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01/11/2018    Thursday - Ed Interviews George Jared author of "Witches in West Memphis...and another false confession," and "The Creek Side Bones...reality is more horrifying than fiction."

01/04/2018    Thursday - In the first hour Dr Judith Reisman discusses her life advocating for women and children and her battles with Kinsey Hugh Hefner, Robert Maplethope. We discuss the outrageous content being published on youtube like ElsaGate.

In the second hour Barbara Amaya: Nobody's Girl, Sexual abuse, human trafficking, drug addiction, rape, prison, and domestic violenceóBarbara Amaya experienced it all on first on the streets of Washington DC and then New York City, most of it before her sixteenth birthday. In Nobody's Girl she shares her journey from trafficking victim to human rigts advocate, weaving together a story of loss, pain, courage, and transformation.

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