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12/17/2016    Saturday - Four Arrows (Don Jacobs) American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone / Polly Cooke Hughes ; Rev Pinkney Update. Part one Don Jacobs discusses events at Standing Rock and environmental issuses then explains his theory of the assassination of Paul Wellstone.

Part Two Polly Cooke Hughes discusses the plight of political prisoner Rev Ed Pinkney. You can send Rev Pinkney a card at Rev. Edward Pinkney #294671, Brooks/Fremont C.F., 2500 S. Sheridan Drive, Muskegon Heights, MI 49444

12/10/2016    Saturday - Ed's guests today were Irvin Muchnick and Ambra Weight.

12/03/2016    Saturday - Clive Doyle : Journey to Waco: Autobiography of a Branch Davidian, Clive Doyle is a survivor of the FBI / ATF assault on the Branch Davidian Church in Waco Texas in 1993 on April 19 that culminated in a fire that killed 53 adults and 23 children, with only nine survivors.


11/26/2016    Saturday - Lynn Johansenn: Justice for Grayson! Guest Lynn Johansenn is an expert and advocater for birth families caught up in the adoption industry. She provides advice and shares horror stories of corruption in this under regulated industry.

11/19/2016    Saturday - Guest Mark Ebner of www.HollywoodInterrupted.com talks about huis fascinating life. His long friendship with Andrew Brietbart, The Bill Cosby case and many other fascinating topics.

11/12/2016    Saturday - Guests William Ramsey and Richard Kurt Haskell discuss very disturbing allegations that have sprung out of the release of John Podesta emails via Wikileaks. A trail of clues that appear to reveal an elaboate network of powerful pedophiles and child traffickers. Connectiions to occult rituals, underground tunnels and rooms, a trail of instagram photos and comments all so disturbing that the host and guests are noticibly shaken.

11/05/2016    Saturday - Ed's guest host was William Ramsey and his special guests were Cort Lindahl and Lee Veltman.


10/22/2016    Saturday - Joseph Sciambra : Swallowed By Satan / Lydie Denier: Trump Debate Guest. In Swallowed by Satan, Joseph Sciambra reveals the inner torments which drove a suburban California boy to become an actor in gay fetish pornographic films, satanic cults and Nazi rituals. Lydie Denier , Fmr fiance of Ambassador Christ Stevens describes her experience attempting to attend the Las Vegas debate as Donald Trumps honored guest. First surrounded my DNC sponsored protesters, then stopped and detained by police then stopped at the entrance by US Secret Service. All coordinated to prevent Rumps guests of honor from attending debate.

10/15/2016    Saturday - Ed Interviews Michael Griesbach author of Indefensible: The Missing Truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach, and Making a Murderer. Griesbach describes facts and evidence of Setven Avery guilt that was not presented in the Netflix TV series.

10/08/2016    Saturday - This Week's show is jam packed with guests and informtion, we start with NYT Bestselling author Ed Klein autor of Guilty as Sin. We discuss his insider information about Bill Clintons behavior with female interns at the Clinton Foundation. Jeffrey Epsein and Hillary's health and various crimes. Next up is Former Clinton mistress who confirms being harassed and threatened by Hillary clinton, losing jobs and US Secret Service and State Dept harassment. She confirms Bill Clinton telling her Hilary had 2 aborrtions and even struck herself in the stomach while pregnant with chelsea.

Lastly we have a firey visit from former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Dr Cynthia Mckinney who was outraged over a character smear in a US publication, she discusses her correct invections into the 2000 Florida election fraud and 911 and much more.

10/01/2016    Saturday - Notorious Crack Cocaine kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross joins Ed to discuss overcoming illteracy to lead a 600 million dollar crack cocaine empire. How that led him to deal with a Nicaraguan contra cocaine sumggler and slain investigative journalist Gary Webb.


09/24/2016    Saturday - Ed talks to Therese Van Pelt local Las Vegas activist and organizer with "The Bee People" They discuss the corruptrion and election rigging in the DNC. Black Lives Matter and police murders, Common Core, ACORN, and much more.

