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12/29/2017    Friday - 2017 End of year review / predictions w/ Meria Heller (Hour too) - Warning - Profanity laced. + JB Drinking game. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12/22/2017    Friday - Hour one: Rants on taxes, trains, coins, breaking news + Megan Barth guests to discuss what ever happened to the LV investigation. Why are conservatives the only one's asking these questions? Hour two: Long time JB Show contributor "Super Mario" interview...Vegas mystery, Pentagon UFO docs, current PSY Ops, and predictions for 2018 all. 2017-18 MEGA FUND RAISER NOW! Donate to jackblood@hotmail.com asap.

12/15/2017    Friday - Jack Rants and is then joined By Michael Dougherty. In the second hour Jack is joined by Sander Hicks briefly but had to drop because of a bad connection. Jack then covers the latest news.

12/08/2017    Friday - Hour won: Jack Rants about Trump Jerusalem announcement. We try to school Dr. Myles Schneider, author of Restoring "Health" To Healthcare. Hour too: Exclusive w/ author of "Blowing Americaís Mind: A True Story of Princeton, CIA Mind Control, LSD and Zen" + Who killed Marilyn Monroe etc w/ major author and film maker, Paul Jeffrey Davids.

12/01/2017    Friday - Mike Flynn nothing burgers, Trump tax scam, Ethical Crypto, and other breaking news...


11/27/2017    Monday - Hr 1: Jack Breaks down the Net Neutrality Scam , Brian Malony (alt right pundit via Media Equalizer) is guest. Al Franken, and sex scandals of DC. Hr 2: Jack updates on Current events / Unlearning.

11/13/2017    Monday - Jack does his usual monday rant of what's in the news in the first hour. In the second hour Jack is joined by Chuck Ochelli To discuss the new dump of JFK documents.

11/10/2017    Friday - Archive 11.10.17 The Jack Blood Show - Hr won: Jack Rants news... Updates on TX Church massacre, Meet the new boss... Guest - Best selling author, pundit Robert McGee. On Donna Brazile dedicating book to Seth Rich, Trump, Paul, Taxes... Hr Too: Live Callers, news, Big Brother...

11/06/2017    Monday - Hour won: Jack breaks down connections between the CIA Behavioral Sciences team, and a history of psychiatric drugs with the alleged shooter in TX, Kelley. Also, Collusion between Trump Admin and the "Night of the long knives" / Coup in Saudi Arabia...Hour Too: Author / expert Andrew Gause is the guest. We break down the money / economic system 101, 102...and advanced studies of the Fed. + easy solutions to change course.

11/03/2017    Friday - Hour one: Jack Exposes Trump's new Fed Nominee, "Super Mario" sits in for 30 min with Updates on the LV Shooting, The NY Truck Terror, and new phony I$I$ info / Hour too: Former NSA analyst Scott Rickard is back to discuss The DNC conspiracy to defeat Bernie, GOP Tax plan, Bit coin, Trump's visit to Asia etc...


10/27/2017    Friday - Croaking through 2 hrs of news and info.. Hour one: Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan / Hour two: Oswald GF Judith Vary Baker talks about newly released files / Bryan Preston - George P Bush's spox comes on to discuss Alamo Issue etc...

10/23/2017    Monday - Hour one, fast moving news Du Jour. Hour too, Research giant, author Daniel Hopsicker rides shotgun. LV massacre updates you havent heard, Inside the film about Barry Seal "American Made" (formally called Mena) Trump era, and some 911 stuff.

10/20/2017    Friday - Hour one: Jack covers a Cacophony of news. Hour two: Arron Dykes and Melissa Melton from TruthStreamMedia are guests. http://truthstreammedia.com.

10/16/2017    Monday - Hour Won: Jack cleans up more mess about LV shooting, connects dots. Some breaking news, history...Hour Too: Jack welcome WAC co founder Brian Kenny who talks about his new book * We Are Change - The Global Truth and Liberty Movement (excellent! Get it and promote it!) Dont forget to support our show!

10/09/2017    Monday - Jack turns in his 2nd installment of LV shooting analysis - wading through BS... (MONEY EDITION COMING IN PART 3, 10.13.17!)

10/06/2017    Friday - Jack conquers the LV Massacre shooting, finding motives, cause, and a few potential perps - Hour one: Dr Steven Mandel is the first hour guest, talking about the probability of Shooter Paddock influenced by anti anxiety drugs.

