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11/30/2016    Wednesday - Want to build a free energy device out of a hot plate? Ken Rohla explains how to do this and more. We revisit scalar energy, how our weather is modified to create storms and how we can turn this around with devices we can make ourselves. His experience with reptilian ETs is expounded upon, bringing in new information of how reptilians have had the entire human race under mind control since the Stone Age. Ken explains the physics of consciousness and how we literally shape our world with our thoughts. Our reality is connected with other dimensions we don’t even know exist, and yet we are interacting with them constantly. Through this amazing interview, we learn more about who we really are and how we are not alone in this vast Multiverse.

11/23/2016    Wednesday - The Human Frequency returns from the great Pacific Northwest, having busted hundreds of new cell towers in Oregon and Northern California. We saw the malaise of the region and hope that our work will help to turn that negative energy around. From deforested Southern Oregon to Agenda 21 plagued Portland to the depraved and bizarre happenings we sensed behind closed doors in backwoods shacks on route to the coast, we cover the energetic war on humanity and the planet from a new perspective. While in Portland, Sharon reconnected with the place that caused so much anguish in her life for many years, and healed both the city and herself through orgonite gifting. We talk about the psychology of living in such a dark place, parallels between Northwest and English music, including how Morrissey lyrics may as well be about Oregon. We learned a lot about ourselves and our world through this gifting of some 500 orgonite towerbusters to a new place, and we share all of this on this episode.

11/09/2016    Wednesday - Holly Cook returns to The Human Frequency to further delve into our traumas, both individual and collective, and how to clear and heal them, so we can move forward in our lives. Most human beings are living in a reality governed by fear and powerlessness, a reality fed to us by the false rulers. We talk about personal responsibility in creating our world, the impact of the North Dakota pipeline on native people and the Earth, and ways we can curb our oil consumption to reduce the "need" for such destructive projects. The reason that the UNITED STATES, Inc. cannot stop the project comes right back to our understanding that they are merely a corporation that cannot regulate other corporations, and that we ourselves can become the free men and women that we are by registering our legal names as business entities in compliance with the laws of commerce. Then they can no longer control us either. We are doing these things to ourselves, and it is up to us to decide we are ready to become free.

11/02/2016    Wednesday - Our guest, author and artist Ann Mauer, takes us into the world of conscious land use, beyond Agenda 21, into her field of environmental imaging. Her company EnviroTechnical Imaging has been around for 25 years, helping builders, residents, and public agencies to visualize solutions for land development by giving an actual picture of what the final product will look like. A Southern California native and expert in landscape architecture, she has a connection to this area and an understanding of how we can live freely and still in harmony with our environment. In addition to her expertise on land use and preservation, she has done extensive research on energy pioneer, Milon J. Trumble, who invented clean ways to refine oil for different uses. We travel with Ann through the Inland Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles, discussing the issues we face here in confronting globalist policy and in creating our future living space, working with our natural resources in an intelligent and conscientious manner.


10/26/2016    Wednesday - In the first hour we rant about EMF some more, but also offer constructive advice on how to reduce it in your life and take back control of your technology. We explain how we learned to use technology consciously and make it work for us, rather than be slaves to it. For anyone who wants to know how to hardwire their home for internet, we teach how we did it and how inexpensive and easy it is. All it takes is a little effort, and you can still enjoy being "connected" without swimming in EMF. In the second hour, Gina Weiss from Big Bear tells the amazing story of the medicine wheel ceremonies she participated in with Rainbow Thunder Heart back in the mid-2000s. Concerned about drought and low water levels in the lake, she and other residents brought Rainbow Thunder Heart up to the mountains to build medicine wheels and lead ceremonies with dancing and chanting, to realign the Earth's energy lines and heal the land.

