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12/18/2018    Tuesday - Jeffrey Mate, your guest host and I'm talking about my site and material for anyone who wants to know. The significance and aspects of my site are discussed in the hopes of saving you time and your time is precious. I also talk a bit about other researchers I've come across and how each teacher is important for different reasons. I also mention the importance of something as simple as clothing which is keeping us low and unaware and moving us into the prison environment for ALL life once we can no longer reproduce on our own .For more info about Jeffrey Matte please visit: www.jeffreymatte.com and Jordan Maxwell www.jordanmaxwellshow.com

12/11/2018    Tuesday - Jeffrey Mate is hosting again and decided to talk about his site and material for the young researcher of today. I also talk about the importance of learning on your own and breaking free from the conditioning system we call basic education at school. The true importance ofJordan Maxwell’s work is discussed and how his/my site will help you save time by filtering out the Phony/fake material out there. This discussion is designed to let those young people know you are not alone and others just like you are looking stuff up. For more info about Jeffrey Matte please visit: www.jeffreymatte.com and Jordan Maxwell www.jordanmaxwellshow.com


10/30/2018    Tuesday - Guest host Jeffrey Matte talks about the Social Credit System and the building of AI through 4K and 8K television to build the near vision and combine it with the observatory for deep space vision will merge into one eye. The same goes for voice analysis through FACEBOOK Portal device etc...as the ears of AI. All this will build up AI until cloning and LIFE on demand is available.Personalities can be uploaded through light etc...For more info please visit my site www.jeffreymatte.com Also please visit Jordanmaxwellshow.com

10/23/2018    Tuesday - Tuesday: Guest host Jeffrey Matte talks about how the United Nations has seemingly integrated and or merged with the US media world and the US Corporate Government. I also do a recap on How CNN is the UN Media conglomerate. Examples are provided as well as the Technology link of a Universal Digital Library which became Google books but in reality is a major factor in building AI for the SCS. The UN will possibly become the master corporation to manage all life through the Social Credit System. To learn more please visit www.jeffreymatte.com and please support Jordan Maxwell and join his Research Society on www.jordanmaxwellshow.com

10/16/2018    Tuesday - Guest host Jeffrey Matte talks about how the United Nations has seemingly integrated and or merged with the US media world. The use of Light blue or Crystal blue is now common place with all news outlets in the US as well in most countries around the world but is never mentioned openly but still in plain site. I also talk about how UN blue is linked to a song called Crystal Blue Persuasion in 1968 which helps promote a hidden message about world communism by using Baby/Crystal Blue =.UN Blue. To follow along with the proof please visit www.jeffreymatte.com and look for the United Nations Media conglomerate for more info. Also please support Jordan at www.jordanmaxwellshow.com as well.

10/09/2018    Tuesday - Guest host Jeffrey Matte talks about how AI and the new data uplink (The Social Credit System) will change everything for everyone moving forward. And a simple idea is pondered? What will happen to most if not all SECRET SOCIETIES once AI and the SCS take over…? What will Freemasonry do? Will there be a huge flood of people wanting to join as an outlet outside the scope of AI and the SCS? What about Civic Monitors? Will AI and the SCS unilaterally end all forms of SECRET SOCIETIES? For more information you can visit www.jeffreymatte.com Also please visit www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and Support Jordan as well.


09/25/2018    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte talks about Transhumanism and its connection to the communistic new man. A discussion about the Soviet transformer man and the 80 tv cartoon having a hidden link? A closer look also at how plastic surgery and tattoos are big trends today with the use of silicon for implants and silicon for the computers. ( Silicon Valley) All this happened just a few decades ago it was mostly nearly unheard of before hand. All this combined with wireless and 5G cellular technology culminating to a robotic man/woman linked to AI. To learn more visit www.jeffreymatte.com and please support Jordan Maxwell as well at www.jordanmaxwellshow.com

09/18/2018    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte gets to host Jordan Maxwell himself. which is great We discuss the importance of Jordan's work and his research society as well as his new ability to provide videos demand on www.jordanmaxwellshow.com Jordan also talks about world communism and the crystal blue persuasion song that came out in the 1960's that uses the UN blue color to implement their business strategy. For more info you can visit Jordan's website at www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and Jeffrey’Matte's site at www.jeffreymatte.com for supporting documentation.


