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09/06/2016    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Author Ralph Ellis. http://www.edfu-books.com/books.html


08/30/2016    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Dennis Wise.

08/23/2016    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Jay Dyer. A two hour talk on philosophy, film and geopolitics. https://jaysanalysis.com/

08/15/2016    Monday - The Philosophy Of "Waking Up", Why Trauma And Intoxication Can Help, Charles Smith "Of Two Minds." www.oftwominds.com A conversation full of interesting insights into the process of "waking up" and why drugs, trauma and laughter might be the best cocktail to get people to consider that the world is not what they once thought.

08/09/2016    Tuesday - Ancient History Of Giants, Freemasonry, Designer Babies And A Jurassic World War? Kristan T Harris Host Of "The American Intelligence Report" www.americanintelligencereport.com Symbolism, Secret societies, Freemasonry, Ancient history, Giants, Designer babies, Downloading our brains into computers so we can live forever, The fear of muslims that neglects to mention government sponsored terror, Scientists now trying to make a real life Jurassic World? And possibly a Jurassic World War?

08/01/2016    Monday - David Morgan www.silver-investor.com Is a major economic downturn about to happen again? Will physical silver in your hands help you to survive it? During the last great economic depression 10 million people in the United States starved to death at a time when 90% of people lived in rural areas growing their own food, Today, 90% of people live in cities and don't. So just imagine the chaos when there's no more food on the shelves! An insight into the interesting world of silver, the markets, coinage, exotic technologies, health breakthroughs and more! Silver isn't just some shiny substance to invest money in, It's an extremely important element without which our modern technological age could not exist!


07/26/2016    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Danny Bamping.

07/25/2016    Monday - Kurt Haskell https://www.facebook.com/kurt.haskell The incredible eye witness account of the famous underwear bomber who was allowed onto the plane and given a defective bomb courtesy of the US government!

07/11/2016    Monday - Vinny's Very special guest was Comedian Aidan Killian. http://aidankillian.com/

07/05/2016    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Jim Willie. New World Order Elites In Fear Of Gold Standard & White Hat Society. www.goldenjackass.com


06/14/2016    Tuesday - Dr. Guy Hatchard talking about the very dangerous legislation being rammed through NZ parliament right now while the country sleeps! THE NATURAL PRODUCTS BILL will affect every kiwi and similar legislation is being geared up around the world! It will essentially give the big pharmaceutical companies whose drugs kill people every day an unfair market advantage, as a result, many thousands of New Zealanders could die from simple illnesses and malnutrition! Would you like to know more? Please email Dr. Hatchard with your concerns: ghatchard@gmail.com His website will be available soon! www.safehealthynatural.com

06/13/2016    Monday - Vinny's special guest was David Livingstone.

06/07/2016    Tuesday - Vinny's special guests were Kareem Maiz and Chris Peeters.

06/06/2016    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Dr Leonard Coldwell about the myths of cancer and the cures. http://drleonardcoldwell.com/


05/31/2016    Tuesday - Today on The Vinny Eastwood Show! Karlos Kukuburra from The Template https://www.facebook.com/thetemplate/?fref=ts Is going to be talking about energetic fields, electromagnetism and how they relate to human beings and our place in the fractal universe. A mind blowing show!

05/24/2016    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was Former TV weatherman Scott Stevens.

05/23/2016    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Jeffrey Daugherty "The Christian Whistle Blower". He's going to be asking a question that most don't want to ask, does Christianity serve Satan or God?

05/17/2016    Tuesday - Hour 1: Cindy Sheehan www.cindysheehanssoapbox.blogspot.com/ Discussing US elections and why people seem so willing to get duped again by candidates that will just continue the same big business and war policies! Hour 2: Pal Waddell www.safespace.net.nz One of the most frightening topic of our times is wireless radiation, it surrounds us, it penetrates us and it's only becoming more pervasive, the dangers to human health cannot be overestimated!

05/16/2016    Monday - Vinny's special guest was Babilu Ashtar Shaman.

05/03/2016    Tuesday - NZ Journalist Ben Vidgen and Vinny expose the NZ media's failure at exposing money laundering and tax haven schemes that have been known about for over 15 years. In the second hour we explore how New Zealand's Corporate Maori organisations are behind a cover up of real New Zealand history and the left wing of New Zealand's dirty secret is they're mostly globalists! www.postmanproductions.org.nz

05/02/2016    Monday - NZ journalist Ben Vidgen is going to be talking with us about his new book "Bens NZ" containing stories of interesting people and activists he's met while traveling around the country. www.postmanproductions.org In the second hour Wellington Dentist Stan Litras is going to bring a bit of light to the recent issue involving District health boards being given the power to forcibly fluoridate the entire country without any public input! http://fluoridefree.org.nz