09/17/2016    Saturday - Hour 1: Gary Byrne author of Crisis of Character. A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate. Mr. Byrne gives his expert opinion on Secret Service reaction to Hillary Clinton's medical emergency on 9/11/16.

Hour 2: Dr Ted Noel gives his expert medical opinion and analysis of Hillary Clinton health and 9/11/16 medical emergency.

09/10/2016    Saturday - DC Civil Rights Attorney, John Clarke discusses his work asa FIOA lawyer in MIA POW cases, His lawsuit in TWA 800 and the Vince Foster death. http://www.fbicover-up.com


08/27/2016    Saturday - Hour 1: Author Joel Selvin, Altamont: The Rolling Stones, the Hells Angels, and the Inside Story of Rock's Darkest Day. Hour 2: Ted Rubinstein Follow up on Danny Casolaro - Octopus Promis Software - Adnan Khashogi and breaking news on Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnsons involvement.

08/20/2016    Saturday - Johnston is an investigative journalist and the winner of a 2001 Pulitzer Prize for his innovative coverage of taxes. A long-time reporter for the New York Times and former president of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), he is also the author of the New York Times bestsellers Perfectly Legal and Free Lunch and wrote a casino industry expose, Temples of Chance. He has won the IRE Medal and a George Polk Award for his reporting, and is currently a columnist for The Daily Beast, Investopedia, National Memo, Tax Notes and USA Today. Johnston teaches at Syracuse University College of Law and lives in Rochester, New York.

08/13/2016    Saturday - Brad Schreiber: Revolution's End: The Patty Hearst Kidnapping, Mind Control, and the Secret History of Donald DeFreeze and the SLA. Forty years after the Patty Hearst "trial of the century," the true story of the events, including the beginning of police militarization in America. Revolution's End fully explains the most famous kidnapping in US history, detailing Patty Hearst's relationship with Donald DeFreeze, known as Cinque, head of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Not only did the heiress have a sexual relationship with DeFreeze while he was imprisoned; she didn't know he was an informant and a victim of prison behavior modification. Brad Schreiber's book here.

08/06/2016    Saturday - Niko House of North Carolna Students For Bernie discusses his investigation into Clinton infiltration of Bernie Sanders campaign, wikileaks, DNC corruption, physical intimidation of Sen Sanders. His DNC laswuit and the death of his process server Sean Lucas.


07/30/2016    Saturday - Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Review discussed Scientology, OJ Simpson and more. Wiliam Ramsey discussed his book. Children of the Beast.

07/23/2016    Saturday - Ray Blehar: Second Mile Sandusky Scandal. Ray Blehar is a government investigator that has spent years researching and investigating Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile charity.

07/16/2016    Saturday - Tom Dunn: Detestable - The new documentary film that unveils the secret of Satanic Ritual Abuse. "Many of you do not know what we have uncovered in the last 35 years." Russ Dizdar from the film detestable. For years individuals have been coming forward with stories that are so horrifying that most people find them hard to believe. These accounts detail traumatic memories of Satanic Rituals that involve Human Sacrifice, Sexual Abuse, and Mind Control Techniques.

07/09/2016    Saturday - Ed's Special Guest was Patrick Knowleton, Author and Vince Fosrter Witness.

07/02/2016    Saturday - Mathew Richer co-author with private investigator Tom Grant discusses the motive, death and suspects in the murder of Kurt Cobain www.Cobaincase.com


06/25/2016    Saturday - Critical Mass: How Nazi Germany Surrendered Enriched Uranium for the United States Atomic Bomb. Guests: Dr. Delmar Bergen, retired director of the Nuclear Weapons Program at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the world’s first atom bombs were designed & Author Carter Hydrick.

06/18/2016    Saturday - Willis Morgan author of Frustrated Witness relates his first hand eye witness account of Jeffrey Dhamer's presense at the scene of the Adam Walsh abduction. He goes on to relate the details of his personal investigation into Dhamer and the Walsh murder.

