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08/06/2016    Saturday - HOUR ONE - Rupert interviews fellow abuse researcher Angela Power-Disney. HOUR TWO - Rupert goes off on abuse, abusers, and declares this war.

08/01/2016    Monday - HOUR ONE - Rupert interviews a Russian man Eugene Lukjanenko about his Thai child that has been taken from him by authorities in London. HOUR TWO - North Korea declares war, America: Embroiled in Civil War 2 and WW3, Dinosaur hoax?, Ireland accepts Trump refugees from US.


07/30/2016    Saturday - Max Igan joins Rupert for a discussion on April 15th's Global Strike, ayahuaska, Pokemon Go, how to reseize control, and nasty British pedophiles. http://www.thecrowhouse.com/home.html

07/18/2016    Monday - In the most casual conversation about pedophelia ever recorded, Rupert covers the beginnings of a hunt for the truth about pedophiles in the UK.

07/16/2016    Saturday - Rupert surfaces at an undisclosed location somewhere in Europe bringing you more weird news and updates on his travels.

07/02/2016    Saturday - Rupert talks about his adventures in Italy and Amsterdam.


06/11/2016    Saturday - Rupert and Mark discuss the finer qualities of Italy, Deep Mind, Possible Futures and much more.

06/04/2016    Saturday - Rupert's special guest host was Mark Saltzer. Today with Rupert describing more of his experiences in Italy.


05/28/2016    Saturday - Rupert's special guest host was Mark Saltzer. Today with Rupert describing his experiences in Italy.

05/23/2016    Monday - Rupert's special guest host was Mark Saltzer. Today a live report from the Vatican with Rupert and Kevin Gallalee.

05/21/2016    Saturday - Rupert's special guest host was Mark Saltzer.


04/30/2016    Saturday - $15/hr (anger), Social Justice Jigglypuffs, "People you meet in the bathroom are not your friends", Rupert raps, dating advice, Pot News, cheap Mexican dirt pot, & one fresh Dave Chapelle impression.

04/25/2016    Monday - Hour 1: Bernie and cigarette taxes, odd news from around the globe, a Canadian murdered an what this means for the US. HOUR 2: Australian superstar Mark Saltzers join the broadcast to discuss predictive programming and technology.

04/23/2016    Saturday - Rupert interviews J. Loren from the band HURT. They discuss a potpourri of topic:. Donald Trump, GMOS, flat Earth, David Icke, fan questions, music biz and more.

04/18/2016    Monday - Getting kicked off planes for yoga and speaking Arabic, Volcanic vents at Yellowstone, Culpeper residents put the kibosh on a mosque (again), stopping global depopulation.

04/04/2016    Monday - NEWS POTPOURRI! Angry Hillary, Bernie can't sell a vacuum, The Pot News, unfortunate dead air, Disney movies are messing your kids up, Ke$ha was raped and you should support her.

04/02/2016    Saturday - HOUR ONE: Rupert interviews actor/director Sean Stone. They cover movies making, acting, directing, being a child actor and the global power structure. HOUR TWO: Fighting pedophiles, black holes, guns that look like cellphones, DICK PICS!!, antimatter vs. matter, "The Pot News."


03/28/2016    Monday - Rupert makes news potpourri. Walking and texting can now land you in jail. Elton John is a junk toucher. Depression stigmas aren't good. The Feds vs. Apple. Bernie Sanders shoots people from the Capitol building.

03/26/2016    Saturday - Rupert talks about world war 3.

03/21/2016    Monday - Rupert covers MKULTRA history and implementation in pop culture. In the second hour, special guest Sarah R. Adams joins Rupert to address the spiritual side of mind control. Discussion includes Satan as a French, nanobot creation.

03/19/2016    Saturday - American Freedom Radio Welcomes Rupert Q to our family of broadcasters. Look for his show on Mondays and Saturdays at 3 pm Pacific. Rupert introduces himself to the AFR audience and makes commentary regarding the election, and other current issues.

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