04/26/2016    Tuesday - Guest Robert Stanley www.unicusmagazine.com/ The concept of a mind parasite is frightening in that it can act similarly to what one might consider a demon, possessing a host and controlling it. The oldest cultures on earth say these beings came from the stars as gods, Some ancient cultures tell tales of snake spirits, The Gnostic teachings speak of Archons, Modern Psychology identifies Psychopaths, Today, some are starting to think of them as Aliens, No one really knows for sure, but the question remains, Are these mind parasites humanities oldest and deadliest enemy? PS A copy of the last Interview Vinny did with Robert got 200,000+ views on someone else's youtube channel and this discovery was made at around the same time as the second interview was scheduled so you're not going to want to miss this!

04/25/2016    Monday - "Psychopaths Infest Every Major Institution! Can We Get Them Out?" Dr. Darrell Hamamato. Dr. Darrell Hamamato, Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California. The first Asian American adult film changed the landscape of the American entertainment industry, leading to films like Harold and Kumar go to white Castle with the first Asian leading men outside of a martial arts movie. The difficulty in changing perceptions about race and sex is not so much to do with culture as it is to do with the psychopathic criminals who seem to have infected every major hierarchical institution comprising of politics, business, religion, entertainment, medicine and of course education! This wholesale takeover of the human race apparently happened a long time ago, but it's up to the people who have conscience and creativity to stay the course and maybe end the choke hold these entities have had on the human race since the dawn of time.

04/19/2016    Tuesday - Guests William K. Black & Evelyn Gilbert http://www.aotearoaawiderperspective.com Known around the world for exposing the Savings & Loans scandal in the 80's, Bill Black is responsible for the imprisonment of over 1000 corrupt bankers and on the show today he informs us how the global financial system is essentially a giant fraud machine, built, fueled and operated by some of the worst con artists, liars and psychopathic criminals that have ever existed on the planet! With the recent release of the Panama papers and New Zealand's role in global off-shore tax havens, Kiwi blogger Evelyn Gilbert Joins in the second hour to ask some specific questions about New Zealand's former Wall Street derivatives trader and now Prime Minister, John Key.

04/18/2016    Monday - Archon Parasites Have Ruled Humanity Since Ancient Times! L.A. Marzulli. Guest L.A. Marzulli http://www.lamarzulli.net/ Have you ever wondered where the human race came from? How ancient civilizations got their technology? Why different empires rise, fall, then give way to new empires? Well, it may come as a shock, but humanity was visited long ago by a race of Alien mind parasites, Unable to create, love or laugh, these entities were jealous of humanities gifts and set about to possess and rule our species, their eventual goal is to merge with us, and for us to merge with technology. But, for the first time in history our species has become aware of these apex predators and their plans, it's just a question of if we can expose them before they decide to destroy their global empire and start again.

04/05/2016    Tuesday - Guest Zen Gardner www.zengardner.com A TRULY AWAKENING SHOW! We all struggle to leave behind the lies we built our lives upon, the trauma of waking up is very similar to the grief process as most things you thought were reliable, credible and stable no longer appear that way. Without this trauma however, there is no waking up, so if anyone tells you that you can be taught the one truth or the one way of life without suffering of any kind, they're either lying or so delusional that they think it's the truth.

04/04/2016    Monday - Exposing The BIG 5 False Teachings: Heliocentric Earth, Gravity, Materialism, Big Bang & Evolution, Santos Bonacci. A brief apology for some previous statements made against people in the truth movement in anger sets the stage for a calm, reasoned and open venue to explain some very far out topics like the Flat Earth, (Geocentric model)! Syncretism (religion that incorporates all view points), Veganism (we must not kill), Demonic parasites (that control the world) and Exposing False Teachings like: Round Earth, Gravity, Materialism, Big Bang, Evolution.


03/29/2016    Tuesday - Vinny illustrates the emotional impact infighting can have on an audience and the importance of maintaining your cool when discussing serious issues, Not to attack, insinuate, name call, but to be tolerant, accepting that other people can not share certain beliefs you do, but that doesnít mean you have to fight about it. Conversing in a negative way just causes others to close up and not listen to anything you have to say anyway.

03/28/2016    Monday - Today on The Vinny Eastwood Show! Australian legend Max Igan is coming on to discuss what the word "psy-ops" means, what the word "shill" means and why these terms are often misunderstood and misused by people in the truth movement who've not yet learned the word "Discernment" This will be a very serious and freaking hilarious show at the same time discussing one of the phenomena that is most directly responsible for the derailing of many peoples fighting to expose the truth.

