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04/18/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles catch up on the Syria PsyOps, Synchronistic Deaths, and More...

04/04/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk about the YouTube shooting, tragic Hart family SUV crash, Austin bombing domestic terrorism fallout, our society's techno-social devolution, and more.


03/28/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk about the current news of this week.

03/21/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles decompress from the week's weirdness; discussing the wacky Revelations ending to 2018's SXSW Austin Texas Unabomber Campaign and the Cambridge Analytica Xpose.

03/14/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk about the Austin Texas Mail Package Bombings that have coincided with the 2018 SXSW music, film, media mega-festival, as well as subjects including Mind Control, Social Media and the Surveillance Society, Trumps Torturous Choice for CIA Director, Continued Russian Intrigue, and More...

03/07/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles discuss the latest WTF moments in the surreal bizarro world we all now inhabit.


02/28/2018    Wednesday - SMiles and Mack talk about the latest news, Waco anniversary, Bill Cooper and more...

02/14/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk about the latest mass shooting(s) weirdness (Near 3 Year Anniversary of Men Dressed as Women Ramming an NSA Security Gate), Mind Control and Pedophilia aspects of Mass Shooters, Remote Viewing the Lottery, the Lake Worth Monster, Alex Jones' story of Tarantino's minions attempt to trip-up a pregnant Violet Jones atop the original Alamo Drafthouse's imposing staircase, and other crazy stories.

02/07/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles catchup on the passing of Robert Parry, local Austin, Texas news, PKD (Philip Kindred Dick) and "The Simulation", Bots-Politique, Enders Game, and #MeToo.


01/31/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles Reframe the UFO Debate with Joshua Cutchin in a frolicking romp across esoteric landscapes populated by UFO denizens, aboriginal faeries, and foot-stomping sasquatch.

01/17/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk about various topics of interest in the news.

01/03/2018    Wednesday - Mack and SMiles talk about UFOs, JFK, Media, Surveillance Society, Synthetic Synchronicity and SWATTING.

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