08/21/2018    Tuesday - Tuesday: Guest Host Jeffrey Matte discusses the Intentional Color Code System. It took 6 years to put together and did so on my own. No academic sources were available nor any government support was located in my search so its a solo project. II explain how each color is linked to one word and provide pectoral proof from my website. Each color has a link to nature and in the corporate so you can get insight on how the internationalists think and where it came from. For more info please visit my site www.jeffreymatte.com. Also please support Jordan by joining his research Society at www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and please consider a donation if possible.

08/14/2018    Tuesday - Guest Host Jeffrey Matte discusses the Social Credit System in China and its coming implementation for the rest of the world. It continues by showing how the world is a business and how the Vatican is the Goldman Sachs of the belief systems for the world. Also mentioned is Mouse Utopia by Dr. John B Calhoun which explains how this science experiment can easily demonstrate how the human family might follow the same or similar path from the 1950's. To learn more please visit Jeffrey's website: www.jeffreymatte.com. Photos may take a moment to load. Also, please visit Jordan's site www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and join his research society. Next week we will cover the International Color Code System to help bridge the gap with the Social Credit System.


06/19/2018    Tuesday - Guest Host Jeffrey Matte talks about his latest work the International Code System and the color BLUE. I give out examples about how it applies to the interstate highway system as well as the aviation/Hospital/ Police and international corporations etc... I also take a moment to talk about the significance of Jordan's work and how my work wouldn't be possible without him in the first place. So please support Jordan on www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and you can learn more about Jeffrey’s work at www.jeffreymatte.com


04/20/2018    Friday - Friday Guest Host Jeffrey Matte interviews Jordan on multiple topics on how communism is a business model for the human family. Jordan also talks about his site and research society and the important reference works. To learn more you can visit www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and join his research society and if you want to see Jeffrey Matte's work you can visit www.jeffreymatte.com.

04/13/2018    Friday - Friday Guest Host Jeffrey Matte has an in depth discussion about 5G wireless technologies and its impacts on the human body, mind and our children with special guest Joe Imbriano from www.fullertonnformer.com. and www.wifidangers.com. Joe talks about social impacts and how 5G originally comes from the military. We also talk about how lighting, food, our eyes and the blood brain barrier are impacted by this technology. Joe brings a wealth of information to us from his background in the life sciences field. To learn more please visit www.fullertoninformer.com and inform yourself.


03/23/2018    Friday - Jordan Maxwell https://jordanmaxwellshow.com talks about his new show moving forward and invites his friend and researcher Jeffrey Matte from Montreal Canada. Jordan discusses his passion of religion and theology and how he wants to focus on that moving forward. He also get Jeffrey to talk more about his work and its complimentary role to Jordan work. In the second hour Jeffrey talks about the social credit system and the true source the Vatican and how he sourced the proof in pictures on his site. To reach Jeffrey Matte you can e-mail him at intellect.website@gmail.com and visit his new website. www.jeffreymatte.com.


02/23/2018    Friday - Guest host Jeffrey Matte joins us from Montreal to talk about Part 1 of the SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM in china and how its going to be rolled out for the entire human family. Support sources provide show what it is and how it works. All your choices good and bad will be recorded and give you a lifetime rating with little room for recovery as well as a penalty system and blacklist for really poor behavior. 5G and the internet of things are only the beginning. The outdoor prison in under construction and the end of the truth movement is close at hand… get ready.

