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12/07/2017    Thursday - Niko House discusses Trump's declaration that claims Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


11/16/2017    Thursday - Niko House Discusses Possibility Of Trump Impeachment and Has A Necessary Conversation About Sexual Assault.

11/09/2017    Thursday - Niko House talks about Bernie's 2020 run, Donna Brazile Revelations, and Texas Shooting Paradise papers potential link.

11/02/2017    Thursday - Niko House discusses Donna Brazile's admission that the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders and Manafort's arrest and how it will affect mueller's Russia investigations.


10/26/2017    Thursday - Niko House talks about the new strange revelations in the Las Vegas shooting and tells us why the MSM is all of the sudden exposing the DNC.

10/19/2017    Thursday - Niko brings on HA Goodman to talk about his new book "But Her Deleted Emails."

10/12/2017    Thursday - Niko House talks about Trump's meeting with War Criminal Henry Kissinger, Eminem and Trump's Rap Beef, and establishment silence on Harvey Weinstein offenses.

10/05/2017    Wednesday - Niko House gives his take on the Las Vegas shooting, and discusses the upcoming DNC Fraud Protest.


09/28/2017    Thursday - Niko House tells us what really lead to the disaster in Puerto Rico, and describes why Trump's new travel ban is the scariest revelation of 2017.

09/07/2017    Thursday - VA Whistle Blower Tarref Simon Talks With Niko House About Deaths In VA Medical Facility Possibly Being Linked To Mud Contamination.


08/17/2017    Thursday - Niko's very special guest tonight was Author, Columnist and Journalist HA Goodman.

08/10/2017    Thursday - Mi Casa Es Su Casa: My Experience With The Local Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton Offered Plea Deal, And Colin Kaepernick.


07/22/2017    Saturday - Elizabeth Beck (DNC Fraud Attorney) Makes Revolutionary Connections In Clinton Connected Suicides, Colin Kaepernick, and Lincoln Park Lead Singer Suicide Leaves More Questions Than Answers.

07/15/2017    Saturday - Niko Rants about the strange politics of the day.


06/24/2017    Saturday - Mi Casa Es Su Casa - Justice Democrats Accidentally Run Progressive Against Progressives, Claudia Stauber of Cabin Talk and Debbie Lusigman from Sane Progressive Call Black Panel Divisive, and Justin Stewart Arrested For Protesting Then Framed For Robbery.

06/17/2017    Saturday - On todays show Niko House makes connections to Bill Cosby and Philandro Castile cases, talks about the division of Progressives, demonization of Bernie Sanders, and more.

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