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12/04/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Women who smoke weed have higher IQ's. Mike Tyson wants to build Marijuana Empire. Bernie Sanders Might Run for President in 2020.

12/03/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Why is Alan Dershowitz still Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyer. Non-existent Racial T=tensions in the south equals fake news propaganda.


11/27/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show Live from Lafayette Louisiana. Barbara Streisand asks non-liberal females to become real woman and start thinking for themselves. After birth Abortion - The Pro Choice Manifesto. Hour Two-Investing in Silver, Alex Jones Petition for White House Press Pass, and AI Thought Control with guest Electropig Von Fokkengruuven.

11/26/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant Hour 1- Conservative Comics Black-Listed by Hollywood Liberal Media.

Freedom of Joyce Rant Hour 2-Vegan Mikey Asks Macaulay Culkin to Speak Out.

11/12/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Becoming Michelle Obama, Robert Mueller March, and Jeff Sessions You're Fired.

In the second hour Stand -Up comedian Lee Camp from RT Today's Redacted Tonight is the special guest.

11/06/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce election day rant in hour one. Norphblat Forsgren and Casey James from Trips in Reality join the Election Day discussion in hour two.

11/05/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Meeting Lee Camp, Reptilians, George Lopez Dogs Trump Supporter at Hooters, CRTV, and Macauley Culkinís Cannibal Humor on his website www.bunnyears.com


10/29/2018    Monday - New Cut, New Color, and "The None of this is Real Show". Freedom of Joyce Rant on rumors of Fake Bombs, Fake Victims, Fake Bad Guys, and Fake Suicide Celebrity Deaths.

10/23/2018    Tuesday - What does freedom mean for you? Is it freedom of the press, the right to choose, and the liberty to take a bong hit? Is freedom necessary to humanity's survival?

10/22/2018    Monday - Does what happens in Portland Stay in Portland? Voo Doo Donuts, ANTIFA, Lonely Cannibals, Dante's and you have been Shanghaied. Portland Comics Casey James, and Rusty Diamond join in hour 2.

10/16/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant In hour one, Satanic Cannibals in the Portland Comedy scene. Artificial Intelligence researcher Jeffery Matte joins in hour two to discuss the Vatican's involvement in the creation of Singularity.

10/08/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant-Radical Russ Bellville Twitter Tiff over Brett Kavanaugh confirmation and abortion rights with a dash of George Soros. Snoop Dog calls Kanye West a racist for supporting Trump. A friend explains she wears an upside down cross on her sweatshirt because she is an "eccentric. artist"

10/02/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant in Hour 1: Christine Blasey Ford's Family's Deep State Connection in the CIA. CA Gov. Jerry Brown Rejects A Slew of Marijuana and Drug Reform Bills.

Hour 2: Gov. Brown Veto of Bill to Save Compassion Care Program that Provide Free Cannabis to Patients with Serious Illness. - with guest Dege Coutee'.

10/01/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant: Lindsay Lohan, Christine Blasey Ford, Operation Mayflower, 50 million accounts hacked on Facebook, and my recent interview on Lift the Veil. Here is the link to the Lindsay Lohan video I mentioned I would include. https://youtu.be/1unItJqSZTg.


09/18/2018    Tuesday - Isaac Kappy, Fiona, Barnett, Alex Jones, Max Spiers, AI, Singularity, Thor, and Terminator Salvation. Not necessarily in that order. #freedomofjoycerant.

09/11/2018    Tuesday - AI, singularity, Joe Rogen, cloned hip hop artists, Alex Jones, and Elon must does not know how to smoke pot correctly. Hour two-The backlash over Freedom of Joyce YouTube live stream of California March Against Hollywood Pedophilia.

09/04/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Anti pedophilia documentary filmmaker Gabe Hoffman "Open Secret" and Ex Navy seal Craig Sawyer #backyardbrawl are suspected of being controlled opposition whom gang stalk grass roots online journalists "Lift the Veil" and SRA victims "Vegan Mike".


08/21/2018    Tuesday - Freedom Of Joyce Rant - Omarosa and the true definition of the word Dog, Angela Power Disney's home is raided by Irish Police for Richard "Hampstead" Dearman Satanic ritual abuse pedophilia allegations, Patriots Prayer and Antifa fabricate violent public protesting in Portland Oregon.