10/02/2017    Monday - Jack Blood dedicates a full two hours coverage of the LV Massacre. Questions, coincidences, and red flags. Callers in hours too. Tipping for History, digressions, and sarcasm is encouraged.


09/29/2017    Friday - Hour 1: Jack Rants on Trump Bully pulpit vs NFL / City mouse and country mouse story. Neema Singh Guliani is a legislative counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union Washington Legislative Office joins Jack to discuss the expiration of FISA warrantless surveillance, and who is pushing for it to be renewed, who is against (Rand Paul).

Hour 2: Christian Patriot Chuck Baldwin is guest - Talks about Trump being a swampy sell out, losing Alabama election to Roy Moore. + News, commentary...

09/22/2017    Friday - Hour 1: End of the World? Jack rants about O'trumpa Care 3.0, O'trumpa UN speech... Dr David Cole joins the show to discuss "Hoax" predictions, and the state of the Church in today's mad mad world. Hour 2: Jack breaks down Valerie Plame Tweets about Israel and 911 - Weekly news round up...

09/18/2017    Friday - Hour 1: Jack rants through issues and news. What is your line in the sand as a Trump supporter? Hour 2: X NSA man Scott Rickard on Censorship of foreign media, Bitcoin fall, China, N Korea, Human Rights, Protesting in a police state...

09/11/2017    Monday - The Jack Blood Show - ALL * STARS - Sept. 11th 2017 line up: FDNY John Schroeder. Fellow 911 W TC Hero - William Rodriguez, Dallas Cowboy - Mark Stepnowski, 9.11 Whistle Blower - J. Michael Springmann, Best selling author - Jim Marrs, 9.11 whistle Blower Richard Andrew Grove + Special guests, witnesses, and mash.

09/08/2017    Friday - Hour won: Jack Interviews Architect/expert Richard Gage about NY 911. Hour too: Long time contributor "Super Mario" joins the show to discuss weather control, Barry Seal/Drug War...N. Korea, I$I$ etc...

09/01/2017    Friday - Hour 1: Breaking news, rants & "Drain the Swamp" - with Melanie Morgan, national spokeswoman for MediaEqualizer.com Why Trump doesn't fire corrupt Obama holdover at IRS John Koskinen? Blackmail?

Hour 2: The great David Ray Griffin is the guest, speaking about his new book (Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World, which is the culmination of decades of Griffinís 9.11 research) + revisiting his classic 9.11 overture "A New Pearl Harbor."


08/28/2017    Monday - Hour 1: Jack plows thru breaking news, usual stream of consciousness rants. Hour 2: Geopolitical Author / Expert William Engdahl is back .Who is the deep state, and did they engineer the Trump Presidency, rather than oppose it? Info on Isis, Muslim Brotherhood, plans of the NWO.

08/25/2017    Friday - Hour won: Jack rants on irrational division of americans, and bridging consensus. some breaking news and current events observations / Hour 2: Original Black Panther, Former political prisoner, 2016 presidential candidate (with yours' truly) Larry Pinkney, is Jack's Guest. Exposing hypocrisy and false flag cultisms.

08/18/2017    Friday - Hr one: Alt right pundit, author Doug Giles from Clashdaily dot com - Race war started in Obama regime, last trick in the DNC bag? Trump not a racist - an Elitist? False flag Charlottesville, and cointelpro + Why Democrats are scared to debate anything. Camps and Bubbles. Hr too: Activist Darrell Young on self declared white power media whore, snitch, and bomb thrower Chris Cantwell. Update on Spanish Bombs and Trucks I$I$.

08/14/2017    Monday - Hour 1: Jack Blood grinds out breaking news. Hour 2: Callers join Jack to discuss the recent national provocateur violence, and distraction paradigms program. Trump beta tests bombing Venezuela. History notes, non sequiturs. and digressions are free.

08/07/2017    Monday - Hour 1: Best selling author/investigative reporter Greg Palast joins Jack to discuss how the 2016 Selection was REALLY stolen, and by whom. Who is really in charge now. Also Venezuela coup hypocrisy, Paul "the Vulture" Singer, Obama loves billionaires, Why democrats are losing and why, and the Keystone XL Pipes.

Hour 2: Jack Rants about phony Trump claims of success, Wisc. Microchips, and other breaking news...

08/04/2017    Friday - Hour One: Jack does his Friday rant followed by his Guest Author Brian Patrick Eha discussing Bit Coin. Hour Two: Jack is joined by his old friend Meria Heller.


