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02/25/2017    Saturday - Ed's guest was Kathryn McDonald, wife od convicted Army Captain Jeffrey McDonald.

02/18/2017    Saturday - Ed mischeduled a guest so he described his feelings about the Trump presidency. He shared some stories about Ted Gunderson, his precious work, feeloings about trickle down economics and answered questions from chat.

02/11/2017    Saturday - Frank Griffin author of Touched by Fire. In 1954 Johnnie Frank Griffin witnessed the violent death of Attorney General-elect Albert Patterson, of Alabama. Six months later he told a grand jury what he knew. The next day he was stabbed. Though his wounds seemed slight, that night he died in a hospital built from the profits of crime. Nine years later, less than an hour after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Johnnie Frank's son, Frank Griffin, saw Lee Harvey Oswald fleeing the scene of the murder of a Dallas police officer. Between these two events Frank grew up in one of the strangest decades in American history. His story touches that of one of the era's best known governors, John Patterson of Alabama. It intersects with mob bosses and CIA operations. There's even room for country music and barroom brawls. This story shows how Frank Griffin's life was truly Touched By Fire.

Ted Rubenstein Who Bombed Ben-Menashe's House? Iran Contra, October Surprise, Trumps Golden Showers and Pizzgate.

02/04/2017    Saturday - James and JoAnne Moriarty describe their experiences in Libya during the overthrow and murder of Qudaffi. They share the information they have gathered from Libyan tribal sourses on what they beklieve happened on Sept 11 in Benghazi at the US consulate.


01/28/2017    Saturday - Patricia Smith: Sean Smith killed 9/11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Guest Patricia Smith describes her son's life and career in the State Dept, How she learned of his death and how she was lied to and mistreated by Hillary Clinton's State Dept. She goes on to describe speaking at the Republican National Convention and attended the Las Vegas Presidential Debate. In the second hour Ed Opperman gives updates on the pizzagate investigation and witness statements being recorded off the air. Updates to OppermanReport.com members section with Jeffrey Epstein complaints and lawsuits. Ed complains about various subjects especially some Nazi propaganda video.

01/21/2017    Saturday - Christine J. Hart UK Journalist radio host and author of several books recounts her life with News of the World phone hacking scandal, Her search for her biological father, her suspisions she is a product of MKULTRA mind control. We discuss the life and death of Max Speirs and several other reputed "super soldiers."

01/14/2017    Saturday - Antonio Fernandez, also known as King Tone, is the former head of the Latin Kings (the largest Hispanic street gang in the US). In 1999, Fernandez was sentenced to 12 to 15 years for conspiring to sell narcotics. He is the main figure in the HBO documentary, Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story, which was released in 2007. He is also featured in the book, The Misfit Economy, by Alexa Clay, which was published in 2015. Upon his release, Fernandez has shared his insights as a former gang leader and political activist, and how that relates to the "legitimate world". CEO Grow Up Grow Out LLC. www.GrowUpGrowOut.com

01/07/2017    Saturday - Ed interviews Mike Parziale of www.MJVictims.com about Michael Jackson, PizzaGate. HollyWood & Political Pedophelia. Mr Parziale is a child advocate with an incredible knowlege base on these topics.

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