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03/27/2017    Monday - John S. Captain III tells us about The Life and Death of Tiffany Jenks. In October 2013 a 35 year old woman named Tiffany Jenks was Killed by a 357 revolver, she was not typical and neither is the alleged story told by the powers that be. John is The man who was demonized as "The abusive" ex-boyfriend, that is looking for answers and Justice In a case where The primary killer was only sentenced to 13 months in Prison. https://www.facebook.com/tiffanyjenksmonarch/

03/24/2017    Friday - Mark Windows on the world and the local global agenda.First hour Chuck waxes slightly poetic about the nature of Fabled Enemies abd how facts become less important than spin when events are used to drive sentiment and drive conflict immaculate. Second Hour UK Journalist Mark Windows describes the assembly of the narrative revolving around the alleged terror attack in London and much more on a Friars Day Ochelli Effect.

03/23/2017    Thursday - The Assassination of Kim Jong Nam with Carmine Savastano. On this edition of Sinister History Chuck and Carmine cover The history and context for a rather fresh political assassination and how it relates to the North Korean Regime.

03/22/2017    Wednesday - Sherri Wisdom and Daniel Louis Crumpton The Comedy Of Trump Errors and Comic Book Heroes. First hour Chuck gets very upset with The Great Orange Deception and comments on Terror or The need for weapons of mass distraction, before Anarchu hits The Camp Called UK. Second hour Daniel Louis Crumpton Joins in to complain about Anon-Skype overload, Discuss The Marvel universe, and Remind us all about Jason Patrick and his plight.

03/21/2017    Tuesday - Mike Swanson and JP Sottile The State of Market War and The Trump Vandal in The Mix. Mike Swanson http://www.thewarstate.com/ takes through Market analysis and Trends in The Money that hedge bets on the new normal. JP Sottile speaks through the smoke-screen protecting President Bannon, and Gives us another taste of how the Newsvandal operates, without Russian To Judgment http://newsvandal.com/.

03/20/2017    Monday - 2 hours spent Unique Lee. Everything Is A Weapon!!! The singularity and the Trans-Human agenda, through The Black Mirror as we study Fear Porn and run from the Cures to the Weapons, which are cures, and Thusly Everything is a Weapon. Unique Lee returns to the Ochelli Effect to explore The Psychotronic Rift.

03/16/2017    Thursday - JFK Assassination 101 with Larry Hancock and Carmine Savastano. Where do you begin? This show helps as we give you the baseline to begin examining the events of November 22, 1963 with two authors keeping Chuck on track while the basics of the case are offered. A call-in from Steve Roe also developes the Jack Ruby story a bit in the second hour. This is part 1 of a new sub-series to Sinister History on The Ochelli Effect.

03/15/2017    Wednesday - Albert Lanier and Daniel Louis Crumpton Join Co-host Sherri Wisdom Journalism and medicine. Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier is the first hours guest speaking about the evolution and lean markets of journalism in general. The difference between investigation and feeding the news and how the media is used either for or against the masses. In the second hour we are joined by Daniel Louis Crumpton discussing the new medical alternatives that are becoming the new Pharma.

03/14/2017    Tuesday - Mike Swanson and JP Sottile Out the Wall Street Window and Through the Looking Glass. Hour 1: The Author of the war state explains the Trumpashpere in the markets http://wallstreetwindow.com/node/13237. Hour 2: JP Sottile http://newsvandal.com takes us from Eugenics and Chicken Farms to The choice of criminal elementals in the back drop?

03/13/2017    Monday - Ethereal Altternatives with Harry Rhodes, Patti WalkinTurtle and Barry Prince. Weather modification, Organic, and artificial warfare, Energy is not understood in mainstream conventions and The magnetic array.

03/10/2017    Friday - The Generals LEE, Lee Peer The Last Voice For Liberty & Unique Lee from the UK. The first hour goes smoothe with Lee and his boy wonder speaking about Self Determination. Hour 2 gets a bit strange as Unique Lee takes us through a great many facts and strange disconnects that also lead to the need for self governance. P.S. Chucks Computer hates him and AFR may have macines hoining the revolt. What else is old?

03/09/2017    Thursday - Bill Simpich and Carmine Savastano Discuss Lee Harvey Oswald and the twisted trail of evidence that one must understand to get a grip on The alleged Lone assassin of JFK and Officer Tippit.

03/08/2017    Wednesday - Max Igan, Sherri Wisdom, Daniel Louis Crumpton Taking a ride. There is much more to Life than the political structure promotes, and the calm before the storm, along with the storm are all meant to be experienced without fear.

