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12/30/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's Special guest host was Angela Forman. Angela was joined by Kira Young and Paul Wesley.


11/25/2015    Wednesday - Hour 1: Vinny's guest was John McDougall MD, a board-certified internist, author of 12 national best-selling books, the international on-line "McDougall Newsletter," host of the nationally syndicated television show "McDougall M.D.," and medical director of the 10-day, live-in McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, CA. Other McDougall activities include seminars and health-oriented adventure vacations. Hour 2: Vinny's guest in the second hour was Keegan Kuhn

11/24/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's guest tonight were Brian Kelly and The Greek.

11/23/2015    Monday - Vinny's Very special guest was Lenon Honor. http://lenonhonor.com

11/21/2015    Saturday - Vinny joins AFR's Radio Marathon with his very special guests Max Igan http://www.thecrowhouse.com and Alex Ansary. http://alexansary.tv

11/21/2015    Saturday - Vinny joins AFR's Radio Marathon with his very special guest Dr. Carol Rosin who Co-authored the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty draft with distinguished colleagues such as Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

11/21/2015    Saturday - Vinny joins AFR's Radio Marathon with his very special guest Dean Clifford. https://deanclifford.blogspot.com

11/21/2015    Saturday - Vinny joins AFR's Radio Marathon with his very special guest Sgt. Greg Ford talks about his experience at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and his lawsuit against the government. Read his story here.

11/21/2015    Saturday - Vinny joins AFR's Radio Marathon with his very special guests Jay Weidner http://jayweidner.com and Richard Gage. http://www.ae911truth.org

11/21/2015    Saturday - Vinny joins AFR's Radio Marathon with his very special guests Benjamin Fulford http://benjaminfulford.net and Dr. Nick Begich. http://www.earthpulse.com

11/19/2015    Thursday - Hour 1: Vinny's special guest was Bob Tuskin http://www.bobtuskin.com. Hour 2: Vinny's special guest was Liam Scheff. http://liamscheff.com/

11/18/2015    Wednesday - Hour 1: Vinny's special guest was Kevin Barrett. Hour 2: Vinny's special guest is Wyeth Chalmers.

11/17/2015    Tuesday - Stew Webb from www.stewwebb.com speaks about the aliens that are controlling the elite at the highest levels of organised crime and fraud. Evelyn Gilbert from www.aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com Relaying important information and facts that completely contradict the official story of France's Friday the 13th terrorist attack.

11/16/2015    Monday - In the first hour Vinny's special guest was Gudjon E. Hreinberg from Iceland. In the second hour Vinny's Guests were Monty Dean and Eagle Eye.

11/12/2015    Thursday - Elite's Reign Of Terror Ends When People Have Had Enough, Benjamin Fulford. Technological Control Grid Prevents People From Thinking, Dr Nick Begich. Hour 1: Benjamin Fulford http://benjaminfulford.net Why he quit Forbes magazine and why refusing to shut up about the elite controlling humanity nearly got him assassinated several times. When assassination didn't work, insanely massive bribes were offered and rejected, nothing will stop Benjamin Fulford from trying to stop the elite's terrible global agenda, not when a better future where nature and technology can co-exist. Hour 2: Dr. Nick Begich http://www.earthpulse.com The world is saturated with technologies that are constantly sending out signals, this general atmosphere of ours is now flooded with negative energy that performs many functions, like dumbing people down, causing anxiety, sleep deprivation and making us more suggestible and easier to control. HAARP and Weather Modification was just the beginning as we leap headfirst into the technotronic era, where technology will control the people and not the other way round.

11/11/2015    Wednesday - Kevin Annett www.itccs.org is one of the worlds most rebellious priests, from exposing the child sacrifice committed on native Canadian children to the broader issues of corruption, pedophilia and blind followers who stand by the institution of religion regardless of how much harm it actually does. This is an eye opening interview that will make you question the very idea of having any religious belief.

