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12/17/2018    Monday - Ed interviews Patrick from Europe. The producer of Programmed To Kill: A Satanic Cover-up. It's an extensive youtube series based on the work of Dave McGowan.

12/10/2018    Monday - Mike Codella NYPD Process Church Son of Sam Cult Mike Codella joins us to discuss his career in NYPD investigation the Son of Sam cult, The Process Church of Final Judgment. Mike describes his investigation into a high profile NYC child abduction case.

12/03/2018    Monday - Ed's exclusive interview with Barbara Pilling. She was hit of by Donald Trump when she was only 16.

Part two is an exclusive interview with Monique Morgan whose husband wound up in ICU with life threatening illness after Flu shot. He will require a year of rehab.


11/19/2018    Monday - Part one Ed Interviews Stuttering John from The Howard Stern Show. Part Two Ed Interviews Roxanne Salch Kaplan coauthor of The Amityville Horror Conspiracy.

11/12/2018    Monday - Ed interviews Thomas Henry Horan author of The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1969. An exhaustive analysis of the "Zodiac Killer" letters of 1969 reveals the shocking truth that they were a cruel hoax intended to terrorize the public with a fictitious "deranged killer" who took "credit" for the otherwise unrelated murders of five young people in the San Francisco Bay area. The letters are compared, sentence by sentence, with the actual evidence in each crime, which reveals not only that the letters were a hoax, but also reveals the exact sources of the hoaxer's information. This research also reveals, for the first time, that two infamous phone calls from the supposed "Zodiac Killer" were also hoaxes. To learn more: http://zodiackillerhoax1986.freeforums.net http://zodiackillerhoax1986.freeforums.net

11/05/2018    Monday - Part one Ed Interviews Stuttering John from The Howard Stern Show.

Part Two Ed Interviews Roxanne Salch Kaplan coauthor of The Amityville Horror Conspiracy. Was it horror or was it hoax? For years, the question went unanswered while everyone who ever glanced at the tabloids in a supermarket knew about the Amityville Horror-a house haunted by the remembered evil of mass murder. For 20 years, parapsychologist Stephen Kaplan and his wife, Roxanne, investigated the phenomenon keeping a detailed diary of everything that happened. This book is the result of that diary. Follow step-by-step and day-by-day as the Kaplans locate witnesses battle rival ghostbusters track down leads and attend an unlikely Halloween party at the Horror House. the result of all this effort? The Kaplans exposed a hoax that was almost as unnerving as the haunting itself. A real page-turner for anyone who is fascinated by things that go bump in the night!


10/22/2018    Monday - Ed Interviews Fmr Russian Inellligence agent Daniel Estulan author of In the Shadows of a Presidency.

10/15/2018    Monday - Part 1: Ed Interviews Daniel Flynn author of Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco The untold story of the intersecting lives of the Reverend Jim Jones and Harvey Milk.

Part 2: Ed Interviews M.A. Taylor the writer/ director behind The Creepy Line An eye-opening documentary, The Creepy Line reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle - hence powerful - manner in which they do it.

10/08/2018    Monday - Ed interviews Patrick Knowlton about his first hand experience with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Mt Knowlton was a witness in the death of Vince Foster, He testified before the Grand Jury and was question by Brett Kavanaiugh.

10/01/2018    Monday - Ed Interviews Steven better known as Recluse from the Visupview.blogspot.com website. They cover the interesting history of Resorts Internation, Donald Trump, Roy Cohen, The Process Church of Final Judgment connections.


08/20/2018    Monday - Ed Interviews Francis Scarcella author of Miranda Barbour: Inside the Mind of a Teenage Killer. In October 2014, young Miranda Barbour and her husband, Elytte, were sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal murder of Pennsylvania politician Troy LaFerrara--a middle-aged man Miranda met through Craigslist. The victim's bloody body had more than 20 stab wounds, and marks on his neck indicated he had been strangled.

What caused a teenager with the quiet demeanor of the girl next door to commit such a heinous crime? This book will reveal exclusive new information. In prison interviews with coauthor Francis Scarcella, the only reporter Miranda spoke with for more than a year, she claims to have killed not just LaFerrara, but at least 22 other people, when she says she stopped counting. Allegedly, she committed her first murder when she was a preteen and a member of a satanic cult. And the total number of her victims may be close to 100.

