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12/28/2017    Thursday - Carl Albert describes his faith and beliefs and gives us details about the pedophilia allegations about Afrika Bambaata. The Godfather of Hip Hop.

12/21/2017    Thursday - Ed's special guest was Brian Heiss.

12/14/2017    Thursday - Dr. Lori Handrahan has over twenty years of humanitarian and human rights work in Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans. Her focus is gender-based violence, conflict/post-conflict environments, UN reform, and ending child sex abuse. She was UNHCR's first Gender Expert in emergency operations during the Darfur genocide, UNHCR's Regional Gender Advisor in The Balkans, CARE's Girls' Leadership Assessment lead evaluator in Yemen, UNFPA's Gender-Based Violence Information Management System lead evaluator in Uganda, and OCHA's sole evaluator on their agency-wide gender review. Dr. Handrahan completed her Ph.D. at London School of Economics. Her work is published widely from academic journals to The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, The Washington Times, Forbes, The National Journal, The Daily Beast, and Fox News. She has been a guest on CNN, Fox News, CTV, and CCTV.

12/07/2017    Thursday - The Truth & Justice Podcast is listener driven show, devoted to the pursuit of truth and justice. Host, Bob Ruff, investigates potential wrongful conviction and cold cases using a unique crowdsourcing approach. Bob invites listeners to participate in the investigations, as he breaks down a new case in each season in real time. Truth & Justice is currently on Season 5, where Bob has re-opened an investigation into the brutal murders of three 8 year old boys. The murder occurred in 1993, in West Memphis, Arkansas.


11/30/2017    Thursday - Ed's special guests today were Steven David Lampley in the first hour and Gary Meese in the second hour.

11/16/2017    Thursday - Ed Interviews Nathan Forrest Winters https://www.gofundme.com/we-r-their-voice My name is Nathan Forrest Winters; I am a child sex abuse survivor. Best known for my role as Casey, in the 1987 horror film 'Clownhouse' written and directed by Victor Salva. Salva is known best for his films 'powder' and the 'Jeepers Creepers' series and being the man that sexually abused me for six years of my childhood. Towards the end of '87 Salva was convicted of 5 counts of child molestation and sentenced to three years, of which he served a mere eighteen months at a treatment center in Napa valley California. It's now been three decades since Salva was convicted and sentenced. It was then at the age 12 that my journey and search for healing began. At 20 I found my voice as a survivor. My intention was and still remains to raise awareness and to educate. To shed light onto these darkest of crimes and to be a living example of proof that there is in fact healing to be found in the wake of abuse. To help others to find their strength, courage and their voice.

I am currently in production of a documentary entitled 'Pure Eternus: The Babysitter'. Directed by Connar Frazier,'Babysitter' tells the story of my journey from victim to survivor. I also am fulfilling a dream of mine by writing all the music for the film. I am also in the grassroots stages of starting a non-profit organization called 'we R their voice' as well as booking venues for my 'Raised Awareness' speaking tour I plan to launch by spring of next year. So I am quite busy but ecstatic to have such an awesome amount of support and such a willingness to help me see my dreams of doing my part to make this world safer and to expose these predators of our children become a reality. I am proud to be a part of the solution. To be the voice for our children who virtually have none in our judicial system. to bring this epidemic out into the forefront. We as a whole in this country have been too afraid to face such an unspeakable topic and continue to turn a blind eye. This has allowed these predators of our children to go unchecked for too long. Just a few of many disturbing facts is that every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Every 8 minutes that victim is a child. Meanwhile only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators is convicted. By donating you are making all of this possible; funds go towards establishing a nonprofit, the 'Raised Awareness' speaking, And assisting Nathan with making this world a safer place.

11/09/2017    Thursday - Ed interviews British-American lawyer and author Geoff Gilson www.maggieshammer.com about the real story behind the Mueller investigation. Is Mueller after Russian Mob "Boss of Bosses" Semion Mogilevich, not Trump? Why does it all lead back to Eastern Europe, the Velvet Revolution and the covert influence of Chivalric Orders?

11/02/2017    Thursday - Ed interviews Grant Stern about the Rosneft oil deal and how it pertains to all the Russia scandals and the Chirstopher Steele Dossier.