07/31/2017    Monday - Hour 1: Monday solo Jam session. Jack Rants on the Mooch, Trump endorsing Police Brutality, Venezuela vote/coup...William Browder Testimony on Trump Jr Russia meeting/Putin the world's richest man? - Chuck Ochelli also joins in hour 2.

07/28/2017    Friday - Jack does his Friday Rant in the first hour. Jack's special guest in the second hour was Scott Rickard.

07/21/2017    Friday - Hour 1: Jack does his Friday rant. Hour 2: Jack's special guest was activist Justin Colella.

07/17/2017    Monday - Hour 1: FREEDOM? NOPE! PEACE? NOPE! JUSTICE? ONLINE GAMBLING BAN = CASINO ROYAL / SHELDON ADEL$ON L7? YUP! ALSO...THE STRAIGHT DOPE ABOUT NEO CONS & THE ELITES LIBERTARIAN ANALYST: Michelle Minton, is the Competitive Enterprise Institute's fellow specializing in consumer policy, covering regulatory issues that include gambling, alcohol, and food.

Hour 2: INSIDER - AUTHOR: Len Colodny was a longtime political activist in the Washington, D.C. His best selling books include, "Forty Years War" and "Silent Coup". He has had a long and unique history with The Washington Post, and its longtime investigative reporter and editor, Bob Woodward.(AKA: Total history of Henry Kissinger /Dr Fritz Kraemer aka: god father of the "NeoCons" / Inside info you will NOT hear anywhere else!)

07/14/2017    Friday - Hour one - Jack breaks down banking, JPMC taxes, and O'trumpa care in open rant. Original 911 Truth activist Sander Hicks (Hicksforcongress.com) patches in (barly) to ANNOUNCE is Run for US Congress. Hour 2: Multi media truth artist Anthony Freda (AnthonyFreda.com) joins the show to discuss politics. A pro v anti Trump debate ensues.

07/10/2017    Monday - Hour one: Jack rants on FBI terror sting set ups, Trump's ever growing swamp, which includes Soros etc...

Hour two: Breaking news - SUPPORT THE JACK BLOOD SHOW!

07/03/2017    Monday - Join Jack for his 2 hour In Dependence Day Eve Rant. News, History, Rabbit Holes.

Hr.2: Wreckers, Judas goats, and Cointelpro dis-info outed.


06/30/2017    Friday - Juin 30 2017. Hour won: Jack rants...Setting up the hitter. Near false flag Syria, NSA leaked Malware at Russia, Trump turns on China, history of rabbit holes, travel bans, new FBI I$I$ major move, Breaking news...Guest is Iranian born activist: blogger, live from Croatia, Navid Nasr. Hour Too: Navid Nasr part 2. News. Support the Jack Blood Show!

06/26/2017    Monday - Hour won: Jack Rants on phony O'trumpa care propaganda, Trusting govt over our own info, history, updates on recent Scotus rulings, stalling... Paul Topete from the band "Pokerface" interview + promo for his 4th of July event "Freedompalooza" in PA.

Hour Too: Taking back our words, Joyce Riley passing, Update on Pedophile billionaire FOT (friend of Trump) Jeffrey Epstein.

06/23/2017    Friday - Hour won: Open Rant on alleged Russia killing of I$I$ leader Baghdadi / O'Trumpa Care. Keith Champagne joins us to share new info on Ed, Elaine Brown and supporters pending action for release hearings.

HOUR Too: Robbie Martin (aka: DJ Florescent Grey) from Media Roots Podcast...Discusses Russia probe, Putin matching false flags, Syria, Iran, N' Korea etc...)

06/16/2017    Friday - Hour 1: Cody Wilson, is owner and proprietor of GhostGunner.net. He is author of the groundbreaking book, Come And Take It: The Gun Printer's Guide to Thinking Free. eg: 3D printer guns.

Hour 2: John Ligato (USMC-retired), is a former deep cover FBI Special Agent and author of the new book, The Near Enemy: A John Booker Thriller. Ligato has been an adjunct college professor, teaching counter-terrorism and international security at Campbell University at Camp Lejeune, NC.

06/12/2017    Monday - Jack's back! American Freedom Radio welcomes home "The Jack Blood Show" with Jack Blood. On todays show, Jack gives his opinion of the political landscape, allegedly.

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