10/19/2016    Wednesday - We revisit the film "There Are No Forests On Earth" with our special guests David Weiss of DeepInsideTheRabbitHole.com and Rhonda Fairman, the voice behind the dubbed version of the film. David and Rhonda give their takes on the film and how their view of the world has changed since seeing it, helping to deconstruct the lies we have been told about the nature of our world. We have a discussion about possible motives behind the destruction of ancient giant trees, the excessive mining that may have led to deserts and land forms we call canyons, and how these practices continue today through fracking and other assaults on our Earth. This film contains very new information, and deserves consideration. David and Rhonda, both having worked intimately on the voiceover version, are deeply acquainted with the content, and the conversation opens up into all the related areas of our predicament on Earth today, as we and our world persevere in the face of relentless attacks from the false power structure.

10/12/2016    Wednesday - Brian Besco of Twistedsage.com returns to The Human Frequency to go more in depth on the function of Tensor Rings and Tensor Fields. The copper rings he creates in his South Dakota studio are used to neutralize electromagnetic fields and are a powerful energy tool to help with our consciousness development. He discusses the science of the rings and the benefits that our current science cannot yet measure. We talk about human evolution and ascension, where we came from, and where we are going as we all move collectively into higher dimensions of existence.

10/05/2016    Wednesday - After seeing the film, "There Are No Forests On Earth," we were brought to a new understanding of the depth of the lie that we have been told about the nature of our world. We do not subscribe to the flat earth theory, which has been mixed up with this issue of the cutting of ancient giant trees. We give our impressions of the destruction of our world from what it once was, and how we have been coping with this new view of reality. We also discuss, in hour one, the problem of Reich's great work in orgonomy being dismissed by the so called "activist" groups against geoengineering, and even the orgonite gifting movement who refuses to look at the science, trivializing and marginalizing this amazing life force energy. This is The Human Frequency, uncensored, so be warned before you enter!


09/28/2016    Wednesday - Gabe met Lloyd Barde through an interest in ambient music, particularly the work of Steve Roach. Lloyd has an extensive catalog and knowledge of ambient and world music, and produces a weekly concert series in Marin County. He truly understands the meaning of music as the soundtrack of our lives and gives insight into conscious artists and their craft in different genres. We also talk about Lloyd and his wife Deborah's workshops to help men and women open up to each other and themselves and create healthy relationships.

09/21/2016    Wednesday - UFOlogist Bret Lueder gives us an awesome interview on the UFO presence in our skies, the possible agendas that ETs may have regarding humanity, and the consciousness shift that is underway. He gives us insight into the idea of ascension, and that we may already be completely evolved, but just asleep. Bret delighted us when he brought up the idea of the legal name as a business entity and not who we truly are, and showed an understanding beyond what we usually encounter. We also talked about music and frequency and the UFOs we have all seen here in California.

09/14/2016    Wednesday - In hour one, we talk about the ET connection to chemtrails and how government is the reason for many of our problems. We discuss how the governments of the world are simply corporations that have tricked us into being in contract through the birth certificate registration of our legal names, and our confusion that we as living men and women are those names, when in fact those names are merely business entities. In the second hour, we invite Kate Willens of Backstory on AFR to talk about her spiritual journey, her music, and her activism in the anti-geoengineering world. She explains the importance of awareness of the toxic attacks on humanity and her views on how we can come together as a human community.

09/07/2016    Wednesday - Tonight we remember 9/11 with David Weiss from Deepinsidetherabbithole.com. David was a witness to the events of that day, and the official story did not match what he saw. We discuss the CGI animation making it appear that planes hit the buildings, the other buildings that collapsed such as Building 7, and the mind control and gaslighting that made people believe the mainstream media story. We go down the rabbit hole with David into the 9/11 predictions in movies and TV many years before the event happened, controlled opposition, and the difference between false flag attacks and hoaxes. Questioning the official story of 9/11 is the most important way to remember this tragedy, and using the knowledge to empower ourselves is the best way to make sure that an attack like this will never happen again.