06/11/2016    Saturday - Len Colodny author of Silent Coup: The Removal of a President & The Forty Years War: The Rise and Fall of the Neocons, from Nixon to Obama. Len Colodny has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Nixon Era White house and Watergate. Mr. Colodny Runs www.watergate.com

06/04/2016    Saturday - Ed's Guest host today was historian William Ramsay with his special guests, Bill Clinton rape victim, Juanita Broberick and followed by Johnny Cirucci, author of Illuminati Unmasked that ties together everything you ever needed to know about the “One World Order” from its inception in Babylon through to its near completion, today. http://johnnycirucci.com/illuminati-unmasked/


05/28/2016    Saturday - Richard Stratton describes his life as a smuggler, his connections to Norman Mailer. He time in prison and his amazing creative career as a writer and film maker. Some of his works include critically acclaimed American Gladiator and Whiteboyz.

05/21/2016    Saturday - Ed's Special Guest was Former Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia Mckinney who discusses Clinton crimes in haiti, the election, political corruption and social injustice.

05/14/2016    Saturday - Ed's special guest was David Shurter.

05/07/2016    Saturday - Catherine Myrick-GHOST KILLER: The Return of Darkness: An Investigation Discovery in the ATKID Major Case #30: Missing and Murdered Children. A discussion of the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders and various conspiracy theiries about the case.


04/30/2016    Saturday - Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips Authors of ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security & Trance Formation of America. Describe their theories and beliefs about MKULTRA and mind control.

04/23/2016    Saturday - Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom Emeritus Professor of Geography California State University, Stanislaus. Discusses climate change, Tavistock, mind control and cults.

04/02/2016    Saturday - Ed's Guest host today was historian William Ramsay with his special guest, documentary film maker, John Hankey.


03/26/2016    Saturday - Tony Ortega is executive editor of TheLipTV and is formerly the editor of The Village Voice. He's written about Scientology since 1995, and in May 2015 released a book about Scientology's harassment of Paulette Cooper titled "The Unbreakable Miss Lovely." He continues to monitor breaking developments in the Scientology world.

03/19/2016    Saturday - Dawn Schiller was fifteen years old in 1976, when her family moved into an apartment complex managed by 32-year-old porn star John Holmes. Holmes courted Dawn, had sex with her, and manipulated her with drugs and alcohol. Holmes physically and emotionally abused Dawn for several years while prostituting her on the streets of Hollywood, brothels and to drug dealers. After the famed Wonderland murders in 1981, they fled to Florida, where she ultimately broke free and turned him over to the police.

03/12/2016    Saturday - Sally Miller: Beauty Queen - Let No Deed Go Unpublished. Sally was Bill Clinton's mistress in the 80s. Her secret was outed by Clinton's bodyguards and her life was turned upside down. In this exclusive interview she discloses she has been a target of threats, intimidation, character assassination and career sabotage. In this interview she discloses Bill's fetishes, fantasies and reveals for the first time ever that Hillary Clinton had two abortions while married to Bill.

03/05/2016    Saturday - Law Professor, Jim Hunt, Author of Warrior : Frank Sturgis - The CIA's Number One Assassin - Spy He is the nephew of CIA Assassin / Watergate Burglar Frank Sturgis. Discusses his uncles career in CIA, Bay of Pigs, Watergate, JFK Assassination. Mr Hunt is currently investigating allegations his uncle took part in a 1980 Portugal plane bombing that took the lives of the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Mr Hunt was the alibi witness for Frank Sturgis on Nov 22 1963.


02/27/2016    Saturday - Hank Harrison: Love Kills The Assassination of Kurt Cobain. Hank Harrison father of Courtney Love returns to The Opperman Report for a third visit. We cover everything from the murder of Kurt Cobain, Courtney's childhood, drugs, sex , Rock & Roll, LSD and the CIA! Hank Reveals fort he first time he's friends with Kenneth Anger and discuses allegations of satanic rituals at MTV...You can pre-order Hanks book by emailing Zendogg@gmail.com

02/20/2016    Saturday - John Herlosky , discusses remote viewing and his book A Sorcerer's Apprentice - A Skeptic's Journey into the CIA's Project Stargate. Host Ed Opperman, a digital forensic investigator shares his insights into iPhone passwork breaking and recent DOJ pressure on Apple.