In the second hour, Jeffrey presents Part 2 of the SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM and more examples are provided as to how it will most likely work in the western world. From Civil Forfeiture to SWAT teams breaking down your door for defaulted students loans, the social credit system will impact your personal life in ways we can’t even imagine. With the use of persuasion and coercion and the advanced lie detection software and technologies of better known as credibility assessment software/technologies it will help everyone to fall into line very soon and for future generations to come. To support Jordan got to www.jordanmaxwelllshow.com or to reach Jeffrey Matte you can e-mail him at: intellect.website@gmail.com

02/01/2018    Friday -


01/26/2018    Friday - Guest host Jeffrey Matte joins us from Montreal to talk again with Jordan Maxwell. We discuss what SYNTHETIC LIFE or SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY is and how it's the next phase for all life on earth. It appears it might lead to the extinction of today's human being and all new life will be designed from scratch moving forward if we aren't careful. This topic is not being discussed enough and Jordan has key insights' on the history of this topic. It's directly linked with AI, the Smart grid, 5g etc...but is even more of a threat than we can even imagine. We also discuss how communism and the Nazi movement in conjunction with the Church are pulling the strings from behind the scenes. To learn more about Jordan's work go to: www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and join his research society to learn more.

The second hour we have a special guest, Max Igan who shares his research on what's really going on and how the system actually works today. He also talks about how some groups are using affidavits to slow or stop the corporate creep of dangerous technologies like smartmeters in Hawaii and other unfair changes in our society. The FULL CIRCLE PROJECT. https://www.fullcircleproject.net/ is also a tool which can bring like minded men and women together in your community to learn more from each other, make friends and take action on key local issues! Max also spends time on what's really going on with the 5G networks, the smart grid and the Chinese Social Credit system which is transforming and limiting the choices of the citizenry based on desired and undesirable behaviors. To learn more about Max Igan's work please visit his site at: http://thecrowhouse.com/home.html To reach Jeffrey Matte please write him at: intellect.website@gmail.com

01/19/2018    Friday - Jordan's guest host Jeffrey Matte joins us again from Montreal with a more casual talk about some of the root causes of the human family's difficulties. A closer look at how gaming has dominated the human psyche and the fact corruption and criminal behavior are imbedded into all games which explains why the world is so screwed up today. While we are living in a world of games, the elite are preparing the human family for artificial life. Although not in the mainstream yet Artificial life is out there TODAY. The people who manage all this is a large and ancient corporation called the VATICAN and what they are really doing at the top of this pyramid.

01/12/2018    Friday - Jordan Maxwell is back tonight with guest host Jeffrey Matte who joins us from Montreal to bring us up to date on the show. We find out what's new with Jordan and how his situation is slowly improving, in every sense. Jordan also talks about his recent joining of the GAIA network and what a great resource it is for him to continue his work, in addition to AFR and his research society. This leads to a discussion about some of the incredible people he's met and promoted over the years. To reach Jordan go to www.jordanmaxwellshow.com. To reach Jeffrey, go to intellect.website@gmail.com

01/05/2018    Friday - Jordan's guest host Jeffrey Matte joins us again from Montreal to present part 3 of the Prison Industrial Complex. A brief overview of what the military is doing to build up internal security of countries around the world which is a big part of the outdoor prison infrastructure including 5G networks. In addition, we see how large multinational corporations are running a significant segment of the private prison system. We also touch on the demonetization process currently underway and how these technologies will cost almost nothing to implement.

Some of the foundational work that helped spearhead this prison business model is from John Calhoun and his experiments known as Rat City and Mouse Utopia in the 1950’s. This topic is linked to the ultimate business team on earth…. the Vatican…. Belief system management using secret societies and the corporation to maintain a hold on the human family, as one Bishop in his own words provides critical insight about how organized religion really works A final example of this trend is how China has converted its prison system to a goods and service industry in many other countries around the world. To contact Jeffrey you may reach him at: intellect.website@gmail.com

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