03/22/2016    Tuesday - Guest James Wright www.dialmformason.weebly.com Paranoid, crazy, delusional, these are the titles often given to people that speak about Freemasons in a negative light, what's ironic about those labels is that being stalked by Freemasons makes you all of the above on purpose! This former high ranking 32nd degree Freemason of The Dallas Scottish Rite tells all about the relentless harassment and stalking he suffered as soon as he wanted to leave the order and what lengths he had to go through to avoid it. It didn't matter where he went, who he was with or what he was doing, they were always watching, always turning up out of the blue, often sending in agents to destroy his relationships, making attempts on his life and telling malicious lies to discredit him. But now, the time has come to blow the whistle and James hopes all Masons realize how their order has been corrupted and is now being used for criminal purposes by it's highest ranked members!

03/21/2016    Monday - Frater X http://fraterx.blogspot.com Member of 9 occult orders and former freemason explains why although some occultists are crazy, the fact that they are willing to act upon their beliefs makes them very dangerous! A very insightful show that delves into the darkest corners of the occult and secret society practices.

03/15/2016    Tuesday - GUESTS: Dr Bob Melamede https://www.facebook.com/robert.melamede Chuck Ochelli http://ochelli.com/ Did you know that Cannabinoids (one of the active ingredients in Cannabis) are an essential nutrient to ensure the human body operates optimally? The human race has been supplementing this nutrient for thousands of years without knowing that the plant matter we've been consuming is actually helping us to evolve! Those without this essential nutrient often accrue diseases and detrimental behavior as a result, most notably is the compounds effect on open-mindedness and how those deficient in Cannabinoids are not only very closed minded people unable to deal with change, but they're actually holding our entire species back! The reason most don't know this and indeed partly why our global society has become sick in both body and mind is due to the advent of a corrupt media who resemble a "free press" about as much as a nuclear weapon resembles a peace dove.

03/14/2016    Monday - Guest Rupert Quaintance https://www.facebook.com/rupert.quaintance?fref=ts Without doubt it's important to realize that without a sense of humour the truth is going to make you angry, sad and often afraid, this is not good as such states shut down higher brain functions and your ability to think! We discuss the important coping mechanisms that have kept us sane amidst the seemingly endless war against propaganda.

03/08/2016    Tuesday - George Gretton www.fraudandcorruptionexposure.co.uk A highly experienced Chartered Accountant that is working with others around to world to expose the money trail that funds a global criminal and pedophile enterprise.

03/07/2016    Monday - Author of several books about the UN's covert depopulation agenda Kevin Galalae https://www.facebook.com/kgalalae opens up a can of worms when he reveals that the Zika virus and vaccination are part of an agenda to sterilize and shorten the lifespan of every human being!

03/01/2016    Tuesday - Psychopaths, How To Identify, Neutralize And Avoid Them with Evelyn Gilbert 1st hour and Russell Malcolm in the second hour. A very exciting show with 2 Kiwi activists experienced with the personality, behaviors and actions of Psychopaths. The goal of this show was to give the audience tools they may need in order to recognize and identify psychopaths and psychopathic tendencies in those around them, particularly those in power. Evelyn Gilbert http://www.aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com
Russell Malcolm http://www.facebook.com/russell.malcolm14


02/29/2016    Monday - Guest John Ansell https://www.facebook.com/john.ansell.33 Controversial Kiwi and former Ad Man has found himself at the forefront of racial equality issues because although in every major poll suggests the public agrees with his stance against Maori tribal corporations running away with taxpayer money for treaty settlements that have already been settled, few are willing to stand up due to the highly racist and aggressive stance these corporations and their supporters in government take against anyone who questions them. The reality that average kiwis accept is that there's one race, the human race, and we're all brothers and sisters at the end of the day.

02/23/2016    Tuesday - Ben Vidgen https://www.facebook.com/postmaninvestigates A best selling author and genuine kiwi journalist explains that although he's been right many times in the past, a lot of ridicule still comes in from the mainstream media whenever he publishes a really juicy story about conspiracy. Does it matter what the news reports if the news itself is an irrelevant distraction that doesn't matter? Does telling the truth matter if it sounds so crazy that people call you nuts just for exposing it? A fun and frustrating broadcast by 2 of New Zealand's leading alternative news men.

02/16/2016    Tuesday - Vinny's special guest was AFR radio host Carol Rosin, the first woman corporate manager of an aerospace company where, in 1974, she worked alongside the great visionary Dr. Wernher von Braun! She became known as "the original political architect of the move to stop ASATs (anti-satellite weapons) and the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative "Star Wars") Or Space Based Weapons..." We're talking about "Peace in space" and asking the question "Why Ufology is so popular on the web? http://www.peaceinspace.com/

02/15/2016    Monday - Author Kim Ekman http://www.amazon.com/So-What-Can-Do-researchers/dp/1522711260 A conversation about the wisdom and philosophy of some of the worlds top thinkers like DAVID ICKE, ZEN GARDNER, SOFIA SMALLSTORM, KEVIN BARRETT, KEN O'KEEFE, CYNTHIA MCKINNEY, OLE DAMMEGARD AND KERRY CASSIDY and what ordinary people can do to help make the world a better place.

