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04/16/2019    Tuesday - Tere reads an article by Roger Stone as it relates to the Julian Assange case. "Let's hope America pulls it out of their A$$ one more time!" Freedom of the Press is tethered to the arrest of Julian Assange. The First Amendment and free speech over the internet are going to trial with Julian Assange. Hopefully America is ready for the good fight because it's on!


02/05/2019    Tuesday - Freedom of Joyce Show gives new information and updates on QANON. Pedogate, Hampstead, Isaac Kappy, and Lift the Veil with Nathan Stolpman.

02/04/2019    Monday - Freedom of Joyce Rant - Brunch with Roger Stone Hour 2 Sacramento Court legislates Marijuana collectives/dispensaries illegal. - with guest Dege Coute' from The Patient Advocacy Network.


01/28/2019    Monday - Freedom of Joyce show rant is about the Roger Stone arrest, and his Nixon Bong. Hour 2. Will the real writer of The Matrix raise your hand? Writer Tom Althouse claims he is the real writer of the Matrix. #TheImmortals

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