11/10/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Matthew David Hurtado of http://www.rnadrops.com

11/09/2015    Monday - Vinny interviews Cannabis documentary film maker Arik Reiss about his new film Druglawed 2, the conversation evolves into the realisation that cannabis prohibition is a psychopathic crime against humanity central to a greater conspiracy by industrialists to wipe out their competition. http://www.druglawed.com

11/05/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guest was Walter Harris-Demelo of https://www.youtube.com/user/BrainFeedCA

11/04/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guest was Paul Wesley.

11/03/2015    Tuesday - In the first hour Vinny Rants about scum sucking psychopaths. In the second hour Vinny continues his rant with his guests, AFR host Christie Aphrodite and Louie Bee of Crotchshot Radio.

11/02/2015    Monday - Vinny Takes on YouTube's copyright policies with his recording "How My Lifes Work Disapeared Into a YouTube Loophole and How You Could Be Next." He also takes a call from Former AFR host Christie who has also had her sites taken down by these agents of evil. In the second hour Vinny continues this topic with Keith Roberts.


10/29/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guests were Falcon (Don Pontius) and James Wright.

10/28/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guests were Susanne Posel, Kira Young and Angela Foreman.

10/27/2015    Tuesday - Jason Bermas https://twitter.com/JasonBermas Speaking about how tough it is to make documentary films and keep working in the truth movement when money is tight and you find that getting a real job is the best option. https://youtu.be/J77G-qZ6iNo

10/26/2015    Monday - Vinny's very Special Guest was Cindy Sheehan in the first hour. In the second hour Vinny rants about true activism.

10/22/2015    Thursday - Tonight Vinny hosts a Gardisil Roundtable with his special guests Deb Robson, Gale Dickson and Norma Erikson.

10/21/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guests were Julian Crawford and Fritz Springmeier.

10/20/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Frater X.

10/19/2015    Monday - Hour 1: Rupert Quaintance from "Hi It's Rupert!" joins Vinny for a show full of fun, comedy and philosophy to help people cope with this crazy making machine we call reality. His Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kivresp Hour 2: Jordan Maxwell joins vinny to discuss the hijacking of his persona by a criminal family. Jordan's real website is: http://www.jordanmaxwellshow.com

10/15/2015    Thursday - I'm going Live with Dr Bob Melamede who has been touring US universities speaking about Endo-Cannabinoids (The Cannabinoids from within) that play a crucial role in the structure, development and repair of almost every part of the human body. While they occur naturally, you can and should be supplementing so that you don't become cannabinoid deficient!

10/14/2015    Wednesday - Dr Rima Laibow and Ralph Fusetola from the Natural Solutions Foundation. www.drrimatruthreports.com Speaking about the process by which people realise they've believed something that isn't true, and then changing that belief. A very enlightening episode! Donate to Vinny Eastwood at www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com

10/13/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guests were Santos Bonacci and Max Igan.

10/12/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Medical Cannabis Activist Rick Simpson. His website is http://phoenixtears.ca

10/08/2015    Thursday - Vinny's Pre-weekend rant.

10/07/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guest was NZ activist Penny Bright.

10/06/2015    Tuesday - In the first hour Vinny's special guest was Evelyn Gilbert (Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective) Evelyn Gilbert's blog: https://aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com In the second hour Vinny is joined by Michael Murphy dicussing Geo-Engineering. His website is http://www.whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com

10/05/2015    Monday - Vinny talks about the passing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.


09/28/2015    Monday - Vinny talks with Alex Ansary and John Spounias today, and learns of yet another instance of prospective homeowners vs. councils and indigenous residents. In this case, in Colorado's high desert Costilla County, newly arriving property buyers seeking a suitable environment for off-the-grid living, wind up clashing with local long-term residents and presenting a threat to councils. Vinny is quick to point out the interesting similarities to situations in New Zealand. There is a real clash in cultures: long-time residents of Costilla Country who are determined to protect and preserve their way of life vs. the Newbies who want to escape the cities and technology, build eco-homes, and live a family-centred life. Add to this the scarcity of the precious commodity, water, and throw in the new marijuana legislation in Colorado and the inflow of a more drug-oriented population, and you wind up with a real "witches brew." All in all, a fascinating show that demonstrates in microcosm what is going on in the world at large - events that present us with great opportunities to learn and grow. Website: http://alexansary.tv/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/alexansary

