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01/13/2017    Friday - Round Table Ochelli Style Sholly, Barry Prince, and Brainfeed Walter. The alt media, Bloodlines, getting by with a little help from your friends and more on tap for a Friar's Day on The Ochelli Effect.

01/12/2017    Thurday - Author Carmine Savastano returns to the Ochelli Effect. Tonight Chuck and Carmine discuss American society, race, hate crimes, fake hate crime reports, pc culture, and the wisdom and words of Martin Luther King. #MLK

01/11/2017    Wednesday - Sherri Wisdom meets Professor Phil economic jujitsu. Co-host Sherri Wisdom and Chuck talk with Professor Phil from http://www.politicsandmoneyinc.com about the divide and conquer reality and ideas about taking back some control over revenue on the local level. Black, White and GREEN on The Ochelli Effect.

01/10/2017    Tuesday - Roger Landry and JP Sottile , Thimerosal (hour 1) Toxic Foreign policy ala Trump (hour 2) From cradle to grave the medical industrial complex and Whar may a re-imagined middle-east strategy look like if there is an agenda to be had?

01/09/2017    Monday - Ken Balcomb from http://whaleresearch.com Orcas and The ecosystem is the focus in hour 1. Co-Host Barry Prince and Chuck discuss positive solutions, and The greatest crime against humanity, The deception that has caused us to believe we have No or few choices that matter. Change yourself and the world around You will follow...

01/06/2017    Friday - Authors Liam Scheff and Daniel Louis Crumpton on Near Death, Life as we knew it, Sex, Drugs, and Peak Oil. http://liamscheff.com http://downloadedcontent.com

01/05/2017    Thursday - Lee Peer, The Last Voice For Liberty. Race, news, the MSM, and other foolishness all discussed with Chuck in The Only way "The Mouth" knows.

01/04/2017    Wednesday - Fabulous Co-Host Sherri Wisdom and Chuck Ochelli, speak about The GREEK, 2017, and Where is the alt Media going?

01/03/2017    Tuesday - Hour 1: Roger Landry From The Liberty Beacon http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/ talks about the legacy of the 44th POTUS and was BHO anything like a liberal or fascist. Hour 2: JP Sottile http://newsvandal.com/ Journalist, Historian, Media Analyst & Newvandal On Olypics, Trump, Post-Truth, Disruption & Escalation?

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