10/26/2017    Thursday - Ed has an exclusive interview with Davida Kelley as she reveals for the first time her interaction with Harvey Weinstein. Davida goes on to describe her life growing up an a apocalyptic sex cult Children of God also known as The Family., Working at Scores, living in 70 countries and training in Soviet military. You can find her modeling web site at https://davidakelleyfans.wixsite.com/dk-fan-club

10/19/2017    Thursday - Ed Interviews William Ramsey about his new documentary about The Smiley Face Killers. They also discuss cults, serial killers and other topcs. In a monolog Ed describes the documentary An Open Secret about pedophelia in Hollywood and then describes a child trafficking case he worked on about 18 years ago.

10/12/2017    Thursday - Ed interviews Jackie The Joke Man Martling author of Jackie Martling : The Joke Man: Bow To Stern, Jackie talks about his fascinating life from Dial-a-Joke to Howard Stern Show and back. Jackie's website is: http://www.jokeland.com/


09/28/2017    Thursday - Kenny "Kenji" Gallo is a Japanese-Italian American gangster-turned-informant, a former director and producer of adult films, and an author. A convicted narcotics dealer on the West Coast associated with the Los Angeles crime family and New York City's Colombo crime family, Gallo became an informant against such mafioso as alleged Colombo crime family heir apparent Theodore "Teddy" Persico Jr..[citation needed] His memoir Breakshot: A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia, co-authored with Matthew Randazzo V, was published in August 2009 by Phoenix Books, and the co-owner of the Breakshot Blog.

09/21/2017    Thursday - Ed Interviews Brad Schrieber about his book "Becoming Jimi Hendrix: From Southern Crossroads to Psychedelic London, the Untold Story of a Musical Genius" and his theory that Jimi Hendrix was murdered. In the second hour Ed Interviews Amy Vilela www.Amy4thepeople.com candidate for US Congress Nevada district 4. Amy is a passionate advocate for medicare for all.

09/14/2017    Thursday - Ed interviews Joe Redner the Strip club king of Tampa about his legal struggles fighting censorship and violations of free speech.

In part two Ed interviews Melyssa Morgan about her efforts to free a man on death row she believes in not guilty.

09/07/2017    Thursday - Hour One: Mark Shaw author of "The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: The Mysterious Death of What's My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen." Mark discusses how the New York DA's office reopened an investigation into this death based on his book then inexplicably closed the case without following up on research.

Hour Two: Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow Morning News and author of Barry and "The Boys": The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History, discusses the new Tom Cruise movie that completely white washes the facts of the case. Daniel goes on to share his vast knowledge of Iran/ Contra, CIA drug smuggling, Trump, Russians, money laundering, and Adnan Khashogi.


08/31/2017    Thursday - Ed Interviews Brian Saady author of The Drug War: A Trillion Dollar Con Game. They discuss the legalization or decriminilzation of victimless crimes.

08/24/2017    Thursday - Ed Interviews Loretta Dunn about her book "STONE COLD GUILTY - The People v. Scott Lee Peterson" They also discuss many true crime stories covered in her old message board forum Observations of a Misfit.

08/17/2017    Thursday - Part 1 Ed talks to Annika Mack of AnnikarenneeMack.com a survivor on human trafficking on the Las Vegas Strip. Part Two; Ed talks to Forensic Linguist Carol Chaski of Aliastechnology.com

08/10/2017    Thursday - Ed interviews Steve Spingola from Cold Justice on the Oxygen channel about his book " Staggered Paths: Strange Deaths in the Badger State" and his theory on The Smiley Face Killers. He also shares his opinions on the Stecen Avery case and effry Dahmer.

In the second hour Ed interviews Sarah Jane Woodall of www.Wonderhussy.com about her fascinating life and he latest adventure searching for the hidden Fenn Treasure.

08/03/2017    Thursday - Ed has a discussion with Chad Keller author of "Beyond Avery Road: Buting and the Beast" about the murder conviction of Steven Avery. The subject of the Netlix series "Making of a Murderer" They are joined by a gentleman described as a 'political insider" using the pseudonym "Juan Tescrue" . The discussion takes some wild twists and turns as Tescrue , using a device to distort his voice, theorizes connections to Iran / Contra and the Avery murder.


07/27/2017    Thursday - Michele McPhee returns for 30 minutes to discuss her book on Bostion Bombing and the Tsarnaev Brothers connection to FBI and CIA as well as Russian FSB.