08/13/2018    Monday - Ed's special guest today was Author and former police officer Mike McDaniel.

08/06/2018    Monday - Doug Caddy Returns: Trump, Stone, Manafort -Russia!! / Beverly Oliver Massegee Babushka Lady Part one Doug caddy returns to discuss his involvement in Russiagate. He describes how he contacted Comey and Mueller with information about Roger Stone and Lyndon Larouche meeting he arranged.

Part 2 Beverly Oliver Massegee Babushka Lady The famous woman in the Zapgruder film shares her story.


07/30/2018    Monday - Brian McCracken returns to discuss recent developements in the Arlis Perry case. This eye witness is exclusive to The Opperman Report Connar Frazier is the director of the film The Babysitter. The true story of Nathan Forrest Winters abuse at the hands of Victor Silva and his mistreatment by Francis Ford Copalla.

07/23/2018    Thursday - John Potash author and film maker behind Drugs as Weapons Against Us joins us to discuss his film being shown on Thursday July 26 at 12noon. Love International Film Fest. Ahrya Fine Arts Theater 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Ed is in the film interviewing Hank Harrison.

Douglas Caddy was the attorney for E. Howard Hunt, one of the key persons involved in both the JFK assassination and Watergate. Being There: Eye Witness to History is his autobiographical account of these events by accidentally being in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time. Episodes include being with Lee Harvey Oswald and Guy Banister in New Orleans, investigating the founding of the modern conservative movement and where it went wrong, looking inside the JFK assassination and the Watergate Conspiracy, uncovering JFK's secret son and why he came to fear for his life, analyzing LBJ's murder victims and his rise to the presidency, interpreting the Moody Foundation Scandal, Russia's involvement in Trump's election, and more.

07/02/2018    Thursday - Ed's special guest was crime investigator Jeff Lanic.


05/24/2018    Thursday - Ed's special guest was Neil Boyle discussing The Son of Sam and the Nicolas Cage story.

05/17/2018    Thursday - Ed's special guest was Douglas Dieteich who will be starting his new show on American Freedom Radio Mondays and Wednesdays at 6-8pm Pacific time Starting May 21st.

05/10/2018    Thursday - Ed's special guesdt was James DiEugenio.

05/03/2018    Thursday - Part one we have Kendall Carver Charman of International Cruise Victims Assoc. He describes the tragic case of his daughters death on a cruise shiop and crimes on cruise ships in general Lack of security and law enforcement on cruises. Part 2 Rev Ed Pinkney returns to talk about a recent Supre Court Ruling in his case.


04/26/2018    Thursday - In the first hour Ed interviews Alan G Parker about his film Who Killed Nancy about the stabbing death of Nancy Spungen girlfriend of Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols at the Chelsea Hotel in 1978. We also discuss his film It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper & Beyond. In the second hour Ed interviews Ramona Africa from the revolutionary group MOVE that was attacked and bombed by Philedelphia police in 1978 and 1985 ending in the death of 11. Including 5 children and the burning down of 60 homes. Please visit www.onamove.com for information on how to contact the Parole Board before May 15 hearing.

04/19/2018    Thursday - Ed interviews attorney William Ramsey author of Children of the Beast: Aleister Crowley's Shadow over Humanity about Barbara Bush and the possibility she is the daughter of Aliester Crowely. They also discuss a podcaster that is producing a series of braodcasts about the West Memphis Three.

In part 2 William interviews Ed about his friendship with Art Bell and his role in negotiating the settlement in the infamous 60 million dollar feud lawsuit.

04/12/2018    Thursday - Ed Opperman interviews retired police captain Robert L Snow about his experience with past life regression hypnosis that he believes confirms the theory of reincarnation. His investigation into his past lives are outlined in his books. Portrait of a Past-Life Skeptic: The True Story of a Police Detective's Reincarnation & Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Stories of a Detective's Search for His Past Life. Ed Opperman's work locating missing and runaway kids is highlighted in his book Finding Runaways and Missing Adults: When No One Else is Looking.