03/07/2017    Tuesday - Michael Swanson and JP Sottile On The Shallow Deep State, The Unaffordable Care acts, and The Unreality Star named Trump.Meanwhile the wide world of un-sportsman like conduct keeps spinning like the cycle of news is being powered by a hamster in a wheel after a meth bender. The News is not all fake but the fa ke might indeed be the news. What kind of world can you think of?

03/06/2017    Monday - Brad Salzberg , Barry Prince, and James Shanks On Justin Trudeau and The Fall of The Canadian Culture. Mr. Salzber is the founder of The Cultural Action Party of Canada and writer for Canada Free Press. Barry Prince is the host of The Big Puzzle. We discuss Canadian anti-hate-speech legislation and the concept of Creepi ng Sharia Law along with perspectives on Free Speech, and The True agenda of The alleged Liberal government in Canada. It sounds nearly like the American version of the Islam topic conversations we are having off and on in the U.S.

03/03/2017    Friday - John Potash author of Drugs As Weapons Against Us. Often forgotten in discussions on The Alleged War On Drugs is LSD, and the use of Icons in the agenda. Cobain, Tupac, Hendrix, SDS, and even The Black Panthers are all referenced in this rare conversation.

03/01/2017    Wednesday - Round Table with ASA, Sherri Wisdom, Daniel Louis Crumpton, Regular Joe. Open discussions ranging from DMT, International business, music, The Home Land Generation, and Positive Death Metal. Yeah a mixed bag of tricks and treats, leading to what the Alien Nation might be.


02/28/2017    Tuesday - Trump and Dump Hustle with Michael Swanson and JP Sottile. As the Trumpets sound off in a joint address to the House and Senate The Ochelli Effect Goes with The author of The War State Blogging at The Wall Street Window to sort out the public and private interests that seem to represent shifting sands in The administration of #45 with Mike Swanson in the first hour. JP Sottile The NewsVandal himself getts us through the mobbed open source discussions of Russians, and so much more in Hour 2.

02/27/2017    Monday - Cali-Flood-ication, Fuk-u-shima, and getting Sauced with Scott Bishop, Lonnie Clark, & Barry Prince. Hour 1: we get a boots on the ground update regarding recent floods in California with Scott Bishop before Chuck tells us there is only one place in GA that has actual PIZZA. Hour 2: Lonnie Clark Updates us on Fukushima and discusses the scourge of radiation seemingly everywhere and side tracks into positive conduct and creating a loving vibe to combat the Psychotic puppets in government. Barry Prince is the co-host riding shotgun for most of the trip on a Monday Ochelli Effect. Thank You Lolo...

02/24/2017    Friday - Clint Richardson The Matrix Versus The Natural Law. http://strawmanstory.info The supreme being is a state of existence not a character, and That which is legal is not lawful. Clint has compiled some of the best understandings of this "Dog-Latin" has to offer. Title is not substance and Nature is not a word. You are the Borg...

02/23/2017    Thursday - The Ochelli Effect's "Sinister History" resumes with author Carmine Savastano. In this evening's discussion, Chuck Ochelli and Carmine review evidence offering more details of the plotting against Congo Prime Minster Lumumba and the identity of CIA contract agent codenamed QJWIN. #CIA #QJWIN #AFR

02/21/2017    Tuesday - The Trump Trojan Whores? with JP Sottile of NewsVandal.com and Kim Ochelli. The grand weapons of mass distraction have been deployed. Is anyone actually paying attention to the agenda or is the charade the only thing being noticed? Mcmasterbated? Out like Flynn? Are you not entertained? Trumped on a Tuesday Ochelli Effect.

02/20/2017    Monday - Kevin Gallagher Time Out for critical Thoughts with Co-host Barry Prince. Time Out with Kevin Gallagher is a Connecticut based Cable access show for about 20 years and apparently has a host that fits right in on The Ochelli Effect. Discussions range From Sandy Hook, 9-11, The Drug war, and even The Trumpet Phenomenon when Kevin sits down with Chuck and Barry, along with a quick portrait of who might be who in the Constitution or Nutmeg State.

02/17/2017    Friday - 2 Hours Unique Lee, Traversing history, and other board Games. Unique Lee is a broadcaster, and Media creator https://www.slideshare.net/uniquelee from Camp U.K. that indeed views the evolution of the Roman system and the order of the in a uniquely vibrant way on this particular Friars day of The Ochelli Effect. Listen and learn or at least think for a while.

02/16/2017    Thursday - American Freedom Radio presents the Ochelli Effect's "Sinister History". Chuck Ochelli and researcher Carmine Savastano discuss the CIA's GPFLOOR (Oswald) inquiry and related evidence. #JFK #Ochelli #AFR

02/15/2017    Wednesday - Daniel Louis Crumpton and Sherri Wisdom Yeshua and Cash Me Owe Sigh? The strange realm of Downloaded Content and the Rituals of the Machines with one good caller and two that didn't quite make it Plus a quick lesson on the Bible? Yeah it happened...