07/22/2017    Saturday - Ed Tries to Interview investigative reporter Michele McPhee about her book " Maximum Harm: The Tsarnaev Brothers, the FBI, and the Road to the Marathon Bombing" But the audio connection was so bad that they had to reschedule for another day. Ed spends the next hour following up on a previous report on foreign adopts with a focus on Russian adoptions and how American parents, after adopting from overseas, are advertising on the Internet to 're-home' their newly adopted children that feel are too difficult to parent. Ed Points out that there is no oversight or regulation for this practive of 're-homing' and the children are being exploited and abused. He methodically outlines his theory on the Trump family's unusual interest in meeting with Russian agents and Putin himself to discuss resuming the flow of these Russian children for adoption in the USA.

07/15/2017    Saturday - The story of the attack on the USS Liberty is one of the most explosive and hidden secrets in U.S. history -- one that has never been previously told -- because the truth was too incriminating for the then-president, Lyndon B. Johnson. The facts were withheld and replaced with lies which he created to hide his own treasonous conduct. No previous book on the subject has come close to providing a realistic explanation of how it could occur because none has ever documented the fact that he was the primary instigator of that attack, and even the larger plan for Israel to attack its neighbors in what became the Six Day War. The veil of secrecy he designed has lasted fifty years and this book is the first of its kind to remove it. After the botched plan to sink the Liberty was executed, thanks to its heroic crew, the ship refused to sink even after being hit by a torpedo, leading the attack to be cancelled and a massive cover-up invoked. Including severe threats for the crew members to "keep their lips sealed." That cover-up is barely still in place, and has now been completely exposed. Remember the Liberty! examines the over-arching, larger story behind the attack on the ship and how Johnson had designed it as another false flag" operation intended to secure him another landslide election win the following year, just like he had done in 1964 with another false flag operation -- the faked "attack" by North Vietnam gunboats on two U.S. Navy destroyers at the Gulf of Tonkin. Much of the book was written by three of the survivors of the attack. Finally, the truth is being told as never before and the real story revealed.


06/24/2017    Saturday - Guest Stephen Sanzari discusses his book Ultimate Prey: The True Story Behind The Yosemite Sightseer Murders. Cary Stayner was found guilty for the Yosemite Sightseer Murders, but some people closely associated with the investigation believe that Stayner did not act alone. Law enforcement had the right guys from the beginning, so what in the hell happened? The stories of the victims - Carole and Juli Sund, Silvina Pelosso, and Joie Armstrong did not end with their savage murders, February of 1999. Stephen Sanzeri, former police officer, private investigator and bounty hunter, has investigated their tragic deaths. What he found includes: drug trafficking, child porn, white supremacy, sexual molestation, rape, and bloody violence in the Central Valley of California and stretching to the Foothills. Even more disturbing is the corruption by law enforcement connected to the murders; an unwelcome burden added to Stephen's investigation. Now, for the first time, the real story is finally being told. First hand account of Stephen's initial investigation of a bail jumper that soon leads this x-cop to Alabama and the most dangerous manhunt he's ever experienced; and that's only the beginning. Stephen's investigation spanned over two years with plenty of roadblocks. Law enforcement's lack of cooperation and protection of suspects, to negligent dismissal of statements, reports and evidence by the FBI task force. After reading Ultimate Prey, you will be convinced that Cary Stayner did not act alone. Along with the tragedies of "Waco" and "Ruby Ridge," the Yosemite Sightseer Murders is considered the 3rd worst blunder in the FBI's history, according to Senator Grassley, Iowa. Kind of sums it up...

06/17/2017    Saturday - Ed Opperman will interview Anthony Meoli, co-author of "Diary of a D.C. Sniper.." Meoli is in possession and holds a U.S. Copyright to Lee Boyd Malvo's personal diary. Meoli corresponded via letter, email and telephone with Malvo for seven years.

On the Saturday evening broadcast of The Opperman Report, Anthony Meoli will play a taped recording of one of his dozens of telephone conversations with Lee Boyd Malvo. Malvo confesses to an additional 30+ shootings in various states and names John Allen Muhammad in an additional 70 shootings.

This is exclusive information that the police or even the federal district court judge that recently overturned his life sentence of Lee Boyd Malvo may not be aware. The call is prefaced with Malvo's full permission to record this conversation.

06/10/2017    Saturday - Ed's special guest Was William Ramsey.

