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12/27/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles continue discussing the recent UFO media flap and wish everyone a SynchroMystic New Year.

12/20/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles celibrate Mack's Birthday with coverage of the recent release of UFO's in the mainstream news.

12/13/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles 'Reframe the UFO Debate' with Curt Collins; along the way they discuss Texas' Cash-Landrum case, the (NOT) Roswell Slides and The Saucers That Time Forgot!

12/06/2017    Wednesday - Mack talks about his friend, documentarian Richard Mosley who produced the film DAY-51, who recently passed away.


11/22/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles welcome special guest Phil Proctor, founding member of the legendary "Firesign Thater."

11/15/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk with experiencer, outdoorsman, illustrator and UFO researcher, Mike Clelland about his contributions to UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

11/08/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss the latest America-Amok Mass-Shootings

11/01/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss the new (and old) info in the recent JFK (semi) document dump; plus a few updates on the Las Vegas Mass Shooting.


10/25/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss the long awaited impending JFK Document Dump, MADDness between US and North Korea, the DeLonge Delusion and other news.

10/18/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles continue talking about the ever murkier landscape of the Las Vegas shooting and Amerikan Mass-Shooter Culture.

10/11/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss anomalies surrounding the mainstream's reportage on the Las Vegas mass shooting.

10/04/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk with guest Jack Brewer about his essay in the UFOs: Reframing the Debate anthology – "The Future Leads To The Past" - as well as his previous book The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, including discussions of Alien Abduction research, the abuse of hypnosis, MKUltra mind control research, and much more.


09/27/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss the Gulf Crises (from Mexico and Texas to Florida and Puerto Rico), the NFL controversy diversion, the Cuban Embassy Health Mystery, and more.

09/20/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk with guest Greg Bishop about his essay in the the UFOs: Reframing the Debate anthology - "The Co-Creation Hypothesis: Human Perception, the Informational Universe, and the Overhaul of UFO Research."

09/13/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles reminisce about the September 11th Anniversary and the Post-911 parapolitical landscape.

09/06/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles launch a new series of interviews with contributors to the anthology, UFOs: Reframing the Debate - Edited by Robbie Graham. They begin tonight with Mack White interviewing SMiles Lewis about his essay, TrUFOs vs UFauxs: Planetary Poltergeists & Weapons of Mass Enchantment. Future shows will feature interviews with the other contributors to this anthology.


08/30/2017    Wednesday - "Mack and SMiles report on the Texas Aquapocalypse and discuss the tactics of AntiFa."

08/23/2017    Wednesday - Mack White and SMiles Lewis continue discussing the Charlottesville tragedy as well as personal synchronicities surrounding the Boston Free Speech rally at which Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and others spoke despite fears of confrontation with the 40,000 protesters who had been led by the media to believe it was a rally by racists.

08/16/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss the Charlottesville tragedy and the apparent police stand down order.

08/09/2017    Wednesday - American Freedom Radio proudly welcomes back "Psi-Op Radio" with our good friends from Austin and Fort Worth Texas, SMiles Lewis and Mack White. Mack and SMiles reunite to relaunch there weekly sojourns across the paranormal and parapolitical landscapes. They briefly reminisce about their dedication over the past decade, devoting time to the co-creating the "PsiOp-Radio" show. They bring listeners up to date on their latest creative efforts (Texas Tales Illustrated & UFOs: Reframing the Debate) then launch into the weekly roundup of weird and offbeat news from across the realms of Deep State conspiracy and through to the parapsychological-warfare machinations raging within humanity's collective unconscious.

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