03/29/2018    Thursday - Ed's guest is Wayne Madsen of www.waynemadsenreport.com. They discusss a 2016 lawsuit against co defendants Donald trump and convicted child rapist Jeffrey Epstein. Where Katie Doe charged that she was raped by both men when she was 13. The plaintiff provided 2 witness affidavits and in her complaint mentions a threat that if she ever talked she would 'wind up like Maria'. Mr. Madsen believes he has identified Maria as an 11 year old girl that was abducted from in front of a Waterbury pizzeria.

03/08/2018    Thursday - Ed Interviews Saint John Hunt about his new book Away With Words he co-authored with Roger Stone. He shares his inside knowledge of Stones involvement with Trump Assange and Wikileaks. Saint John is the son of Watergate burglar, CIA agentr and confessed JFK assassin E Howard Hunt and Dorothy Hunt murdered during Watergate affair. In the second hour Ed interviews John Tinker who battled for free speech in schools all the way to a ground breaking Supreme Court Ruling Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District.

03/01/2018    Thursday - Ed Interviews Ted Rubinstein about the mysterious death of journalist Danny Daniel Casolaro while he was investing a wide ranging conspiracy know as The Octupus. Caolaro's investigation includded BCCI Iran / Contra, The October Surprise, Watergate, Vince Foster death.


02/22/2018    Thursday - Ed's guest were Cait Boyce, wife of Christopher Boyce of "Falcon And The Snowman" Fame. In the second hour Ed and Cait was joined by Kristen Beck, former Navy Seal and subject of the book Cait's book "From Hero To Zero."

02/15/2018    Thursday - Ed Interviews Niles Mercado about his fascinating book Bush Killing Reagan: The Bush-Hinckley Conspiracy Bill OíReilly Won't Tell About George Bush Sr. had the most to gain from President Reagan's death. To hide or conceal his involvement in the assassination attempt George Bush would have to either suppress or lie about his close ties with the shooter and the second gunman hiding on the roof (or "Bushy Knoll"). The story of BUSH KILLING REAGAN is so depraved that it is no wonder the story has never been told before.

02/08/2018    Thursday - Ed interviews Randy Engel author of The Rite of Sodomy Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church They discuss a remarkable document based on a 1969 lecture that predicts the current state of affairs http://uscl.info/edoc/doc.php?doc_id=89&action=inline

02/01/2018    Thursday - Today Ed interviews Activist Rev. Ed Pinkney after his release from 30 months in prison.


01/25/2018    Thursday - In May 1973, Assata Olugbala Shakur was involved in a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike in which she was accused of killing New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster and assaulting Trooper James Harper. This resulted in her indictment of first-degree murder of Foerster and seven other felonies related to the shootout. A member of the Black Panther Party, she became a prime target of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?s Counterintelligence Program. When she joined the Black Liberation Army and went into hiding, between 1973 and 1977, she was placed on the FBI's Most Wanted List for three bank robberies, the kidnapping and murder of two drug dealers, and the attempted murder of two New Jersey police officers.
In March 1977 Assata Shakur was convicted of murdering state trooper Werner Forrester and was imprisoned. Two years later she broke out of the maximum-security wing of Clinton Correctional Facility in New Jersey, pistol in hand, as she and three cohorts sped out of the prison grounds. In 1984 she was granted political asylum in Cuba where she has lived ever since. On May 2, 2013, the FBI added her to the Most Wanted Terrorist List, the first woman to be listed. Assata Shakur: A 20th Century Escaped Slave is the story of Assata Shakur, before she became a fugitive and since.

01/11/2018    Thursday - Ed Interviews George Jared author of "Witches in West Memphis...and another false confession," and "The Creek Side Bones...reality is more horrifying than fiction."

01/04/2018    Thursday - In the first hour Dr Judith Reisman discusses her life advocating for women and children and her battles with Kinsey Hugh Hefner, Robert Maplethope. We discuss the outrageous content being published on youtube like ElsaGate.

In the second hour Barbara Amaya: Nobody's Girl, Sexual abuse, human trafficking, drug addiction, rape, prison, and domestic violenceóBarbara Amaya experienced it all on first on the streets of Washington DC and then New York City, most of it before her sixteenth birthday. In Nobody's Girl she shares her journey from trafficking victim to human rigts advocate, weaving together a story of loss, pain, courage, and transformation.

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