02/14/2017    Tuesday - Mike Swanson, JP Sottile The War of the deep state as Trumpets blare. Hour 1: Author of "The War State" Michael Swanson gets In with Flynn and touches on the over-used war state descriptor. Hour 2: JP Sottile, Journalist, Historian and Vandal of the News, Explains what great expectations and good intensions pave the road to the White House in Bannon's Merika, and the one world problem with the one China policy, in the one world Executive Order. Tremendousness In Bigly Alternative Facts?

02/13/2017    Monday - Free Energy and Better Motors Project Shazizz, Muddy, Mr. Anderson, and Barry Prince. Interesting Ideas and Scientific methods on a Monday Ochelli Effect.

02/10/2017    Friday - Canadian Round Table 3 Stephen Garvey, Barry Prince. again just like the U.S. Health or should we say Sick Care, Corruption and an Attack on Free Speech. Sounds like America? This is why they are called "Global Elites" who the 2 party system serve instead of YOU THE PEOPLE. It's the One party that the governed were not invited to. Trump, Trudeau and all the rest are just the face of the clique, but WE are the crowd. Different Names same Games!

02/09/2017    Thursday - American Freedom Radio and The Ochelli Effect present Sinister History. Tonight on the show, Chuck and Carmine Savastano discuss the Separation of Church and State and the Johnson Amendment. #Law #US #AFR

02/08/2017    Wednesday - Benjamin Fulford and Daniel Louis Crumpton We are NOT ALL doomed. http://benjaminfulford.net is where one can find more perspectives from the uniquely qualified former reporter from Forbes related to Official criminals, governmental institutions, and and Government Officials who need to be institutionalized. Daniel Louis Crumpton of http://downloadedcontent.com gives us the address for the download that may dome in the cycle of Life or Death while peddling hi s ideas and even gets Chuck to discuss things he did not include in Nutshell. Feel confused by reading this? Listen and your experience may vary.

02/07/2017    Tuesday - Chuck Rants, JP Tries to I.D. the rider of Trojan Horse Trump? Chuck goes over the basic ideas in his head and rambiizes before JP Sottile Vandalizes views as the theme of strategy in struggle for dominion emerges in news and opinion.

02/06/2017    Monday - Liam Scheff - Frogs are Boiling Hopium and Soilent Green? The Oil Industry and Natural Healt Industry are predicated on metrics that simply won't hold true it seems. Author, and media creater Liam Scheff gives us context for preppers.

02/03/2017    Friday - Canadian Roundtable 2 Stephen Garvey, Barry Prince, Brian Porter, Free Speech? Islam? Trudeau? Canadian Values? all discussed in a way that echoes the social and political conflicts of The U.S. Is this a North American Proble? A Global phenomenon? Or a Phenominon of Globalists in North American? Listen and decide.

02/02/2017    Thursday - Thursday Night means it's time for another "Sinister History" on the Ochelli Effect. Tonight Chuck and author Carmine Savastano discuss Modern politics, some Warren Commission media leaks, and the Dallas official suspected of being the source.

02/01/2017    Wednesday - Cultural Clashes, and Tag Hashes Kevin Barrett, Brian Porter, Sherri Wisdom. In the 1st hour Chuck asks Intellectual, Truth advocate and Yes indeed a Muslim, Kevin Barrett to explain the assertions of others regarding Islam, The War on Terror, and what the need for Truth Jihad is. In the second hour joining Chuck Ochelli, Sherri Wisdom and Brian Porter, http://www.makeadifference.com.au/ in discussing ways of learning to disconnect from the Imposed Society and recapture the essecense of who we are and the purpose we hold on this planet.


01/31/2017    Tuesday - Daniel Louis Crumpton and JP Sottile Nutshell , The News, and Getting Shelled by Nuts. Hour 1 Chuck is late for his own show, So DLC kicks it off discussing Nutshell The Documentary about The Ochelli Effect, and The credit that needs to be given to Shirley at Falshmart. Hour 2 Jp tells us why Trump is still not a "Fascist" but may be a table setter? History and perspective on the politics of Identity, or The Identity of Politics? http://newsvandal.com http://downloadedcontent.com

01/30/2017    Monday - Islam, Radicals, Refugees, and Identity? Barry Prince, Steve Garvey, Brian Porter tell us how Canada is faced with a clash of cultures just like The U.S. Chuck tries to contain his personal views. What is Canadian culture and what is attacking it according to The panel discussion. Another show may be needed on the topic.

