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12/26/2015    Saturday - Cosmic censorship and eight zeros decoded?

12/19/2015    Saturday - The Spirit , The Soul , The Body & The Ignorant Savages.

12/12/2015    Saturday - Random Thoughts And Miscellaneous Brain Candy.

12/05/2015    Saturday - The Devil Is In The Details.


11/28/2015    Saturday - Geo-politics anyone? Not like television news.

11/21/2015    Saturday - Ochelli and The Greek join in on AFR's Radio Marathon with their very special guest, the one, the only "Radio Gun" Jack Blood. http://deadlinelive.info

11/14/2015    Saturday - Be objective , Cooler Heads will prevail.

11/07/2015    Saturday - The Dummy Load.


10/31/2015    Saturday - Learn To Tell Time! If you can!

10/24/2015    Saturday - Is God dead? If so, which one? and is there a supreme being? Skype callers join in the discussion, and a foundation for new information is slowly poured without regard to the wind-up toys and work schedules.

10/17/2015    Saturday - On tonights show Chuck and the Greek discuss the Constitution of the United States and other fascinating tidbits.

10/10/2015    Saturday - On tonights show the "concept of the container" Ochelli and The Greek talk about the real nature of the human body.

10/03/2015    Saturday - The inaugural show of Ochelli and The Greek. This is the only show in America that is talking about the topics that no other media outlet even understands.

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