysis.

05/04/2017    Thursday - Stand-Up Comedy & Freemasons - The show explores the Freemason's and Illuminati control over the late night talk show and stand-up comedy circuit. The Freedom of Joyce Show makes correlations from a late night talk show taped live out of a Masonic Hall on Hollywood Blvd, to Dave Chappelle's cousin claiming the comic you see in the new Netflix special is in fact a clone. Super Soldier Holly Baglio joins in hour two.

05/02/2017    Tuesday - "How Do You Wish the World to Be?" is the proposed question that starts off this episode's Freedom of Joyce Rant. How do we collectively create a positive timeline amidst the fake journalism and a elite pedo politically run reality of utter chaos.


04/27/2017    Thursday - Today on "Freedom Of Joyce" - "Is Alex Jones a 5th column sell out to the integrity of the truth media?" This is the question that kicks the first hour into Freedom of Joyce rant into high gear. In hour two, cannabis activist Patrick Moore points out that the "Marijuana Use Disorder" campaign is a new tactic of propaganda in California being used to implement drug treatment programs in response to legalization of recreational use.

04/26/2017    Wednesday - The Freedom of Joyce Show explores the recent increase in cannabis plot lines in book, film, television, and stand-up comedy. Features guests Lon Casler Bixby and Don Simkovich join in the second hour. They are co-authors of the detective series Tom Stone which includes a cannabis plot line in their most recent book release.

04/25/2017    Tuesday - In search of Cannabis oil. Host Tere Joyce gives her personal account of learning and searching for Cannabis oil on the Southern Coast of California to help a critically ill friend with a brain tumor.

04/20/2017    Thursday - The Moon Rock Freedom of Joyce - Rant - You must stop and take a listen because it is alway 420 in a parallel universe. Be dissident for freedom. Happy 420. This show broadcasted live on 4-20-2017.

04/19/2017    Wednesday - Tere Rants today, Join the fun!

04/18/2017    Tuesday - "Watching the E Channel is like looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah." is the opening line that starts off the FOJ rant. Points of interest on the first hour are Dove Transgender commercial controversy, and Julian Assange Wikileaks Archie Cartoon on Mk-Ultra, John Podesta was a lobbyist for google in Washington. No surprise amidst youtube's attack on Independent media. Author, Philosopher, Activist Podcaster, Daniel Louis Crumpton to discuss CannaSense. Click here for more info- http://downloadedcontent.com/

04/13/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant-Putin meets secretary of state Rex Tillerson and denies Bashar al-Assad's involvement with chemical warfare, and the mainstream media scrambles to disprove Syria hoax. Trump's reason to drop the Mother of all bomb's on ISIS cave is convoluted. Ian Jacklin with icurecancer.com comments in hour two. #comspiracycomedy

04/12/2017    Wednesday - This episode of The Freedom of Joyce Show is brought to you by United Airlines - Fly the unfriendly skies. United Airlines has forcibly distracted us from noticing the false flag that may have sparked a world war. Welcome back Norphblatt Forsgren radio host of Trips on the Time 4 Hemp joins in second hour. Forsgren returns to AFR since burning 80% of his body this past June 2016.

04/11/2017    Tuesday - Live from Syria with guests Gaby El-Zoghbi, and Mahmoud Hereh. Gaby and Mahmoud whom both reside in Damascus discuss the biblical prophecy and religious war that seems to be poised to spark World War 3. Both men confirm that the chemical warfare that Bashar al-Assad allegedly poisoned his own people with is not only a hoax, but was not even in possession of such warfare. #syriahoax

04/06/2017    Thursday - The Freedom of Joyce show starts with this opening statement and then goes from there: Devin Nunes recuses himself under investigation because he may have made unauthorized reports of classified information. Susan Rice unmasks Trump surveillance and information gets leaked to the press but that's perfectly fine. Is anyone paying attention to this or are you just drinking your liberal latte' thinking everything is okay?

04/05/2017    Wednesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Susan Rice may be guilty of the violating the Espionage Act. Evelyn Farcas predicts Trump impeachment, Steve Bannon gets demoted. Dustyn Pierce from Anonymous Radio joins in hour two.

04/04/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show - The Mad Max Broadcasts from the Mohave Dessert Day 1 - Trump Surveillance, Susan Rice, Michael Flynn immunity, and the man bun are the topics of the show.


03/28/2017    Tuesday - The targeting of the voices of truth is the main focus the Freedom Of Joyce Rant in hour one. Host Tere Joyce brings the topic full circle in exposing the mainstream media's Russian sympathizer Obama camp witch hunt of President Trump, his cabinet, and the alternative media that questions it. Barry Prince points out in our two how the life, and well being of the planet is be neglected by the same nefarious destructive 1% who are in global power.

03/23/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Show candid interview of Holly Baglio who was part of a military program that uses mk-ultra mind control, sexual abuse, and satanic ritual occult practices to create alternate personalities. These alternate personalities often become politicians, entertainers, CIA secret agents, assassins, and what is now commonly referred to as super soldiers. Holly began to wake up from her mk-ultra slumber when she stumbled upon a Project Camelot interview of Max Spiers, and Michael Prince (James Casbolt) on youtube.

03/21/2017    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce show - 1st hour rant. David Rockefeller - Is he dead or in transhumanism heaven? Flat earth theory is a PSYOP to discredit a group of people whose research falls under the conspiracy umbrella. Throw some dis-info among the truth and no one believes any of it. Ian Jacklin (icurecancer.com) joins in hour two.

