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12/05/2015    Saturday - Mitch's special guest tonight was Financial Markets Author Eric Majors. http://ericmajors.com


11/28/2015    Saturday - Mitch's special guest tonight was "The Greek" who is just visiting and taking notes from a different point of View.

11/21/2015    Saturday - Mitch Santell joins AFR's Radio Marathon with his very special guest Kate Magdalena Willens. Kate is an accomplished singer songwriter with a background in Journalism. She has worked with Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute on the dangers of geo-engineering. Kate will soon be doing the "Blue Sky Report" on American Freedom Radio to provide key information on geo-engineering, while also providing a platform for our listeners to report their observations. http://www.katemagdalena.com

11/07/2015    Saturday - Mitch Santell welcomed Jim Kirwan to Remnants and Luminaries. Jim Kirwin is an investigative journalist, commentator, artist and is able connect the dots. You can visit his web site at: http://www.kirwanesque.net


10/31/2015    Saturday - Tonight's guest on Remnants and Luminaries was none other than Robert J. Morris who is an independent amateur investigative reporter who openly told his story of traveling to England...to be detained and forced to fly back to Canada. Other topics included mind control, vaccines, chew-trails, smart phones and an assortment of banter.

10/24/2015    Saturday - Mitch's special guests tonight were Dee Nicholson and Greg Anthony.

10/17/2015    Saturday - Mitch's special guest tonight was nutritional consultant Pam Killeen. Her Health and Wellness website is http://www.pamkilleen.com

10/10/2015    Saturday - American Freedom Radio welcomes Mitch Santell and his inaugural show "Remnants and Luminaries." His website is http://www.remnantsandluminaries.com

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