09/24/2015    Thursday - Today the 32nd degree Freemason author of "The Filthy Rituals of Freemasonry" James Robert Wright was a former & payed member of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite in Dallas Texas, derived from a rich bloodline linking him to dozens of historical figures, he offers a unique insight as the century's biggest Freemasonic whistle blower. Insight into how the worlds largest secret society with over a million members has kept the bulk of their followers completely in the dark as to what higher level members do. His website www.dialmformason.weebly.com

09/23/2015    Wednesday - Vinny vents in this two hours of epic social commentary Vinny explains such topics as fear porn, the power and control of money, the ridiculousness of drug laws and self-empowerment. Don't be a pituitary retard, don't listen to Peter Dunne (the cockatoo who has sucked a few) or Gareth Morgan/Adolf Selleck (the cat nazi). Time is the greatest resource, use it wisely and beliefs are just like diapers, sometimes they need changing because they are full of shit.

09/22/2015    Tuesday - Kimberly Dortch and her lawyer melody Kramer, talking about police and how they treated Kimberly's son for spray painting. A very sordid story exploring the police state America has become. Including attempts by the police to assemble meth labs in their home in order to charge them with drug related offenses because the county gives the police kick backs for busting meth labs!

09/21/2015    Monday - Evelyn Gilbert (Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective) talks with Vinny today as they look back to the 1960s for an historical perspective on the long-standing pattern of Muslim immigration into Europe - and then forward into a broader understanding of the incredibly complex and "nasty" middle eastern/European / Russian/Ukranian issues today. They explore questions like Why so many refugees NOW? From so many countries? And how much of it is "constructed" by the media and State-funded terrorism via the FBI/CIA and schemes of entrapment. An interesting sidenote developed as well when Gilbert mentioned that many MSM stories are now being written by "writerbots" - computer software applications that generate stories based around keywords. This led to Evelyn being asked to stay for the 2nd hour which then focussed on Cameron Slater and Nicky Hager and the deteriorating world of journalism and mainstream media today. This has led to the emergence of the Alternative media on radio, television, and Internet which includes bloggers who seem to have access to - and share - what's "really" going on. Evelyn Gilbert's blog: https://aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com

09/17/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guests were Lissa Weckert, Wendy Lydall and Brett Smith.

09/16/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guest was Karen Smith a former citizen of South Africa.

09/07/2015    Monday - On this show Vinny interviews Tim Lynch-A kiwi who has his finger on the pulse of our country.National corruption,value systems disorder,media programming,eco-cide,indigenous philosophies,empire and power systems and a large serving of pure honest truth.The two hour debate is so full of insight and political relevance that it stands alone as a piece of brilliant social commentary and foresight.

09/03/2015    Thursday - Today Susanne Posel and Vinny Eastwood discuss Gerald Celente and others in the alternative media who stand to gain financially because of their predictions of economic collapse, through trading gold, silver and US dollars, these people have profited off the truth movement that has very little money, is it free market? Or fear profiteering?

09/02/2015    Wednesday - Hour 1: The legendary Bill Still maker of "The Money Masters" shares his story of how he woke up to the banking system, the challenges he faced and why almost everyone else that has been talking about monetary reform in the alternative movement is completely WRONG about the gold standard!

Hour 2: New Zealand comedian Wyeth Chalmers and Vinny have a frank and hilarious discussion about comedy, political correctness, the human condition and why it's hard getting work if you've got political jokes as your mainstay. ONE OF THE BEST (and most hilarious) INTERVIEWS EVER!

09/01/2015    Tuesday - Vinnys talks about issues of the day.


08/31/2015    Monday - The trouble with living in a world controlled by psychopaths can't be confined to a single sentence and it might not even be possible to create a world without their domination. But, ultimately, there isn't much choice, if you are a person with creativity, then not only do you have a moral obligation, but, there's a possibility you might come up with the very methodology capable of countering all the ways in which we're enslaved. There is no limit to human creativity and the institutions that have been built up around us like school, the media, the legal system and the medical establishment, have tried very hard to wipe out peoples ability to think independently and create their own unique solutions to problems. Because there aren't any institutions we can access to help us in such a way, it is obvious that we must help ourselves, creativity is one of the most powerful weapons we have and we'd best make use of it before it's too late.