08/14/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Sexualized Teenage Comedies - Analysis of John Hughes, Cameron Crowe, and National Lampoon films among others. Hour 2 - Portland, Voodoo Donuts, Dante's, Macauley Culkin, and child trafficking underground tunnels.

08/13/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Photos of James Gunn photos at a pedo themed party surface on the internet. Right wing militant groups suddenly appear on Facebook. Has the US already experienced several failed false flag events intended to start a civil war?

08/07/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Tom Hanks Instagram, Adult Swim, Isaac Kappy, QANON, and Alex Jones gets virtually eliminated from social media.

08/06/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant-Confessions of a Q-Anon Admin. Pt. 1.


07/31/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant-Is Isaac Kappy for real? Pt 2. NBC writes counter attack article defending Ex Disney employee James Gunn by discrediting and marginalizing Hollywood pedo whistle-blowers who speak under the Q-Anon umbrella. Patrick Moore (United States Cannabis Coalition) joins in hour 2, where we explore the Right/Left Great Divide in the cannabis community and how it goes all the way back to the JFK Assassination.

07/30/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant-Issac Kappy Under Fire. Is he a credible Hollywood pedo whistleblower, or a phony Q-Anon decoy of no substantial evidence? Comedians Sara Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Comedy Central, and Louis C.K. create material that normalizes pedophilia.

07/24/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant first hour - More NXIVM Cult arrests with Seagram Heiress Clare Bronfman, NXIVM President Nancy Salzman. NXIVM was running a sex slave cult ponzi scheme that made donations to the Clinton Foundation and the Republican party. Dege Coutee' from the Patient Advocacy Network is the guest in the second hour. She reveals how George Soros, and Gavin Newsom have legislated a marijuana monopoly in the state of California.

07/17/2018    Tuesday - The journey of finding the truth through the grand deception. Freedom of Joyce Rant in the first hour highlights mentioned are Peter Strzok, Stormy Daniels, Sony Bono, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Hemp, Hoaxstead, Clinton Foundation, Russian Indictments, DNC servers and more...Arthur Kaoutel joins in hour two. He shares how his underground gangster background turned him into a crusader against child trafficking in Australia and the UK.

07/10/2018    Tuesday - Attorney Jack Burkman holds press conference with new evidence on the anniversary of Seth Rich's murder. Rod Rosenstein, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, DNC, and even Republicans implicated to conspire in his surveillance and murder.

07/09/2018    Monday - David Wilcox sends alleged resignation to Gaia TV over Satanic Programing, LA Satanists appeal to feminists seeking female empowerment, The Wing Coven makes Hillary Clinton an honorary member.

07/03/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- The Declaration of Independence of Cannabis. Hour 1. Who are the Hivites? Hour 2.

07/02/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Antifa Protests and Voo Doo Donuts in Portland. The true meaning of the 4th of July. Canada legalizes cannabis for recreational use - with guest Electropig Von Fokkengruuven.


06/26/2018    Tuesday - Women gather to scream at Trump through their Vaginas. This is what happens when you drink too much at the Lilith Fair. Other topic: Newt Gingrich claims the attack on Trump supporters as being part of the worst bureaucratic abuse in the history of the deep state. Maxine Waters is criticized for inciting civil unrest against Trump cabinet, and staff workers. Women gather to scream at Trump through their Vaginas. This is what happens when you drink too much at the Lilith Fair. Other topics:: Newt Gingrich claims the attack on Trump supporters as being part of the worst bureaucratic abuse in the history of the deep state. Maxine Waters is criticized for inciting civil unrest against Trump cabinet, and staff workers.

06/25/2018    Monday - In response to Trump's Rescinded Policy, Mexican Officials Refuse Cooperation with US to Fight Border Terrorism, Drug, and Child Trafficking.

06/19/2018    Tuesday - Gang-Stalking 101, Children in Cages, and the evils of Kaiser Permanente.

06/12/2018    Tuesday - The Valerie Jarret Show. This show explores her families connection to communism, Muslim Brotherhood, involvement in Fast & Furious, and real estate scandals. Plus, conspiracies about organ harvesting and child trafficking out of Haiti.

06/11/2018    Monday - Kate Spade, Rat Masks, Red Scarfs, Anthony Bourdain, and beating Colbra Hearts.