08/31/2016    Wednesday - Laurie McDonald joins us tonight to share amazing stories of ET contact, her mother's abduction, and how she helps other experiencers through her hypnotherapy practice. Laurie is an expert on extraterrestrial interactions with humans, both positive and negative, and offers advice and support to those who have had contact. Because of fear and cognitive dissonance, many people don't want to hear about others' experiences with extraterrestrials and often ridicule these accounts, but Laurie has created support groups and workshops to help those who have had these experiences. She explains the connection of these encounters with our expanding consciousness and ascension as a species.

08/24/2016    Wednesday - Holly Cook explains her healing work using ancient, multidimensional technologies to get to the root of people's health issues, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We talk about clearing past traumas, removing entities, soul retrieval, and energy work at the DNA level. Holly gives us great insight into manifesting good health and breaking free from the lies of big pharma, as we navigate through the real reasons we are sick and tangible ways to become permanently well.

08/17/2016    Wednesday - Ambika Talwar is a poet and holistic healer based in Los Angeles. We meet with Ambika in person this week in West LA to enjoy poetry reading, learn about her healing practice, and receive valuable information on how we can live more peacefully together and with our Earth. We discuss the healing that words can give us, and how we all interact on a quantum level through our thoughts and prayers.

08/10/2016    Wednesday - This week we catch up on questions and comments from readers and listeners on orgonite materials, Michael Murphy's upcoming film, "An UNconventional Shade of Grey," and why you don't need to be self righteous about your diet. We talk about the cover up within a cover up regarding geoengineering, the powers above the UN, and the hijacking of the green movement by Agenda 21. In hour two, Gillian Jones from "Green Eyed Monster" comes on to talk about Tibetan Buddhism. We learn about the benefits of single pointed meditation, the nature of the ego and of our suffering, great compassion, and the logic of how the mind shapes our reality.

08/03/2016    Wednesday - We are joined by our inspirational guest, John Robson, a fellow weather warrior in California, working in the Central Coast region. John shares how he makes his orgonite chembusters, and the results he’s seen in atmospheric cleaning in San Luis Obispo and beyond. He also makes connections between geoengineering and other attacks on humanity, and how we can overcome this through expanding our consciousness, and understanding how we create our world.


07/27/2016    Wednesday - Our guest tonight is Tere Joyce, fellow American Freedom Radio host, of the show Freedom Of Joyce, which airs Tuesday through Thursday from 3-5 PST. She discusses her awakening process, the satanic underpinnings of Hollywood, and different aspects of cannabis culture. We also touch on controlled opposition, mind control, and how people can protect themselves from unwitting conscription into nefarious agendas.

07/20/2016    Wednesday - In hour one we discuss how mind control in the military may be responsible for recent false flag attacks, how to cope with the turmoil in the world through quieting the mind with meditation, and how our spiritual practice has made it easier to accept the sad changes in LA due to Agenda 21. In hour two, we open the Akashic Records with Michelle Reimers. She explains what these records are, how we access them, and how we can heal ourselves and our loved ones through clearing past karma through this understanding.

07/13/2016    Wednesday - Tonight we talk about tensor rings with Brian Besco of Twistedsage.com. The tensor ring was discovered by the late Slim Spurling in 1991, and Brian is continuing to spread this amazing technology around the world. He explains the multidimensional aspects of tensor fields, both from a scientific and spiritual perspective and teaches how we use this energy to access our higher selves. He even takes us through a guided meditation on accessing our heart space and clearing past negativity from our lives.

07/06/2016    Wednesday - Mitch Santell of American Freedom Radio's "Remnants & Luminaries" joins The Human Frequency for a mind opening conversation on who really rules the world, suppressed health remedies which would put the pharmaceutical companies out of business, and the personality altering aspects of chemotherapy. Through Mitch's candid accounts of his life experiences we learn why conscious people are losing their friends and how mind control has infiltrated every part of our world. Fortunately, Mitch, Gabe and Sharon are very solution oriented, so constructive ideas are offered, especially in the area of health, to overcome the difficulties of our growing pains in the changing paradigm.


