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03/12/2016    Saturday - Angela joined with Paul Wesley as co-host, talk with Markus Forest of "Aussie Beach TV" about his TV show where he uses a characterized alter ego aka; "Jack Russell" as a host along with beautiful women in bikini's to help attract an audience to issues and discussions of truth that effects their lives, which are ignored and never discussed by mainstream media. They discuss in particular what it takes to unveil the world of doom and gloom and zombies to realize we create our reality and live from the heart, and it's time to get on the party bus together, and kick off the party-poopers that are screwing us over. Because there ainít no stopping a community of people showing us what is really going on behind the charade. People take notice and want to be on-board that bus. www.aussiebeachtv.com


02/27/2016    Saturday - Angela Forman talks to Daniel Louis Crumpton about spirituality from the perspective that the word of God, or the spirit of God/Creator resides in everything and everyone. Whether it be in someone's novel or the manual for a vacuum cleaner, we are channelling God's message that the battle for good of humanity and equality has already been won, and that we only need to participate in life and discover truth to experience it. We all have our own special talents that are waiting to be utilized to bring about peace and equality. And in-doing so we are together forging out the victory over our enslavement that is seemingly still in place. http://www.zeninthecar.com/thencametheflood/

02/20/2016    Saturday - Angela Forman with Santos Bonacci, on Everything Truth! These two cover so many topics it's hard to define it in a title! Instead here are the topics they covered: Religious Corporate Control, Jehovah's Witness in particular, and the trauma and PTSD that comes from removing oneself from it. Not excluding discussing all religions, and how it ties into the True transcendental Plutonic teachings of Astrotheology, and as Santos calls it "Syncretism." Also included is Santos gaol experiences, you are what you eat, The antithesis of Psy-op countering Truth, and the Egocentric Materialists that propagate it into the core of our everyday culture. The Mind-control that plagues us from taxes, usury or interest, big pharma, war machine, media and the paid off shills like NASA that propagate Heliocentrisim globe gravity theories, over truth that the Earth is not moving and flat, and the universe is spinning around us, and a Creator is not millions of light years away, and we are not evolved after a big-bang. Rather we are connected and doing good works for humanity as our Creator wanted, and is the only truth and life we ever need.

02/06/2016    Saturday - On today's show Angela talks one-on-one with Paul Wesley about our health and the deceptions that comes from a spiritual and Extra-Terrestrial perspective. Good and Bad entities that influence us and our health, and ultimately our bodies and our minds that are being deceived and enslaved, need help in discovering what is truth, and why. You can find Paul Wesley on You Tube as "Princetruthchaser" or Truthchaser. https://www.youtube.com/user/princetruthchaser


01/30/2016    Saturday - Angela had on Justin Smith the producer of Statin Nation. Talking about the cholesterol drugs that kill. Check out his website http://www.statinnation.net/ This guy will blow your mind. She also had a guest to talk about her husbands battle with Statins, my fathers battle with this drug, and alternative treatments for cancer based on electromagnetic principles.

01/23/2016    Saturday - On Today's Show Angela Is Joined By Co-Host Chuck Ochelli and her Guests Medical Cannabis Activist Rick Simpson and John Sharp, Husband Of Cancer Patient Cathy Sharp.

01/16/2016    Saturday - "Natural Cures VS Chop, Cut and Poison with Western Medicine" Angela Forman - Angela's Special Guests were Peter Evans www.andeandreaming.com and Cathy Sharp www.gofundme.com/cathyscancerappeal

01/09/2016    Saturday - American Freedom Radio welcomes the "Toxic Deceptions" Show with Host Angela forman to our family of broadcasters. Angela's Special Guests Were Dr. Mark Donohoe and Dr. Sharyn Martin.

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