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07/16/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte is a guest for again and thanks Jordan Maxwell for his opportunity to be part of his show. Also Jordan has been promoting Freedom for over 60 years and those who want to help him can write the White house suggesting Jordan Maxwell be nominated for the Presidential medal of freedom. https://www.whitehouse.gov/medaloffreedom/ and if you want to write President Trump directly you can go to this site. You can call or write... The details about Jordan you can provide the better. https://www.whitehouse.gov/get-involved/. In the second hour Adam Blainey from Freedom Free For All https://www.youtube.com/user/victoriaFFFA WE talk about the Blockchain and CRISPR babies as well as how some Movies demonstrate this point. Tron from 1982 was today's example. You can buy or donate to jordan at www.jordanmxwellshow.com and my site jeffreymatte.com and finally Adam's site www.freedomfreeforall.com

07/09/2019    Tuesday - Jordan Was live today with his very special guest and friend Tim Leedom, author of "The Book Your Church Doesn't Want you to Read."


06/27/2019    Thursday - Jeffrey Matte is the guest host and for the first hour talks about the Anti trust and its connection to the Intelligence agencies. If that is not addressed in the public US inc will fall in the very near future. It the second hour a special guest Adam Blainey from Freedom Free For All. We discuss Synthetic Biology and the possible ways it will come to be in our current society. For more information please visit / join Jordan Maxwell Research Society at www.jordanmaxwellshow.com. For more Info on Adam please visit http://www.freedomfreeforall.com and for more information on Jeffrey Matte's research please visit www.jeffreymatte.com. Please support Jordan in any way you can!


05/28/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte is a guest host for Jordan Maxwell. I talk about the importance of Jordan's Research Society and its value. I also talk about how the Deep state is a second business model operating inside the US government. Any business contradiction you could never understand and didn't make sense in the news or at your workplace ( well that's the UN business model) It's everywhere... I also talk about how AI will be 100% Communist and UN approved if nothing is done. Consider all the corruption in each industry and the crime oriented documentation being uploaded to the global AI. It will be a disaster for the many. For more info please visit www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and my research as well www.jeffreymatte.com


04/17/2019    Tuesday - Guest host Jeffrey Matte discusses the future under a social credit structure.

04/09/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey is today's guest host and talks about aspect of how Censorship will spread to the whole world one country/corporations at a time and eventually use small vulnerable groups to exploit new legal standards of speech with the LGBTQP community as an example. The goal is to copyright all forms of speech so the robotics world has the legal framework for personality programming whilst eliminating the current freedom of speech of the average Joe. For more info please visit www.jeffreymatte.com


03/19/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte guest hosts tonight show and talks about his website and the many goals its trying to achieve. A discussion about pattern recognition as a form of intelligence is covered and talks a little about the Global Social Credit System and the Global business model growing in \side all nation states. To support Jordan please visit his website www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and or www.jeffreymatte.com to learn more about Jeffrey's research.

03/12/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte is once again the guest host and talks about the Vatican and Artificial intelligence. He connects some dots to the Global Business model not just the spiritual model. All the material in this show is available on Jeffrey's site. www.jeffreymatte.com. Also please support Jordan as well www.jordanmaxwellshow.com.

03/05/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte Interviews Jordan Maxwell on his betrayals by Dr Carl Howard a high ranking official of the Mormon church as well as Dr Joan Priestly a highly recognized AIDS doctors in the mid 1980's. On both occasions his life's work was thrown away and or stolen from him. For more info please visit www.jordanmaxwellshow.com


02/26/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte Interviews Jordan Maxwell on his detractors Chris White. Dr Louis Turi and Bonnie Lang and the destruction of a fine institution The truth Seeker company. 24 million dollars disappeard without a trace. Also a brief discussion Of Jeffrey's experience in the company of Jordan Maxwell. For more information about Jordan's work you can visit www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and www.jeffreymatte.com

02/19/2019    Tuesday - Guest host Jeffrey Matte's special guest was Adam Blaney.

02/05/2019    Tuesday - Tuesday Jeffrey Guest host talks about the Social Credit System and the dual business model of the us inc and the UN. The Vatican runs the S but needs a new Corporation to take over the United Nations.The in hour 2 the Social Credit is discussed as well as the importance of education and to not fight your government or protest. For more info please visit: www.jordanmaxellshow.com and www.jeffreymatte.com.


01/29/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Guest host talks about the Social Credit System and the end of humanity. and how education is the problem. All the movements in the universities are designed to confuse and key everybody at each others throat. Jordan's work is important to look at as well as Jeffrey's so you can conclude the relevance of these ideas. For more info please visit: www.jordanmaxellshow.com and www.jeffreymatte.com.

01/22/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Guest host talks about Trump and the small opportunity to partially save humanity from a preordained extinction and harvesting and copyrighting billions of minds into the quantum Internet. Please visit and support www.jordanmaxwellshow.com and please either donating to Jordan and or join his research society. Also please visit www.jeffreymatte.com for reference material for tonights show.

01/15/2019    Tuesday - Jeffrey Matte is the guest host and interviews Jordan Maxwell on his life and his work. For more information please visit his official website and please consider joining his research society as well. www.jordanmaxwellshow.com

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