06/03/2017    Saturday - Elizabeth Lee Beck co-counsel in DNC Class Action fraud lawsuit. We discussed the DNC lawsuit, Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, Beranton Whisennt and Mr. Trumps verbal assaults on Ms Beck during a deposition. http://jampac.us/ http://www.beckandlee.com/attorneys/elizabeth_lee_beck.html


05/27/2017    Saturday - Ed Opperman interviews Paul A. Sanders about his experience as a juror and his books Brain Damage: A Juror's Tale The Hammer Killing Trial & Why Not Kill Her: A Juror's Perspective The Jodi Arias Death Penalty Retrial.

05/20/2017    Saturday - Ed Interviews author Daniel Simone who wrote "The Lufthansa Heist," in which $6 million was stolen from an airport warehouse cargo building owned by that airline at JFK Airport in 1979.

05/13/2017    Saturday - Ed Interviews John A. Cameron author if It's Me, Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Heard Of. Meet Edward Wayne Edwards, the most evil serial killer you've never heard of. In this chilling case-by-case analysis and story of the killer's life, former detective John A. Cameron argues that Edwards was not only responsible for the five torture-murders he confessed to and was eventually convicted for, but for dozens more across the U.S., over decades. Tracing the murderer's life from his beginnings as a misguided boy who witnessed his mother's suicide, Cameron conducted hundreds of interviews, including exchanging phone calls and letters with the killer and interviewing his family. The result is a complex, terrifying, and fascinating analysis of Edwards' travels across the U.S. in the periods of his life: as a young itinerant handy man, an escaped fugitive on the run after a jailbreak, and of all things, an author on tour to promote a book about his life as a reformed criminal, followed years later by his arrest and confession. Each part of this haunting timeline is tied by Cameron to murder cases in the areas Edwards lived, based on his MO and his sick joy in taunting police, attending trials on the cases, and getting people wrongfully convicted for the murders he claims he did. These cases and ties include links to the famed Zodiac Killer, and more.

05/06/2017    Saturday - Ed Interviews Len Colodny about his books , Silent Coup and Forty Year War . You can find more info on Len Colodny and his work at www.watergate.com.


04/29/2017    Saturday - Ed discusses the Madeleine McCann case with authors Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson authors of DOUBT: The Madeleine McCann Mystery.

04/22/2017    Saturday - Ed's special guest was John Hook talking about his book "The Murder Of Bob Crane."

04/15/2017    Saturday - Douglas P. Horne joins us to discuss his 2 volume book. Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War (Vol. 1 of 2) Did President Franklin D. Roosevelt have foreknowledge of the attack - and did he (and his senior military leadership) then withhold that knowledge from his overseas commanders in Hawaii? Douglas P. Horne, a 1974 Cum Laude graduate of The Ohio State University who majored in history, and author of the five-volume work "Inside the Assassination Records Review Board" (about the U.S. Government's medical cover-up of the JFK assassination), has put his 40 years of combined military-and-civilian service to the Federal Government to good use in studying the 1945-46 Congressional Investigation into the Pearl Harbor attack; a little-known 1946 U.S. Government report containing key evidence about the attack; and the most recent Revisionist works about Pearl Harbor, to produce a grand "new synthesis" which answers the persistent question: "Did FDR know about the Pearl Harbor attack before it took place?" A former U.S. Naval Officer who spent 14 years working in four different Navy jobs at Pearl Harbor, and a Japanophile who has always been fascinated by the Imperial Japanese Navy, Horne has applied his own Navy job experience, and his understanding of how the government operates, to a plethora of data about the Pearl Harbor attack, to produce a work of high tension and drama that attempts to deal honestly with the most significant foreign policy event in America's 20th century history. He was also responsible for the discovery and declassification of the "Northwoods" Documents.

04/08/2017    Saturday - Gary Meece returns to follow up on last weeks show. He has just published 2 volumes of material outlinuing the case for the overwhelming facts and evidence that point to the guilt of the West Memphis Three. The three men convicted in the killing of three little boys.

04/01/2017    Saturday - Gary Meece has just published 2 volumes of material outlinuing the case for the overwhelming facts and evidence that point to the guilt of the West Memphis Three. The three men convicted in the killing of three little boys.


03/25/2017    Saturday - Jesse Pollack -In early 2016, Pollack was commissioned by Simon and Schuster Publishing to write "The Acid King", a brand-new account of the brutal 1984 murder of Gary Lauwers, a Long Island teenager. Lauwers was stabbed to death by his friend, Ricky Kasso, over ten stolen bags of PCP. He was buried in a shallow grave, and Kasso, a local drug dealer, led tours to the decomposing body for three weeks until he was finally apprehended by Suffolk County Police. Kasso confessed, and shocked investigators by claiming Satan had given his blessing to the crime. Shortly after making this statement, Ricky Kasso hanged himself in a Suffolk County jail cell. His short life was over, but this series of acts give birth to a wave of Satanic Panic all over the world. "The Acid King" will be released by Simon & Schuster in 2017.

