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06/18/2016    Saturday - Frater X discusses the new headquarters for TMC and location of the Mystic Media Center for Artistic Enlightenment in Valley Falls, Kansas. And he reads his only published short story titled: Kindred.


05/14/2016    Saturday - This week in TMC FraterX addresses a wide variety of topics including the present condition of the Alternative Media community and takes calls from listeners.


04/30/2016    Saturday - Frater X outlines how we have lost our way as a society and calls for open revolution in the streets of America. He also takes calls from listeners.

04/23/2016    Saturday - Conspiracy Research heavy hitter Prof. James Fetzer returns to TMC to discuss his research, blogs, podcasts, and most recent publications with FX. It was a tour de force!!!

04/02/2016    Saturday - Even with the absense of Jordan maxwell due to unfortunate illness, it was still an epic and informative talk between Freeman Fly from freemantv.com and Frater X covering a host of "outsider" topics.


03/19/2016    Saturday - First Hour Frater X launched a new feature in TMC: Readings from The Secret War reading the introduction from his book. Second hour Jordan Maxwell returned to continue the powerful discourse begun last week. It was another historic talk!

03/12/2016    Saturday - The legendary Jordan Maxwell veteran Conspiracy Researcher and lecturer extraordinaire makes his first historic appearance in TMC w/ FX What a show it was! Topics discussed included: Astro-Theology and the prehistoric golden age of humanity, Hollywoodism, The Occult origins of America, the even darker occult aspects of religion and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Great Show!

03/05/2016    Saturday - After a long Hiatus, AFR welcomes back The Middle Chamber with Frater X. Frater talks about his return and took listener calls.

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