06/29/2016    Wednesday - It's the Orgonite All Night four hour special with Chuck Ochelli! In hours one and two, Gabe and Sharon join The Ochelli Effect to answer Chuck's questions about orgone energy, its cover up by the US government, and how we use it to reverse the effects of chemtrails and EMF in the environment and home. In hours three and four, we enter The Human Frequency, where we continued our conversation on orgone and the war against humanity. Chuck also lent his knowledge on false flags, weather modification used by the military, Zionism versus Judaism, and dealing with cognitive dissonance in friends who are not ready for the truth. It's all about planting seeds and spreading awareness, and we all evolve at our own pace, one day at a time.

06/22/2016    Wednesday - This is the time to take back our power and be free living men and women! In hour one, we talk about climate change propaganda in California as our warm summer begins. We honor Rainbow Thunder Heart, who passed away last week. A great planetary healer, he gave his life to healing our world with the Eastern Shoshone wisdom of medicine wheel ceremonies. We discuss the work of Ghis Lanctôt in remembering who we are and becoming the creators of our world, breaking out of the prison of surrendering power to an outside authority. This leads into hour two with guest Dean Ryan, who gives us news of the UK's vote on withdrawing from the EU, the Tiny Houses for the Homeless movement in LA, and medical refugees fleeing states for freedom over their own bodies and health.

06/15/2016    Wednesday - There was another false flag attack in the past week, which coincided with an energetic assault on California. In hour one, we discuss how we dealt with this and the connection between the various attacks on humanity. We talk about Camille Paglia's recent comments on transgender mania signaling the collapse of society, as well as technology in music, and our experiences of being musicians in an industry dominated by the parasitic "elite." In hour two Paul Reimers joins us to discuss the chakra system, sacred geometry, and how we can integrate these ideas into our lives to be happier and healthier people.

06/08/2016    Wednesday - We talk about our Contact in the Desert experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We met a lot of amazing people, spread more awareness of orgone energy, learned about Tensor fields, and gained new insight into the desert environment and the terraforming of Earth by parasitic ETs through becoming intimate with the desert environment. In the middle of the event came a major energetic attack on everyone, complete with chemtrail spraying only above Contact. We were able to transmute this through the orgone energy of our devices and our hearts, and with pure positive intention.

06/01/2016    Wednesday - Georg Ritschl of Orgonise Africa tells us about his years of work with orgonite making and gifting in the subcontinent. He is one of the world’s most prolific orgonite gifters, having distributed approximately 25,000 towerbusters since 2002. He offers all kinds of orgonite, including large chembusters, and the healing device, the zapper, on his website, which eliminates parasites in the body. Through his work, many parts of Africa have seen a major decrease in chemtrails and deadly energy, and an increase in rainfall, crop yields, and the happiness of the people.


05/25/2016    Wednesday - Vinny Eastwood joins us on The Human Frequency to talk about scumbaggery, everything wrong in the world, and how we need to laugh about it. He gives great insights on how to handle knowing the truth in an upside down world and how to engage with others who have not woken up yet. We find that we really can never know the whole truth, but we can explore and learn as much as possible as we go down the rabbit hole with Vinny.

05/18/2016    Wednesday - This week on The Human Frequency, Sharon and Gabe delve deeply into neglected issues of our time, with the latest on the weather war in California, controlled opposition in activism and the arts, the energetic war on humanity, and the DNA activation underway. Carmen Grammer joins the show in the second hour, an LA based orgone energy worker who continues the first hour’s discussion topics in a most meaningful and informative way.