08/27/2015    Thursday - Another solo flight with Vinny Eastwood-and a very interesting one it is. Covering topics ranging from the emerging popularity of the Alternative/Independent media to Pub Night out with a great group of conspiracy theorists-then on to the increasing awareness of the dangers of EMF frequencies and the reality of "electrosensitives," to the possibilities of hemp plantations in NZ-with many other topics thrown in to keep the listener hooked. Highlights of "the fastest two hours in radio" are a couple rolling rants where every word counts; these are some truly inspired moments when Vinny becomes a philosopher and poet. The listener is left in wonderment at how he is able to produce such an amazing flow of meaningful-and often pointed-content. A take-away line tonight is "Knowledge only has value if you employ it."

08/26/2015    Wednesday - The First Time I interviewed Jarrah White I wasn't entirely sure whether or not the US went to the moon, but after it, I was utterly convinced that they faked the moon landing and have never set foot on the moon at all even to this day! The reason for my radical change in position was his unflinching facts recited in a concise and accurate manner using primary & official sources that completely contradict the lies, misinformation and propaganda propagated by NASA and others. http://www.moonfaker.com/

08/25/2015    Tuesday - After a technologically challenged start, The Vinny Eastwood Show today delivered a double punch.The first guest, Ben Vidgen https://www.facebook.com/postmaninvestigates is a groundbreaking reporter with two decades of daring to tell the most extreme predictive stories, that although initially doubted by others, turn out to be vindicated by the events that follow. His conversation with Vinny, another guerrilla reporter, makes for eye-opening listening as they share and compare their experiences of dedication to a sense of personal mission that at times becomes a crusade to "wake up the folks"-and then the frustration that follows when the folks just don't-or won't-hear the alarm bells ringing. http://www.postmanproductions.org

The second hour features the investigative writer, John Morgan, who in spite of severe health challenges over the years, has written a series of authoritative, factual, and explosive books that address the evidence surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her lover, Dodi Fayed. Morgan's findings have led him to conclude the Paris crash was orchestrated by agents of the British state, working on behalf of senior members of the royal family...In today's interview, he shares many of the disturbing details he uncovered. More can be seen on his website http://princessdianadeaththeevidence.weebly.com and in his books.

08/24/2015    Monday - Vinny flies solo today, broadcasting live from New Zealand where he says "The Planet of the Apes" has taken over, and they're all wearing suits and uniforms. In response to the concerns of folks worrying about "end of world" predictions, he starts out by addressing some of their concerns, then goes on to rant with his unique style of humour and sarcasm as he covers the range of challenges facing us today and hits on all the hot topics. He really hits his stride around the 75-minute mark, and all in all gives us an informative and entertaining two hours.

08/19/2015    Wednesday - A double-header today: The first to join Vinny was Evelyn Gilbert (Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective) who he referred to a serial guest because she has been on the show so often. Her subjects ranged from "muppets" to money, and introduced an even higher value into the picture - talk about "paradigm shift" — we've had to stretch our minds past billion dollar budget items to trillion dollar ones, and today, Evelyn introduced a quadrillion! (1000 trillions) - and then on to Agenda 21 and the growing impression that more people are "waking up" to what is being done to us as a population and then joining in to protest. Disturbing but fascinating. See: https://aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com

Introduced as the "Mistress of the Macabre," Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation was Vinny's guest for the second hour. Starting with the recent series of suspicious deaths of alternative doctors and natural health practitioners, Dr. Rima thoroughly explained a possible link to the GcMAF/ nagalase interaction and the further connection with vaccines as well as the recent push to MANDATE vaccinations in several countries as well as in some states in the USA. She offered a strategy - an Advanced Health Directive - we can use to protect our Right to Refuse as set forth by the US Supreme Court. Check out her website http://drrimatruthreports.com/advancevaccinedirective for the full details.