03/18/2017    Saturday - Jon Pounders - Film maker behind "Dark Covenant-Secret of Secrets" Joins Ed to discuss Satanic Ritual Abuse and "The Blue House" case of SRA in Indiana. John is the owner and host at Now You See TV.

03/11/2017    Saturday - Ramsey Denison: What Happens In Vegas - "The Movie Police Could Not Erase," Film maker Ramsey Denison discusses his abuse at the hands of Las Vegas Metro Police and the cover up that followed. He describes several incidents of police murders and abuses that have been covered up.

03/04/2017    Saturday - Scores: How I Opened the Hottest Strip Club in New York City, Was Extorted out of Millions by the Gambino Family, and Became One of the Most Successful Mafia Informants in FBI History.

A gay man who created New York's most notorious den of heterosexuality...an anxious, anything-but-hardboiled lawyer who became one of the most successful undercover mob informants in history.


02/25/2017    Saturday - Kathryn MacDonald wife of Dr. Jeff MacDonald of the infamous Ft. Bragg murder case discuss the facts of the case, and the upcoming ruling that may free MacDonald after 40+ years.

02/18/2017    Saturday - Ed mischeduled a guest so he described his feelings about the Trump presidency. He shared some stories about Ted Gunderson, his precious work, feeloings about trickle down economics and answered questions from chat.

02/11/2017    Saturday - Frank Griffin author of Touched by Fire. In 1954 Johnnie Frank Griffin witnessed the violent death of Attorney General-elect Albert Patterson, of Alabama. Six months later he told a grand jury what he knew. The next day he was stabbed. Though his wounds seemed slight, that night he died in a hospital built from the profits of crime. Nine years later, less than an hour after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Johnnie Frank's son, Frank Griffin, saw Lee Harvey Oswald fleeing the scene of the murder of a Dallas police officer. Between these two events Frank grew up in one of the strangest decades in American history. His story touches that of one of the era's best known governors, John Patterson of Alabama. It intersects with mob bosses and CIA operations. There's even room for country music and barroom brawls. This story shows how Frank Griffin's life was truly Touched By Fire.

Ted Rubenstein Who Bombed Ben-Menashe's House? Iran Contra, October Surprise, Trumps Golden Showers and Pizzgate.

02/04/2017    Saturday - James and JoAnne Moriarty describe their experiences in Libya during the overthrow and murder of Qudaffi. They share the information they have gathered from Libyan tribal sourses on what they beklieve happened on Sept 11 in Benghazi at the US consulate.


01/28/2017    Saturday - Patricia Smith: Sean Smith killed 9/11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Guest Patricia Smith describes her son's life and career in the State Dept, How she learned of his death and how she was lied to and mistreated by Hillary Clinton's State Dept. She goes on to describe speaking at the Republican National Convention and attended the Las Vegas Presidential Debate. In the second hour Ed Opperman gives updates on the pizzagate investigation and witness statements being recorded off the air. Updates to OppermanReport.com members section with Jeffrey Epstein complaints and lawsuits. Ed complains about various subjects especially some Nazi propaganda video.

01/21/2017    Saturday - Christine J. Hart UK Journalist radio host and author of several books recounts her life with News of the World phone hacking scandal, Her search for her biological father, her suspisions she is a product of MKULTRA mind control. We discuss the life and death of Max Speirs and several other reputed "super soldiers."

01/14/2017    Saturday - Antonio Fernandez, also known as King Tone, is the former head of the Latin Kings (the largest Hispanic street gang in the US). In 1999, Fernandez was sentenced to 12 to 15 years for conspiring to sell narcotics. He is the main figure in the HBO documentary, Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story, which was released in 2007. He is also featured in the book, The Misfit Economy, by Alexa Clay, which was published in 2015. Upon his release, Fernandez has shared his insights as a former gang leader and political activist, and how that relates to the "legitimate world". CEO Grow Up Grow Out LLC. www.GrowUpGrowOut.com

01/07/2017    Saturday - Ed interviews Mike Parziale of www.MJVictims.com about Michael Jackson, PizzaGate. HollyWood & Political Pedophelia. Mr Parziale is a child advocate with an incredible knowlege base on these topics.

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