02/13/2016    Saturday - A deeper understanding of the occult aspects of 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination. The year is 2013, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, and Kent Bain discovers that he and the rest of the unwitting citizenry of Tupelo, Mississippi, are enmeshed in a year-long series of scripted events meticulously planned and brilliantly executed by some of the most ruthless, diabolically creative, powerful psychopaths on the planet. From a critical look at the suspicion-arousing Boston bombings to new revelations about the Kennedy assassination and the Zapruder film, the author weaves tantalizing insights into a range of historical events that help the reader better understand the breadth and depth of the villainy with which Kent is faced.

02/06/2016    Saturday - St. John Hunt : Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty. Jeb and the Bush Crime Family is the book that smashes through the layers of lies and secrecy that has surrounded and protected our country's very own political dynasty. New York Times bestselling author and legendary political insider, Roger Stone lashes out with a blistering indictment that exposes the true history and monumental hypocrisy of the Bushes. In his usual "go for the jugular" style, Stone collaborates with Saint John Hunt-author, musician, and son of legendary CIA operative E. Howard Hunt-to make this a "no-holds-barred" history of the Bush family. http://www.saintjohnhunt.net/


01/30/2016    Saturday - George Christie Jr. was born in 1947 in Ventura, California to a family of Greek immigrants and grew up an only child. From an early age, he was fascinated by motorcycles and outlaw culture, and by the time he started school his intelligence and rebellious attitude set him apart from his peers. As a teenager, he became an avid surfer.When one of his surfing buddies showed up at the beach one day on a Harley-Davidson, George knew what he had to do. In 1966, despite the objections of his father, he bought his first bike-a 1957 Panhead-for $200. He was soon hanging around with Ventura outlaw bike club The Question Marks and famous motorcycle customizers Von Dutch and Dick Woods. Hour Two: Dave Miller is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Adventures in Life Ministry, a receiving mission organization hosting short term mission teams in Mexico since 1992. Prior to that, Dave served for three years as a youth pastor in Santa Monica at Trinity Baptist Church. It was there that he went on his first short-term mission. Since founding AIL Ministry more than 20 years ago, he has worked with hundreds of churches and thousands of participants from the US, Canada and Mexico in short-term mission throughout Mexico. In 1985 the group made national news when police dropped a bomb on the Osage house from a helicopter. The explosion and ensuing fire killed 11 innocent people, including five children and the group's leader, John Africa. Only two occupants survived-Ramona, an adult and Birdie, a child. In addition, approximately 60 other (non MOVE-affiliated) homes were destroyed as the entire block burned. Police and firefighters standing by watching innocent people burn to death and an entire neighborhood destroyed.

01/23/2016    Saturday - Tina Foster is an attorney in Seattle. Tina has researched the area of doubles and imposter-replacements, focusing on Paul McCartney, since 2008. She has examined how they are used in psyops by intelligence, military, and the entertainment industry. Some of her research is posted at Plastic Macca - Paul is Dead: plasticmacca.blogspot.com

01/16/2016    Saturday - The West Memphis Three are three men who were tried and convicted as teenagers, in 1994, of the 1993 murders of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. Damien Echols was sentenced to death, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. was sentenced to life imprisonment plus two 20-year sentences, and Jason Baldwin was sentenced to life imprisonment. During the trial, the prosecution asserted that the children were killed as part of a Satanic ritual. A number of documentaries have been based on the case, and naive or sympathetic celebrities and musicians have held fundraisers in the belief that they are innocent. Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders. With shocking insights into one of the most talked about murder cases in American history, Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders reveals the truth about the death of three children in West Memphis, Arkansas in 1993. By analyzing original police transcripts and court documents, William Ramsey conclusively proves that witchcraft and the occult were involved in the heinous murders, and that a continuing wall of deception has prevented the public from realizing the awful truth about the West Memphis Three child killings.

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