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04/04/2018    Wednesday - Author of Extreme Prejudice, Susan Lindauer, joined Shep to talk about current events, 9/11, the deep state, and more.


03/28/2018    Wednesday -

03/27/2018    Tuesday - Space-based weapons, secret space program, and a Chinese space station falling out of orbit. Shep leaves no stone unturned on this must listen broadcast.

03/26/2018    Monday - Shepard covers the red and blue list, FEMA camps, pandemic martial law, and REX 84 before Crowdsource the Truth's Jason Goodman appears on hour number two of the show to talk about the Las Vegas shooting.

03/19/2018    Monday - Tronic sits shotgun with Shep for hour number one of the broadcast where they cover the recent bombings in Texas, hate crime, and more. Then, for hour number two, 6-time Amazon best selling Author Brooks Agnew joins the show to talk about the deep state and his new book "Charm of Favor."

03/16/2018    Friday - The most notorious rapper/promoter in Hawaii's history T-Qron joined Shep for hour number one of the hip-hop extravaganza. Blooded the Brave was featured on hour two of the must listen broadcast! Two of the most awake rappers in the industry!

03/14/2018    Wednesday - Son of the maker of the Lear Jet, John Lear, joins Shep for hour number two of the show to talk about covert CIA missions, the secret space program, Antarctica, and the Las Vegas shooting.

03/12/2018    Monday - Tabertronic and special guest Dr. Jaysen Rand talked about extraterrestrial communication, civilizations, creation, and more for one of the most intense shows ever.

03/09/2018    Friday - Youtuber of 11-years, Charles Walton, recently had his channel with over 50 million views shut down in the purge. He joined Shep first hour to talk about that and more. Hour number two's special guest Kat was an eyewitness to three black helicopters which looked like they were flying a radar evading mission under force on the night of the Las Vegas shooting. send link to show when can that was so amazing the eyewitness.

03/08/2018    Thursday - Dave H. host of The Endgame Show WW3 joins Shep for the first hour to talk about the Trump Administration, and problems with the entire system. Dave touches on the current nuclear situation with North Korea and the trade war with China.

In The second hour Shepard is joined by the Founder of Natural News Mike Adams talks about Internet censorship, pandemic martial law, and more with Shepard Ambellas for hour number two of the show.

03/07/2018    Wednesday - Shepard breaks down the tragic Birmingham school shooting, and the democrats push for gun control using their agents of propaganda (i.e. Operation Mockingbird). Crowdsource The Truth's Jason Goodman joins the broadcast for hour two to talk all about the Las Vegas Shooting and Internet censorship.

03/06/2018    Tuesday - Intellihub affiliate Tronic sits shotgun with Shepard Ambellas and special guest Dan Dicks to talk about everything under the sun. From the deep state to Bilderberg, transgender unicorns, and more, they cover it all.

03/05/2018    Monday - Shepard Ambellas and special guest Jason Bermas cover the Parkland school shooting and more on the maiden voyage of The Shepard Ambellas Show.

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