08/18/2015    Tuesday - Today's guest is Dr Ann Blake-Tracy from www.drugawareness.org As if there wasn't already enough for us to deal with, in this eye - and mind-opening interview, Vinny Eastwood and Ann Blake-Tracy open a whole other "can of worms" and dig deeply into it. They are talking about "drugs" - and not the recreational varieties either - but rather, the pharmaceutical products produced and prescribed by health "professionals" . . . and the devastating and dehumanizing effects these substances are having on what turns out to be the majority of the population. Here's yet another "cover-up": Do you know what’s happening as a result of taking antidepressant drugs?! While research has shown all along that depression, anxiety, mania (Bipolar), schizophrenia, Autism, etc. all have one thing in common - ELEVATED levels of serotonin (which is what LSD mimics to produce its hallucinogenic effects) - somehow, the world has been convinced that these are problems of LOW serotonin levels...for which we all need to take serotonin ELEVATING drugs! As a result, our world is now full of all of those conditions which are all adverse reactions to these antidepressants. In addition to the pills we pop, other factors like fluoridation and EMF/RF frequencies that affect the brain and its behavioural responses are discussed. Listening to this information may be a bitter pill to swallow, but it just MAY save your life! For lots more information see: http://www.drugawareness.org/vinny-eastwood-in-new-zealand-tuesday-interviews-ann-blake-tracy/  judith@proofreadnz.co.nz

08/17/2015    Monday - Today's guest is Andrew D. Basiago formerly of Project Pegasus - the Classified DARPA Time Travel Program of the early 70's. He shares his incredible life story and makes it believeable! Right through to the "bomb" he dropped on Art Bell during his recent appearance on Midnight in the Desert. A knowledgeable Vinny Eastwood is in top form as he conducts another stellar interview - one that has no need for an overlay of protective humour. Andrew Basiago candidly describes his childhood introduction to the secret world of US Government "black ops" and the following years of sometimes terrifying "service" in the exploration of the dimensions and eight Modalities of time travel:
1. Remote viewing: psychic time travel:
2. Out-of-body: astral time travel to different dimensions
3. The Montauk Chair: Astral time travel to one's own future
4. Chronovisors: holographic time travel
5. Tesla teleporter: wormhole time travel and transport
6. Stargate: advanced teleporter:
7. Plasma Confinement Chamber: temporarily embeds you in the past
8. Jump Rooms: Long range teleporter, used for jumps to Mars
His website is http://www.projectpegasus.net All the "stuff" we have long viewed as Science Fiction turns out to be REAL if you can let yourself wrap your head around it. Description by Vinny Eastwood and Judith Sansweet judith@proofreadnz.co.nz

08/13/2015    Thursday - Special Guest: Jerome Corsi, journalist for 10 years with WND.com, 25 year career in political science and banking and author of 'The Obama Nation'. Vinny and Jerome discuss the transformations of American society and subsequent individual freedoms, clandestine and systematic erosions of morality and the rising discrimination and criminalisation of personal religious choice. From the Founding Fathers and The First Amendment through to current election candidates and their campaigns, Vinny and Jerry dissect historical incidents and describe how America has now found itself in this calamitous position of anti race, anti religion, and anti independence under the guise of governmental management, outlining a clear picture of just how the New World Order intends to be implemented into a frightened malleable society.

08/12/2015    Wednesday - Hour 1-Warren Mclaughlen and the dark side of Finland. An Australian national marries a Finnish woman,they have a child.On the occasion of the pregnancy of their second child, Warrens wife divorces him,takes the children and moves back to her homeland. The ensuing battles over custody demonstrates the corrupt and dark side of a supposed sophisticated country.The spotlight goes on social services,legal systems and the psychiatry profession.Political correctness has run wild and the deluded dogmas of money and science run rampant.

