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01/19/2018    Friday - Jordan's guest host Jeffrey Matte joins us again from Montreal with a more casual talk about some of the root causes of the human family's difficulties. A closer look at how gaming has dominated the human psyche and the fact corruption and criminal behavior are imbedded into all games which explains why the world is so screwed up today. While we are living in a world of games, the elite are preparing the human family for artificial life. Although not in the mainstream yet Artificial life is out there TODAY. The people who manage all this is a large and ancient corporation called the VATICAN and what they are really doing at the top of this pyramid.

01/12/2018    Friday - Jordan Maxwell is back tonight with guest host Jeffrey Matte who joins us from Montreal to bring us up to date on the show. We find out what's new with Jordan and how his situation is slowly improving, in every sense. Jordan also talks about his recent joining of the GAIA network and what a great resource it is for him to continue his work, in addition to AFR and his research society. This leads to a discussion about some of the incredible people he's met and promoted over the years. To reach Jordan go to www.jordanmaxwellshow.com. To reach Jeffrey, go to intellect.website@gmail.com

01/05/2018    Friday - Jordan's guest host Jeffrey Matte joins us again from Montreal to present part 3 of the Prison Industrial Complex. A brief overview of what the military is doing to build up internal security of countries around the world which is a big part of the outdoor prison infrastructure including 5G networks. In addition, we see how large multinational corporations are running a significant segment of the private prison system. We also touch on the demonetization process currently underway and how these technologies will cost almost nothing to implement.

Some of the foundational work that helped spearhead this prison business model is from John Calhoun and his experiments known as Rat City and Mouse Utopia in the 1950’s. This topic is linked to the ultimate business team on earth…. the Vatican…. Belief system management using secret societies and the corporation to maintain a hold on the human family, as one Bishop in his own words provides critical insight about how organized religion really works A final example of this trend is how China has converted its prison system to a goods and service industry in many other countries around the world. To contact Jeffrey you may reach him at: intellect.website@gmail.com

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