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04/24/2017    Monday - Orelia and Pat discuss the power of the foods we eat and intuitive powers. How eating mostly green can stabilize our jobs, relationships and lives. Go to Pat Mcauleys website to learn more! www.eatgreenmakegreen.com www.enhancethelight.com

04/17/2017    Monday - Dan Brule is a world-renown pioneer in the field of Breathwork, and leader of the worldwide Spiritual Breathing movement. Dan is one of the originators of Breath Therapy, and was among the first group of Internationally Certified Rebirthers. He is a leading member of Inspiration University, the International Rebirthers Association and the International Breathwork Foundation. He is a master of Prana Yoga (the Hindu Science of Breath), and of Chi Kung/Qigong (Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises). More than 100,000 people in over 50 countries now apply Dan's breathing exercises and techniques in their work and in their lives. Among them are Olympic champions and elite martial artists, leading psychotherapists and medical experts; monks, meditators, hospice workers and yoga teachers, performing artists, personal trainers, substance abuse and pastoral counselors, health practitioners, life coaches, business executives, and peak performers like Tony Robbins. Author of recently published book "Just Breathe"... Tune in to hear about Babaji, Wim Hof, Ram Das, Leonard Orr, and many other Breath masters.

04/10/2017    Monday - Published Author Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg shares her thoughts on where we come from, what is happening now, and exposure to the pedophile and Pizzagate. She speaks of YHVH and her ideas on how to change everything by changing the laws. http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/ http://www.disclose.tv/news/the_kalergi_plan_and_why_world_leaders_are_rattled_by_donald_trump/131637 https://www.intellihub.com/george-webb-dyncorp-mass-shootings-america/ www.enhancethelight.com

04/03/2017    Monday - Amazing show with Stephanie Dietz About the miracle stone Shungite: "Shungite is the planet's gift. It is planetary-celestial alchemy...After awhile this planet has created alchemy known as Shungite. And Shungite is the representation of every crystal that has ever been experienced by every being living on this world past, present and future, so it is every crystal put into one. Just as we are having our awakening, the crystal and mineral community is also having their own awakening. Their process is just happening before our frequency of time is coming into existence. That is why there is a manifestation of Shungite in general. It is there for the people to use. But even the mount of Shungite that isn't used, it is still doing its mineral community purpose, which is ascending those beings who are becoming Shungite beings...and Shungite is a sample encoding of infinite energy into a finite object." - Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian, August 1, 2016. Stephanie and Orelia Talk about the benefits of having this in EVERY home. Orelia Channels Gaia to learn more of the special stone and the people who are working hard to get others enlightened on the properties. http://www.cosmicreality.net/shungite-info.html - http://www.cosmicrealityshungite.com/ - http://enhancethelight.com/


03/27/2017    Monday - Orelia Guest Detrich Hay is a psychic intuitive guide and inspirational speaker that holds space in honor of each person that enters his path. Through clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance he found himself being intuitively guided, through specific directions, on how to have better connection and communication to his spiritual guides. Detrich guides are a collective consciousness that he calls Aura. Up until 2013 he only shared Aura with family and close friends. He has opened up to the public and now assist his clients with how to align with their inner source and how to allow life to unfold. Manifesting with energy can help create the life you want. www.enhancethelight.com

03/20/2017    Monday - Guest Charlotte Varble talks about her book Becoming Spiritually Strong: Priceless lessons on divine communication, Faith and forgiveness. Guests call on to get advice and support in their lives. Charlotte is a licensed massage and energy therapist, speaker, coach and author. She has been practicing as a massage and energy therapist since 2005 and integrates many different modalities into her practice. Charlotte is the creator of two audios and an online program centered around the principles of healing, strengthening spirituality and living an inspired life. She is the author of the book, "Becoming Spiritually Strong: Priceless Lessons on Divine Communication, Faith and Forgiveness" and her writings have been featured in several publications, including books and magazines. In 2016 Charlotte and her husband, Kevin, were honored to be featured on the TV show and magazine Inside Out as a powerhouse couple that successfully balances business and family. Charlotte has dedicated her life to helping individuals become spiritually strong, awaken to their divine purpose and to heal at the core level of their physical or emotional pain for long lasting, true healing. When shes not performing healing sessions or teaching, you'll find Charlotte caring for her 4 young children and spending time with her handsome husband, Kevin. You can learn more at charlottevarble.com. www.enhancethelight.com

