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08/22/2015    Saturday - Frater and Mater X talk about Frater's upcoming article in paranoiamagazine.com and other interesting topics in the news.


07/25/2015    Saturday -

07/18/2015    Saturday - Author and researcher Joseph Atwill from: http://caesarsmessiah.com and http://postflaviana.org returns to continue decoding pop culture and reverse engineering reality with host Frater X. Topics of discussion included the multi-generational suppression of truth, the Roman invention of Christianity, a secret gospel or doctrine in Christianity, Masonic symbolism in Catcher in the Rye-Salinger as agent of chaos, Shakespeare's Secret Messiah, weaponized literature , cognitive dissonance and controlled opposition. An Historic chat!

07/11/2015    Saturday - Frater X welcomes author and Master Adept Andrieh Vitimus from andriehvitimus.com to discuss his chapter in Anthology of Sorcery Vol.2 as well as addressing the easily misunderstood subjects of egregores, servitors, and thought-forms in this spirited and enlightened talk.


06/27/2015    Saturday - The Return of The Middle Chamber to American Freedom Radio. Tonight's special guest was Joseph Atwill renowned researcher lecturer and author of Caesar's Messiah http://caesarsmessiah.com/ returns to discuss his latest research: The Freemason in the Rye ( http://postflaviana.org/freemason-rye ) with FX. What an epic and amazing relaunch!!! Prepare to be blown away!

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