Hour 2-Chuck Ochelli-New kid on the block. This interview with a new member of Revolution radio-Chuck Ochelli goes into detail about his journey to join American freedom radio and examines the dysfunctional global institutions. Vinny and Chuck have a frank discussion about the scumbags(psychopaths) that control our planet and try to ascertain their motivations for their interest in radio and alternative media-or honest media as Chuck refers to it. Vincent Eastwood: had this done by someone else, whatta ya think?

08/11/2015    Tuesday - Hour 1: Vinny explains how all of us are under some form of subtle and/or overt mind control after growing up and becoming part of institutions of all kinds. Repetition, sleep deprivation, silo mentality and ostracising those who don't think like the group are just some of the hints that education, religion and the media to name a few, are basically just forms of trauma based mind control and the way you can tell if you're being brainwashed, is if you've never questioned whether or not you're brainwashed. Hour 2: Vinny runs off a list of things that are pissing him off in hilarious fashion, mind control, the media, the monetary system, 1080 poison, fluoride, tall poppy syndrome and trolls.

08/10/2015    Monday - Special guest is: James Henry Fetzer who founded Scholars for 9/11 truth, We will be discussing a lot of topics including: GOP Debates and Donald Trump. Geoengineering: the California Drought and vitamin D deficiency. California fires and the connection to "Jade Helm". Sandy Hook & The Boston Bombing. 9/11: Ground Zero: Conspiracy for republicans. The moon landing, was it actually a hoax? New evidence from famed Physicist gets shut down.

08/06/2015    Thursday - The corporate media and activism, how it is a responsibility of those who can, to give coverage to the activists who deserve it.

08/05/2015    Wednesday - Guest Mike Rivero www.whatreallyhappened.com. There are 2 types of people, those who want to be left alone and those who won't leave you alone, We discuss the quadrillions of derivatives debt the US is in, what "Jubilee" is and why no one seems to have the courage to stand up to the bankers. Why ignorance of the ingredients in vaccines is a doctors only defence and how people that are afraid of global warming are also afraid of isis and why being right is the opposite of being politically incorrect.

08/04/2015    Tuesday - Medical staff in New Zealand are being fired for refusing to take vaccines, Vinny explains how the Nuremburg Code is not a law. The TPPA Free Trade Deal has hit a stumbling block but it has not been knocked off course, why keeping the pressure on is important. Vinny was also joined by Susanne Posel in the second hour.

08/03/2015    Monday - Vinny rants about the New Zealand flag change and how this will have an effect on New Zealand's jurisdiction. Has our flag already been decided upon? Does it even matter that we get to suggest what flag we want considering any public decision is non-binding and the government can just pick whatever flag they want anyway? Is it just a smokescreen to cover up for the TPPA which when passed gives control of New Zealand's legislature to international companies. Kiwi media is mostly compromised by money or politics, as a result, this country has almost no defence against tyranny. Also, the idea of creating an alternative economy based on truth, high quality products and ethical businesses that can replace every kind of service currently available through unethical scumbaggery New World Order conglomerates, wouldn't it be a great world where every product in your home was guaranteed quality made by honest businesses?


07/30/2015    Thursday - American Freedom Radio host Alex Ansary is coming on with Vinny to appeal for support from the listeners as he's been in great financial trouble lately! Also in the second hour Vinny is visited by Ian Jacklin.

07/29/2015    Wednesday - Private Investigator Ed Opperman is going to bring you the uncensored story of Donald Trump's past and why supporting him might not be the best idea. American Freedom Radio host Alex Ansary is coming on with Vinny to appeal for support from the listeners as he's been in great financial trouble lately!

07/28/2015    Tuesday - Guests Randy Maugans and David Whitehead join Vinny for The Man Talk Project, talking about having children in the modern age and the challenges of reproduction in a society that's due to be exterminated.

07/27/2015    Monday - Police brutality, the correct way to deal with cops and the excuses people give for their violence. Environmentalism: How the belief in environmentalism has eclipsed the need for facts to justify the rhetoric and how good causes are getting co-opted to serve nefarious agendas. Music: How independent musicians are the future of the industry and why all talented people need to take personal responsibility for their art and produce it themselves without help or approval if necessary.