06/05/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show - Roseanne, Ambien Effect, Mk-Ultra in Hollywood, Arizona, and CEMEX ties to AZ corruption, Carlos Slim, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Imitative, Soros, & Rothschilds.


05/22/2018    Tuesday - The Best Dave McGowan Series Ever Pt. 4 - Uncle Sam Wants Your Children. Freedom of Joyce Rant - Allison Mack's arrest exposes child trafficking billionaire backed sex slave ring. The Best Dave McGowan Series Ever! Pt. 5 - Uncle Sam Wants Your Children. Freedom of Joyce Rant - Allison Mack's arrest exposes child trafficking billionaire backed sex slave ring.

05/21/2018    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant -All the things I can not say on YouTube or Facebook. Douglas Dietrich joins the line up of hosts at American Freedom Radio after he was kicked off of live broadcast on Gate Keeper radio for discussing things "The Management" did not approve of.

05/08/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant- Comedian Michelle Wolf speaks her truth against the back the drop of social media and government shut down of our free speech.

05/01/2018    Tuesday - Tere Joyce Facebook Rant - I was there when MTV Started.- Michelle Wolf's controversial comedy routine - Private companies VS Free Speech. #YouTubeChronicles


04/26/2018    Thursday - Comics under fire. Rosie O'Donnell and Kathy Griffin bully Barron Trump, Bill Cosby is found guilty of sexual assault, Patton Oswalt says his wife's book helped catch the Golden State Killer, YouTube sucks.

04/24/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - My YouTube channel was shut down for a show about a Dank Tank cannabis entrepreneur. Gang Stalkers who use the media witch hunt to target truth media hosts for nefarious purposes.

04/19/2018    Thursday - The Pedophocracy by Dave McGowan Pt.1 #freedomofjoycerant The beginning of Freedom of Joyce Show series of author and researcher Dave McGowan's work titled Pedophocracy. The Pedophocracy by Dave McGowan Pt.1 #freedomofjoycerant The beginning of Freedom of Joyce Show series of author and researcher Dave McGowan's work titled, "The Pedophocracy". https://wikispooks.com/wiki/David_McGowan http://www.whale.to/b/mcgowan34.html

04/17/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Q Anon Analysts Report: Trump's Wag the Dog Air Strike annihilates globalist backed building, while sporting a different colored tie rumored to be coded to mock George Soros Jeff Session backs down on marijuana prohibition due to political squeeze from Former House Speaker John Boehner, and Colorado Republican Senator Scott Gardner. - with guest Patrick Moore (National Cannabis Coalition) http://www.nti.org/about/board-and-advisors/.

04/12/2018    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - California Democrat Senator Pan introduces Bill SB 1424 to end free speech. Moxilla Firefox introduces initiative to fight so-called Fake News. Angela Power Disney joins in hour two for a chat on various topics, including Hampstead Child Abuse Whistleblowers.

04/10/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Clinton Foundation Money Laundering, Zuckerberg on trial, Ex Tom Arnold says Rosanne should apologize for being an insane conspiracy theorist, and Alex Jones's wife defames his character by claiming he s a narcissist conspiracy theorist with a drinking problem.

04/05/2018    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant -The Riddle to the Question is "Who Paid Former White Hat? with guest Angela Power Disney.

04/03/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show - Reiki, Feng Shui, Time Travel, and Articial Intelligence. with guest Kosol Ouch.


03/29/2018    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant: Who does Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and Michael Jackson have in common with? Will Hollywood's Craig "Sawman" Sawyer arrest the Media mogul abuser they speak of ? with Guest Angela Power Disney. https://squawker.org/culture-wars/a-2003-essay-by-actor-crispin-glover-suggests-steven-spielberg-appreciated-the-sexuality-of-young-boys/

03/27/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant: Stormy Daniels charade. My interview on The Bases Project, and Former White Hat blogger Revolution Radio Host Michael Hemmingson's connection to Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set. Online sources: https://archive.is/ncffm https://archive.is/SaFYw

03/20/2018    Tuesday - Hollywood Snakes Part 6 - Off Planet Radio - More information is exposed on porn site/money laundering allegations of Alt Media Hosts. http://z.quebec/croyez-vous-aux-extra-terrestes/ http://radio.offplanetmedia.net/2018/03/18/how-i-got-caught-up-subnets-part-1/

03/15/2018    Thursday - Hollywood Snakes part 5 - The link of evidence. The earthquake of truth is sending shockwaves through mainstream and alternative media as we search for full disclosure.