01/27/2017    Friday - Rick Champagne - The late co-founder of Shake and Wake Radio - His wife Annie Joins Chuck and Barry Prince To Celebrate and pay tribute to a man on a heart-felt mission to raise people up and fight against that which tears them down. Various callers Chime in Including JJ Ink, Billy Hayes, Patti WalinTurtle, BK and others to remind people that Rick is still with us.

01/26/2017    Thursday - Tonight on the Ochelli Effect's "Sinister History" Author Carmine Savastano joins Chuck Ochelli. They review the past and recent claims of author, Nixon operative and political trickster Roger Stone.

01/25/2017    Wednesday - Joining Chuck Ochelli, co-host Sherri Wisdom and Sunshine On, which describes her beautifully; with an opptomistic point of view helping to encourage the learning of others. So many levels of deception have been handed down for generations, it can be frightening to learn the truth, seem unreal, or maybe that you are even loosing your mind. Take some time to hear the stories of people who are experiencing the same, learning ways to move forward. To take back the control of ourselves and our communities through communication and education.

01/24/2017    Tuesday - Trumpeters In Alternative Facts media (hour 1) JP Sottile , The Newsvandal(hour 2). Chuck explains why TLB and Roger Landry parted company with TOE and Chuck, and explains that many are fleeing from the Ochelli Effect, though TLB is a separate issue. In the second hour JP sottile puts The New World disorder in order and talks about more than 30 shades of grey, and Wiggle Room in the Trump Era.

01/20/2017    Friday - Dr. Richard Alan Miller Life After Death, Publishing, water, and Consciousness. http://richardalanmiller.com

01/19/2017    Thursday - The Ochelli Effect presents Sinister History. Author Carmine Savastano pays Chuck and the show a visit to discuss the JFK case, evidence, and the statements of Marina Oswald. #JFK

01/18/2017    Wednesday - Jim Lee Climateviewer.com & Sherri Wisdom (Co-Host) SlaveSpeak, Man-made Clouds, and the "N" word all made plain, because words are weapons even when we don't know there is a war.

01/17/2017    Tuesday - Roger Landry The Liberty Beacon Vaccine reality. JP Sottile NewsVandal Hitting Devos The Bletway Chelsea/Bradley Manning and AL Franken.

01/13/2017    Friday - Round Table Ochelli Style Sholly, Barry Prince, and Brainfeed Walter. The alt media, Bloodlines, getting by with a little help from your friends and more on tap for a Friar's Day on The Ochelli Effect.

01/12/2017    Thurday - Author Carmine Savastano returns to the Ochelli Effect. Tonight Chuck and Carmine discuss American society, race, hate crimes, fake hate crime reports, pc culture, and the wisdom and words of Martin Luther King. #MLK

01/11/2017    Wednesday - Sherri Wisdom meets Professor Phil economic jujitsu. Co-host Sherri Wisdom and Chuck talk with Professor Phil from http://www.politicsandmoneyinc.com about the divide and conquer reality and ideas about taking back some control over revenue on the local level. Black, White and GREEN on The Ochelli Effect.

01/10/2017    Tuesday - Roger Landry and JP Sottile , Thimerosal (hour 1) Toxic Foreign policy ala Trump (hour 2) From cradle to grave the medical industrial complex and Whar may a re-imagined middle-east strategy look like if there is an agenda to be had?

01/09/2017    Monday - Ken Balcomb from http://whaleresearch.com Orcas and The ecosystem is the focus in hour 1. Co-Host Barry Prince and Chuck discuss positive solutions, and The greatest crime against humanity, The deception that has caused us to believe we have No or few choices that matter. Change yourself and the world around You will follow...

01/06/2017    Friday - Authors Liam Scheff and Daniel Louis Crumpton on Near Death, Life as we knew it, Sex, Drugs, and Peak Oil. http://liamscheff.com http://downloadedcontent.com

01/05/2017    Thursday - Lee Peer, The Last Voice For Liberty. Race, news, the MSM, and other foolishness all discussed with Chuck in The Only way "The Mouth" knows.

01/04/2017    Wednesday - Fabulous Co-Host Sherri Wisdom and Chuck Ochelli, speak about The GREEK, 2017, and Where is the alt Media going?

01/03/2017    Tuesday - Hour 1: Roger Landry From The Liberty Beacon http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/ talks about the legacy of the 44th POTUS and was BHO anything like a liberal or fascist. Hour 2: JP Sottile http://newsvandal.com/ Journalist, Historian, Media Analyst & Newvandal On Olypics, Trump, Post-Truth, Disruption & Escalation?

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