03/13/2017    Monday - Guest Rita Morgan a self proclaimed Witch talks on her theories of practicing witchcraft. Orelia and Rita speak on spells and covens, full moons and what we can do to be powerful enlightened beings. Rita speaks on being ethical, moral and honoring our dark feelings as things that can help us transcend victimhood, being victors of our lives, changing the planet by increasing our own frequency. Orelia does readings for callers who needed help on job status, empty nesting and life support. www.emhancethelight.com

03/06/2017    Monday - Guest Dave Atkinson joins Lady of Light to speak on dreams and dream intent. How powerful dreams are and how they can benefit our lives. A caller gets support for being stuck concerning money and learns its decisions made at birth. www.enhancethelight.com


02/27/2017    Monday - Todays show: Psychic reads by Orelia and Michael Helias. Callers open up about energetic and physical blocks keeping hem from moving forward, understanding empathic gifts, and ways to bring oneself to a higher state with Breath! More information about the ETL(Enhance The Light) movement and Breathe Workshops that the ETL Movement offers. More information www.enhancethelight.com. LOVE LOVE LOVE

02/20/2017    Monday - Fun show with call-in guests to get intuit Reads. Learning about their own power and possible paths. One of the guests stays on helping Orelia and Michael to challenge "psychic" capacities and talk about what he believes the source of all power. Michael and Orelia talk about the movement and how others can help. www.enhancethelight.com

02/13/2017    Monday - Learn about our movement and what we are doing with essential oils. Daren Gates is a doTERRA wellness advocate, and shares his insight on the frequency of essential oils and their benefit to the mass. https://www.mydoterra.com/ http://enhancethelight.com/ enhancethelight/#/

02/06/2017    Monday - What if how we did birth changed everything? Exposing the medical world, and educating ourselves on what are options are, while exploring natural options. Holly Stokes a hypnotherapist www.TheBrainTrainerllc.com and Midwife Deanna Gordon www.empoweringfearlessbirth.com and www.meetmidwives.com, Speak on positive options for birth and exciting new ways many are choosing to birth in their own homes. Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, is a third time author, her upcoming book "Mind Traps" reveals the thought viruses that keep us stuck and what to do about them. She has more than 20 years experience in the field of applied psychology and worked with several thousand clients in "rewiring" the brain.

She is the creator of A Lighter You System which teaches people to "rewire" cravings, mental blocks, lack of motivation and self sabotage for healthy life and weight loss. She has been quoted by Shape Magazine, Active Times and Chicago Tribune and appears on radio shows and local TV. She says, "Whatever you want to create in your life - the answers are in your brain." Books by Holly Stokes Visioneering Business: Designing Your Business with You in Mind Guidebook A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body. A Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action Mind Traps: How to Rewire the Mental Blocks of Procrastination, Hesitation and Self Sabotage.


01/16/2017    Monday - Guest Kasey Conder an ordained Priest of Isis, Heirophant, ArchDruid, Grand Knight Commander and ArchPriest in the Fellowship of Isis speaks on the power of the Goddess Isis and how tapping into her energy and exemplifying her life will bring one to a deeper understanding of the powers of the DIVINE. And that right now the attack on the feminine is part of the attack from the matrix, to keep people from themselves and their own power. If we connect to out creative, intuitive powers of Light we can be the change needed to stop the Powers that be, and have joy in the experience. Lady Loreon Vigne's passion to bring this worship into practice inspired the "fellowship of Isis" an Oasis to worship, and honor the Goddess within.

01/09/2017    Monday - The Trickle Up Effect is the theory and practice that we are most powerful in our purpose when we are coming from a place of wellness and functionality in our individual lives. It speaks to the microcosm that creates the macrocosm, and the grounded and practical ways we can be part of the planet's healing. Guest Dawni Christensen, the Practical Mystic, refers to herself as the psychic therapist. She works one on one and in groups to assist others with practical ways to make their spirituality relevant in this third dimension. You can reach her at dawnih@hotmail.com with comments and questions.

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