03/16/2017    Thursday - Snoop Lion and the Trumpanzees starts off The Freedom Of Joyce Rant, as host Tere Joyce admits she was broadcasting while still in her pajamas, Main theme of the show: Love is the answer, and cannabis helps.

03/14/2017    Tuesday - "Attack of the Lunatic Liberals. A Real Zombie story.", starts the Freedom Of Joyce Rant. The riff continues with, "I met my first alien at the UFO expo." Turns out he was a Trump supporter. In hour two, the featured guest is Prasad Paul Duffy who discusses the making of Revolutionary - a metaphysical musical. The show is currently debuting in Los Angeles CA at Ya Motha's House Theater.

03/07/2017    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant on remote from the sands of Newport Beach CA ends Tere's High Times Cannabis Cup comedy tour from Las Vegas. She comments on the restrictions in partaking the good herb because of threats of a federal raid, while news of Trump wire tap explodes.

03/02/2017    Thursday - Tere Joyce live on the road to Las Vegas to attend the Cannabis Cup which is being threatened to be raided by the Feds.


02/28/2017    Tuesday - We are out of Russian dressing. Blame it on the Russians. The fact the so many people on social media wrote, "It must be the Russians," in relation to the Academy Award blunder speaks volumes. The liars are screwed. The Russian myth is the main focus of Freedom of Joyce rant. Thank you.

02/23/2017    Thursday - "But, I'm just a comedian!" Is the line that starts off the Freedom Of Joyce Rant - Host Tere Joyce points out how comedian pundits like Bill Maher and John Oliver are puppets to the powers that be. Meanwhile Breitbart editor/comic Milo Yiannopoulos incites riots by George Soros paid protesters, and is labeled gay pedo soft to take the focus off of corrupt pedo Podesta Hillary Clinton camp. Saeed David Farman joins in the second hour and shares his own personal ET contact experience and his upcoming event in Los Angeles featuring Jordan Maxwell, Laura Eisenhower, Sean Stone, Steven D. Kelley and more. Get your tickets for event and live stream viewing at www.5devents.com.

02/21/2017    Tuesday - Sara Rachel Adams and Tajinder Gill from Taj Investigates join the Freedom Of Joyce to talk about their new radio show, Max Spiers, homeless crisis, and accessing your divine soul energy.

02/09/2017    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant in the first hour covers speculation why the Clinton Foundation has shut down and the rumor of CEO Eric Baverman following WikiLeaks revelation. Roger Landry from The Liberty Beacon joins in the second hour to address the hacking of the TLB website over a post about Globalist Philanthropist George Soros.

02/07/2017    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant 02/7/2017 - Are you having a bad Trump Day? Host Tere Joyce rags on the violence and bad behavior of Trump protesters from the US to the UK.

02/02/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Searching for Ben Swan. CBS46 evening anchor Ben Swan's Truth in Media Site, twitter, Instagram, Fb accounts go down after his segment on Pizzagate. Joyce investigates Idealogical Subversion. Ideological Subversion is the changing of the perception of reality in the American population to such and extent that the despite the abundance of information, no one side is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.


01/26/2017    Thursday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant 1/28/2017 - You can blame George Soros for the pink pussy hat brainwash of nothingness adorned by a sea of marching suburban radicalness. Cannabis activist Jeff Waters calls into the show in hour two. Waters advocates that after a near death, his COPD improved greatly after using cannabis oil as a treatment.

01/19/2017    Thursday - Waiting for the Truth is the topic of the Freedom Of Joyce rant in the first hour focusing on the information war between the mainstream and alternative media. Tere Joyce brings up key points in Ben Swan's Reality Check segment on mainstream's CBS Channel 46 on WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta implicating pedophilia between the White House, Clinton Campaign, and Comet Pizza. Callers join in the second hour to share their truth.

01/17/2017    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant - Don't blow out the pilot light. We must keep flame going. Love and forgiveness is key to dealing with the racial tensions and the revealing of our current government media fueled corruption.

01/12/2017    Thurday - Freedom of Joyce Rant about the fake media CNN. NBC, Buzzfeed, and the Hollywood celebutards slandering Donald Trump, while hiding the real news about global pedophilia ring that they support. Cannabis activist Patrick Moore and truth media host Barry Prince joins in on the topic in hour two.

01/10/2017    Tueday - Urban Dictionary-Celebritard-A Famous Stupid Person. Typically refers to the current crop of vapid celebrities. Freedom Of Joyce rants on Meryl Streeps acceptance speech, and Rosie O'Donnel's Hollywood boycott to stop Trump from taking office. Stand-up comedian Ahmed Shariff from India joins in the conversation in hour two.

01/05/2017    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Julian Assange says It wasn't the Russians. Hold the anchovies. Our President has implicated a WikiLeaks by the Russians giving him cause to sign the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda ACT into law. Will the real fake news media please stand-up and raise your hand? Tere Joyce predicts that in 8 years current Lieutenant Governor of California/Former San Francisco mayor pretty boy Gavin Newsom friend and business partner to son of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty Gordon Getty. Based on Gordon Getty's past contributions and support of Newsom's political career, he will most likely fund his future campaign to be the next NWO President elect. Newsom has been very involved in liberal issues such as gay marriage and marijuana legalization. Hillary ain't got nothing on the Gavinator.

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