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12/17/2018    Monday - Niko House talks about the 2020 Democratic Primary Prospects and Discusses The Loop Holes In The Yemen Bill.


11/12/2018    Monday - Niko Covers the recount in Florida, Andrew Gollumís premature concession, and more!

11/07/2018    Wednesday - Niko House discusses the footage of illegal ballot tampering in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz district, Why he believes Tim Canova was cheated, and what he thinks about the Democrats taking over the US House of Representatives.


10/15/2018    Monday - Niko brings on the Convo Couch to talk about the collapse of the Democratic Party.


09/10/2018    Monday - Niko Rants on the important issues in the news.


08/13/2018    Monday - Niko makes a special announcement and talks Omarosa recordings, Rashida Thalib's comments on Nancy Pelosi, and Peter Strzok's firing.


07/16/2018    Monday - In this segment Niko breaks down the various reactions of the press and politicians to Trump and Putin's press conference.

07/09/2018    Monday - Niko reflects on Ed Schultz stellar journalism career, the resurrection of Hillary Clinton's campaign, OPCW findings in the Syrian Chemical Weapons Case and MORE!2


06/25/2018    Monday - Niko discusses the recent immigration crisis, The Interview W/ Alex Jone's Wife, The RICO Complaint Against The Clinton Gang and More!

06/11/2018    Monday - Niko discusses the california primary election, the DNC changing the super delegate process, Russia accusing US of staging Syrian Chemical attacks and more!


05/21/2018    Monday - Niko addresses the Israeli / Palestine genocide, breaks down the Iran nuclear deal, discusses insider information about a potential invasion of Venezuela, and more!


04/30/2018    Monday - Niko talks about the political issues we all care about.

04/16/2018    Monday - Niko House talks misconceptions of the Syrian conflict, Andrew McCabe's OIG Report, and Facebook giving our data to the Koch Brothers.

04/09/2018    Monday - Niko discusses the chemical attacks in Syria, A new poll Dem that has Democratic Insiders trembling, and his new platform: JustNform.com


03/26/2018    Monday - Niko discusses his personal experience with March For Our Lives, YouTube Censorship, and Cambridge Analytica Hypocrisy.

03/19/2018    Monday - Niko House talks about the launch of his new multiplatform broadcast network, Hillary Clinton blaming women's husbands for her loss, and the Andrew McCabe fiasco in Washington.


02/26/2018    Monday - Niko discusses Jared H. Beck's book "What Happened To Bernie" and his relationship with Jared H. Beck, the new developments in the DNC Fraud Law Suit, and the newest developments in the Douglas High School shooting.

02/15/2018    Thursday - Niko discusses the school shooting in Broward County, FL, the on going feud within the young turks, and The US's use of chemical weapons in Syria.

02/08/2018    Thursday - Niko discusses Anthony Renden running in California on single payer healthcare, new developments in the Uranium One debacle, and the Russia debate between Cenk and Kyle Kulinski of TYT.

02/01/2018    Thursday - Niko House discusses Joe Kennedy's SOTU Response, Bernie Sanders' Push of Russiagate, and Trump's Cozy Relationship W/ The Deep State.


01/18/2018    Thursday - Niko discusses Joe Biden's "advice" for millennials, Chelsea Manning Mayhem, and Liberal Romance w/ Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

01/11/2018    Thursday - Niko discusses the recent boost in Wall Street, Julian Assangeís freedom, and how #Resist weakens the movement.

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