07/23/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guests tonight were Jim Lee, talking about EMF, the NSA, mass surveillance, Chem Trails etc. Monique Lessan, Qualified private investigator speaking about child Trafficking.

07/22/2015    Wednesday - I'll be talking about my new TV show and fundraising for it, plus a little bit on trolls, what arrogance means to me vs confidence. And a nice rant about how things we say get misinterpreted because people aren't willing to do so much as a google search to clarify.

07/21/2015    Tuesday - Vinny rants about the scumbaggery in New Zealand.

07/20/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guest tonight was George Gretton.

07/16/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guest tonight was Clint Richardson.

07/15/2015    Wednesday - Vinny rants about racism.

07/14/2015    Tuesday - Vinny rants about $6000.00 computers that cant render a 26 minute TV show.

07/13/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guest tonight was Dr. John Hall Author of "New Breed" based on true-life events and what you'll find will open your eyes to a completely new form of terrorism.

07/09/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guests tonight were Paul Topete of Poker Face and Trevor LeBonte.

07/08/2015    Wednesday - Vinny continues his rant.

07/07/2015    Tuesday - Vinny rants about about the Alternative Media.

07/06/2015    Monday - Vinny's Back! Event promoter Darryl Jones learns that his event Bass In The Park that includes many volunteers & performers of different ethnicities raising money for charity, is simply not "cultural" enough for local Maori authorities. This is a symptom of a deeper problem, the propensity for control and dominance over ordinary people who want to do good things in their communities but cannot afford expensive lawyers and extortionate permit fees, what's the point of putting on a free event if it means having to basically bribe the council with blood money? The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is one of the most dangerous moves by global companies to seize control of nations by destroying their sovereignty and the rule of law simultaneously. Vinny offers a critical and lengthy but hilarious break down of the dimensions of scumbaggery involved and debunks an entire article written by local mainstream media and even reads the rebuttal by NZ's top anti-TPP advocate Professor Jane Kelsey.

07/01/2015    Wednesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Sabrina Black. http://zeninthecar.com.


06/30/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guests were Daniel Crumpton and Sabrina Black of http://zeninthecar.com.

06/24/2015    Wednesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was AFR host of Hardline, Susanne Posel. Her website is: https://www.occupycorporatism.com. Tonight they cover fearmongering in the alternative media and more.

06/23/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was H.P. Albarelli Jr., a writer and investigative reporter and the author of "A Terrible Mistake" The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments. His website is http://hpalbarelli.com. : The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments

06/19/2015    Friday - Anita Stewart was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guests were Cindy Sheehan, Rivera Sun, Linda Tirado and Mnar Muhawesh.

06/18/2015    Thursday - Frater X was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest in the second hour was Swami Shivananda Giri. His website is: http://meditativeliving.info

06/16/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Gayle Nix Jackson author of "Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film" discussing the JFK assassination. Her website is: http://gaylenixjackson.com.

06/10/2015    Wednesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guests were Whistleblowers Cele Castillo and Dr. Greg Ford discussing the conections between the death camps in Central America and the torture in Iraq.

06/09/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest in the first hour was G. Edward Griffin Author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island" and much more. His website is http://www.freedomforceinternational.org. In the second hour Charles welcomes back special guest Daniel Louis Crumpton author of "Then Came The Flood" to talk about the impact of G. Edward Griffin's life work. Daniel's website is http://zeninthecar.com.

06/03/2015    Wednesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Sherry Fiester author of "Enemy Of The Truth" a real life CSI's look at the Kennedy assassination. Her website is http://sherryfiester.com

06/02/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Leslie Carol Botha speaking about health issues and our exposure to dangerous chemicals in our daily lives. Her website is http://holyhormones.com.


05/28/2015    Thursday - Internationally known expert of Freemasonry and the Occult-Frater X author of The Secret War Inside Freemasonry- welcomes Freeman Fly from FreemanTV.com publisher of Weird Stuff magazine. Freeman is also known worldwide as a researcher and expert of esoteric knowledge and Occult studies.