03/13/2018    Tuesday - Hollywood Snakes Part 4 -Freedom of Joyce host gets cyber stalked for uploading and re-editing a youtube video with screenshots of Max Spiers facebook account which may reveal something other alternative media hosts fear.

03/08/2018    Thursday - Hollywood Snakes Pt. 3 Hollywood Snakes - Oscars 2018. Why was Max Spiers murdered? BBC reveals Facebook failed to remove sexualized images of children. Hollywood Snakes Pt. 3 Oscars 2018. Why was Max Spiers murdered? BBC reveals Facebook failed to remove sexualized images of children.

03/06/2018    Tuesday - Today's Freedom of Joyce Rant - The Oscars Propaganda Cluster F#ck & Zuckerberg Pedo Survey. Crispin Glover's 2003 Essay "What is it?" implicates Steven Spielberg as a Hollywood pedo who is socially engineering our culture for the worst.

03/01/2018    Thursday - The Boule Society - Illuminati Shills Bill Cosby, Ice T, Jay Z, Oprah, Sammy Davis Jr. #freedomofjoycerant.


02/27/2018    Tuesday - The show about the things I am not supposed to talk about - Stop Social Media Network Censorship - with guest Electropig von Fokkengruven #freedomofjoycerant #DavidPig.

02/20/2018    Tuesday - Today's Freedom of Joyce Rant-The FBI admits they failed to act on a tip about the suspected Florida school shooter's potential. CNN accuses Russia Bots of propagating pro gun sentiment in America to create political discourse.

02/15/2018    Thursday - THIS is WAR -Shennon Leto (Jared Letos brother) from the band 30 Seconds to Mars comments "This is War." on recent Freedom of Joyce youtube video titled "Jared Leto lives in a Mk-Ultra Military Compound on Lookout Mountain." Patrick Moore from Roger Stone's United States Cannabis Coalition joins the dialogue in hour 2.

02/13/2018    Tuesday - Actor Jarod Leto from the band 30 Second's to Mars lives in the Look Out Mountain Lab Military Compound, which author Dave McGowan references in his book, "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon." The Freedom of Joyce Show explores Hollywood and the Music Industries cultural and historical connection to the house at 8945 Wonderland Park Ave.

02/08/2018    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - First Hour: Wake up! Hollywood is programming Trumps Assassination. Second Hour: Max Spiers, MK-Ultra Mind Control, and Jarod Leto isn't human.

02/06/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Justin Timberlake is a Satanist, Super Bowl Half-Time Occult Ritual, Prince Purple Hologram, Transhumanism Super Bowl commercials, and Does former Glee star Mark Sailing's death lead to a UK child trafficking porn ring? #freedomofjoycerant


01/23/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant: Government Shutdown, DACA, Women's March, and "filthy Justin Timberlake gets criticized by Dylan Farrow for giving accolades to her pedo rumored father Woody Allen while advocating #TimesUp.

01/16/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Sen. Dick Durbin reveals that he lied about Trump saying Sh***t hole. Liberals proclaim Martin Luther King Jr. was pro god, pro gun, and pro life, and would not be supported by them if he were alive today.

01/11/2018    Thursday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Thought control in the educational system, mainstream media, social media, and FISA court warrants for fake dossiers funded by the Clinton campaign.

01/09/2018    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Rant: Oprah's "Time is up" speech at Golden Globe Awards while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award for her extensive work of five films. Next day stars like Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep sit on Ellen's couch to pitch Oprah for president. Dave Chappelle gets called out for #metoo moment during new Netflix Comedy Special.

01/04/2018    Thursday - John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen threaten to sue Truth Media journalist Liz Crokin (SGT Report) for #PizzaGate tweet. Recreational medical marijuana law goes into effect Jan.1, 2017, and customer pays $52 plus in taxes for a $150. purchase. Jeff Sessions intends to stop protection on marijuana states by removing the James Cole memo, allowing funding for the DOJ to enforce federal marijuana laws.

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