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08/16/2017    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss the Charlottesville tragedy and the apparent police stand down order.

08/09/2017    Wednesday - American Freedom Radio proudly welcomes back "Psi-Op Radio" with our good friends from Austin and Fort Worth Texas, SMiles Lewis and Mack White. Mack and SMiles reunite to relaunch there weekly sojourns across the paranormal and parapolitical landscapes. They briefly reminisce about their dedication over the past decade, devoting time to the co-creating the "PsiOp-Radio" show. They bring listeners up to date on their latest creative efforts (Texas Tales Illustrated & UFOs: Reframing the Debate) then launch into the weekly roundup of weird and offbeat news from across the realms of Deep State conspiracy and through to the parapsychological-warfare machinations raging within humanity's collective unconscious.

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