05/11/2016    Wednesday - Ken Rohla is back on The Human Frequency by popular demand for another fascinating conversation. This week we learn about ORMUS minerals for detoxification of the soil and our bodies, killing GMO pathogens and neutralizing nuclear radiation, the real reason we have junk DNA and how activation of our multidimensional capabilities is possible. Ken can explain the science behind all of these ideas, so debunkers beware! We also talk about some little known information on the MLK assassination and Ken’s work with Coretta Scott King.

05/04/2016    Wednesday - It's the "Vaccine Roundtable" episode of The Human Frequency! Joining us are two wonderful guests, Eddie, a private schoolteacher and father to an 18 month old baby girl, and Justine, a concerned parent of a 4 year old girl. We cover all vaccine related topics in this episode; the safety concerns, the agenda behind the push for vaccines, and the connection with other oppressive policies of our time. This episode also deconstructs the dogma of the pro-vaccine agenda, and ways parents can protect their families and their sanity.


04/27/2016    Wednesday - On this special "View From Marrs" edition of The Human Frequency, the great author Jim Marrs joins the conversation to talk about his book "Population Control," and so much more. We discuss what we need to be aware of regarding the poisoning of our air, food, and water, bad medicine, and political and corporate tyranny to control and reduce the world's population. Anytime you listen to Jim, you'll learn something new.

04/20/2016    Wednesday - It's the Team Chembow 2nd Anniversary of Orgonite show! We talk about our orgonite journey of the past two years, the changes we have seen in the sky and our lives, and things you should know about using this powerful energy in your own life. On the heels of the 5D Event in Los Angeles, we also talk about the healing experience of this gathering, and the great information shared.

04/06/2016    Wednesday - Lloyd Burrell of Electricsense.com has been helping people understand electrical sensitivity through his own journey of dealing with his own electrical sensitivity. In this informative interview, Lloyd discusses EMFs and dirty electricity, how to remove these issues from our homes and live healthy lives in our electromagnetic world. He explains how we are beings of subtle energy and how our cells communicate through electromagnetic frequencies. His information is very freeing for anyone who has felt alone in dealing with sensitivity of unnatural manmade energy fields.


03/30/2016    Wednesday - The incomparable Jordan Maxwell joins us for a two hour interview on how religions control the world, signs and signals of the occult world, the hidden meaning of words, and Maritime Law vs. Common Law. We barely scratch the surface of Jordan’s knowledge, but what we learn is truly mind expanding.

03/23/2016    Wednesday - This week, we have an amazing discussion with Laura Eisenhower on the planetary shift underway. We cover the dark entities trying to stop the human awakening and how we overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to activating our dormant DNA and chakras. Laura leaves us feeling inspired and helps us to understand our similarities as we move into a new era.

03/16/2016    Wednesday - Electrical engineer and scalar energy expert Ken Rohla joins us for two information packed hours. We discuss everything from how orgonite works to clean chemtrails out of the atmosphere, to reverting GMO seeds to heirloom, to ET encounters. Ken has solutions to problems we thought were unsolvable, eliminating fear and anger, and allowing us to reach a higher vibration.

03/09/2016    Wednesday - It's the happy 83rd anniversary of the bankruptcy of the US Corporation episode! We also cover chemtrail forecasting and how to reconcile two distorted views of the weather warfare issue, the fear peddlers versus the fairy people. Dean Ryan joins us in hour two to talk about the upcoming Tiny Houses for the Homeless Rally in LA. He is one of the organizers of this very important event to take to the streets and demand the confiscated homes be returned to those in need.

03/02/2016    Wednesday - American Freedom Radio welcomes The Human Frequency with Sharon Daphna and Gabriel Lazar to our family of broadcasters on this their inaugural show. On our first episode of The Human Frequency, We talk about how we got started on our journey into truth and consciousness. From the wake up call of 9/11 to realizing the sky was being sprayed with chemtrails every day, we realized that there was more going on than meets the eye. Our work led us to orgone energy and an understanding that global tyranny can be ended with this energy, which is our own power in our hearts.

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