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02/12/2016    Saturday - Today Mitch Santell welcomed Tere Joyce to his show. Freedom of Joyce is now a regular show on AFR heard on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week from 3-5 pm Pacific Time. During Tere's interview by Mitch an open dialogue of predictive programming, the challenges of how dark and evil Hollywood has become and her own awakening. Ms. Joyce also provided some amazing insights into how Hollywood really works, her challenges on being a contestant on "Last Comic Standing." An open discussion about Robin William's suicide, the satanic changes in Jim Carrey, discussion of Paul McCartney's death and replacement plus the transformation of Renee Zellweger who may have been cloned off.

02/05/2016    Saturday - Tonight Dee Nicolson shared with Mitch on Remnants and Luminaries the current state of the TPP signing in New Zealand, Agenda 21 and how we are all being manipulated and controlled. Dee Nicholson describes herself as a "Truth Seeker, Truth Speaker, and Truth Teacher". She takes pride in her special ability to see through propaganda and paradigms, and wields her pen like a sword for our rights as Canadians and part of the human family. Dee's goal is to reveal the head of the beast that is killing our freedoms in favor of control by multinational corporations, especially the banks. She believes that there is no higher calling for any human being than to tell the truth that sets us all free; to this end she tells the truth to all who will listen, as well as helping others find the truth within themselves, the truth that leads to peace.


01/29/2016    Saturday - Tonight Mitch Santell welcomed Chuck Ochilli of the Ochilli affect to Remnants and Luminaries. An open heartfelt dialogue between Mitch and Chuck openly discussed and disclosed the challenges of being a parent with a disabled child. There were some technical difficulties at the start of the show and Chuck actually launched while the difficulties were worked out. This is the first time that Chuch Ochilli disclosed on air his own abused, his own disabilities including being blind. You won't want to miss this authentic dialogue between two men who really care about their children and the legacy they will leave behind for them.

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