05/27/2015    Wednesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Cele Castillo former Iran Contra DEA agent who witnessed the CIA's Drug Trafficing in Central America. Cele's website "Powderburns can be accessed on the AFR homepage by clicking on his right column banner or by clicking on the following link. Powderburns

05/26/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Laura Kohl Author of JONESTOWN SURVIVOR: An Insider's Look, and survivor of the Jonestown religious cult. http://www.jonestownsurvivor.com

05/21/2015    Thursday - Frater X was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Sir James Robert Wright from Dial M for Mason.

05/20/2015    Wednesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Daniel Louis Crumpton author of "Then Came The Flood" a fiction book that connects the dots of religious mythology. http://zeninthecar.com

05/19/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonights very special guest was Rebekah Roth, author of Methodical Illusion, a flight attendant's view of 9/11. Her thirty years of experience as an airline flight attendant lead her to research the inconsistancies of that infamous day in history and figure out the truth. http://www.methodicalillusion.com

05/14/2015    Thursday - Guest Host and long time friend of the show Frater X from The Middle Chamber sitting in for MC Eastwood-welcomes Ron Patton Editor and Chief of Paranoia Magazine and Sir James Robert Wright from Dial M for Mason to discuss several new media endeavors and public events othey are all involved in on the West Coast in the near future as well as a spirited discussion around Freemasonry and Templarism.

05/13/2015    Wednesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonight was part two of Charles's special guest Frank Gregory Ford's story, a former Intelligence operative and whistleblower regarding WMDs, Torture and the origins of the ISIS Crisis in the 21st century invasion and occupation of Iraq.

05/12/2015    Tuesday - Charles Ochelli was Vinny's guest host. Tonight was part one of Charles's special guest Frank Gregory Ford's story, a former Intelligence operative and whistleblower regarding WMDs, Torture and the origins of the ISIS Crisis in the 21st century invasion and occupation of Iraq.


04/21/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Kerri Rivera discussing the the prgress of reversing autism with Chlorine Dioxide. http://cdautism.org

04/20/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Xander Dal Riata of http://www.full-spectrum-dominance.com

04/16/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guest was Douglas Dietrich http://www.douglasdietrich.com.

04/15/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guests were Dr. Rima Laibow http://drrimatruthreports.com and Ralph Fucetola http://www.vitaminlawyer.com.

04/14/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Michael Cross http://michaelcross.net.

04/13/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Zen Gardner http://www.zengardner.com.

04/09/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guest was Cliff High http://www.halfpasthuman.com.

04/08/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guests today were Sonia Barrett http://www.spiritinform.com and James Corbett https://www.corbettreport.com.

04/07/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Dr. Janet Hull http://www.janethull.com.

04/01/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guests today were Angela Forman, Ben Vidgen AND Lisa Er.


03/30/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guests today were Penny Bright, Evelyn Gilbert and Bruce Rogan.

03/26/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guest today was Jay Parker who will be a featured speaker at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia. http://freeyourmindconference.com

03/24/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guests today were Mark Passio http://www.whatonearthishappening.com and Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth http://www.ae911truth.org.

03/23/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guests today were Mitch Santell and Kevin Galalae. http://www.amazon.com/Kevin-Mugur-Galalae/e/B00QVEO1VI

03/18/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guests today were Bob Tuskin http://www.bobtuskin.com and Jack Blood http://deadlinelive.info.

03/17/2015    Tuesday - Vinny's special guests today were Benjamin Fulford and James Wright.

03/16/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guest today was Penny Bright.

03/10/2015    Tuesday - Vinny and Alex Ansary team up to discuss the role of the alernative media.

03/04/2015    Wednesday - Vinny's special guest today was Liam Scheff discussing his book: Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need.

03/03/2015    Tuesday - Vinny had no guest today but had plenty to say about the state of the truth movement.

03/02/2015    Monday - Vinny's special guest today was Alfred Lambremont Webre. http://exopolitics.blogs.com


02/26/2015    Thursday - Vinny's special guest tonight was fellow AFR host Alex Ansary of the "Outside The Box Show."

02/25/2015    Wednesday - Vinny Eastwood returns for AFR Re-launch. Vinny's special guest today was Jeff Harmon.

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