02/09/2016    Tuesday - GUESTS: Rueben Taipari http://www.facebook.com/RuebenForTeTaitokerau/ Penny Bright http://www.pennybright4mayor.org.nz When the TPPA was signed in Auckland back in February it triggered the largest protest NZ has seen since the Springbok tour in the 80's with an estimated 40,000 people pouring into the city blocking motorways and main roads that brought the city to a stand still. Many kiwis still don't understand what the TPPA is OR what actually happened at the protest that day, let alone its significance in New Zealand protest history, this show discusses the protest with 2 veteran kiwi activists that have over 60 years experience between them.

02/08/2016    Monday - WARNING This is a REAL mind bender of a show, (I've never labeled a show with a warning like this in 5 years of talk radio) if you listen to it you will hear about Anti-Matter, Wormholes, Mind Control technology that has been used on the battlefield by US special forces, secret alien-human treaties, alternate dimensions being used as gateways for demons and aliens to enter our planet and enable humans to travel to other planets, particle accelerators, CERN, ancient archeology, Draco reptilian galactic empires where human beings are considered a delicacy to be farmed, Yes I know how that sounds, hence the WARNING! Listen closely and the picture starts to come together. GUESTS: Pattie L Brassard, Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav) and :karen-ann:lucyk macdonald klanmother13@gmail.com

02/02/2016    Tuesday - Guest: Jerry Ashton www.nomoremedicaldebt.com Unlike the rest of the developed world, America doesn't have socialized healthcare, which is a short way of saying that if you get sick and you don't have money or insurance, you're screwed, because if the disease doesn't get you, the bill collectors will! Why does this system work in such a way, well it's quite simple, it's a money go round, bill collectors buy debts at pennies on the dollar then extract it from the people who've got nothing to pay it back with so everything is pursued for a profit only purpose. This means in effect that as much as 50% of bankruptcy in America is due to medical bills! After 40 years in the credit and collections industry, Jerry Ashton now tries to raise money from donations to help pay off medical bills in bulk by purchasing the debts from the collections agencies at pennies on the dollar and forgives the debts! This episode provides some very deep insights into how a society should NOT treat the sick and dying.

02/01/2016    Monday - Hour 1: The Man Talk Project Returns For Episode 8! During this broadcast we discuss Christmas time and how difficult it is for some people in the conspiracy movement to get along with their families, plus, we ask the pertinent question, are we actually isolating ourselves and becoming a little "truth clique" instead of trying to get along with people who aren't up with the play? Randy Maugans http://www.offplanetradio.com David Whitehead http://www.youtube.com/user/Senseidave82 Hour 2: Author of "Chasing The Scream" Johann Hari joins Vinny to speak about drug law reform and why he thinks the people who originated the war on drugs Like Harry J. Anslinger And William Randalph Hurst weren't lying, but were simply mistaken about the risks posed by Cannabis. http://chasingthescream.com/


01/26/2016    Tuesday - Dr. Lenny Thyme, PhD. in Inorganic Chemistry. The world is sick, dying and so are the people! What is causing the enormous conflagration of toxic substances in our environment and what do chem trails have to do with it? This broadcast is kind of exciting but also frightening in a number of ways, especially when we get into the fractal universe and how the human race is able to make huge strides but are often stifled by the psychopathic scum that run (and ruin) everything!

01/25/2016    Monday - Hour 1 Simon Kaiwai from New Zealand explains that the TPPA (trans-pacific partnership agreement) is a grave threat to national sovereignty, it essentially puts on paper the framework for governance of the oceanic region so that it may be more easily controlled by the coming world government. Unless it is stopped on February 4, we have almost no chance of repealing it. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! RESIST NOW OR FOREVER WILL THE TPPA DOMINATE YOUR NATION! Hour 2 Thomas Lacouvara-Stewart reporting from Burns Oregon! Damaging information has come out about the participants in the armed standoff with federal authorities, it is clear that agendas other than the cause of freedom and liberty are being fulfilled by infiltrators who are undermining the movement and might get people killed. Thomas tells of his horrific ordeal with radio host Pete Santilli who has been spreading malicious lies about him on his radio broadcasts and encouraging his listeners to cyber bully him!

01/19/2016    Tuesday - Guest: Bruce Rogan, Chairman Of The Mangawhai Residents & Ratepayers Association http://www.kaiparaconcerns.co.nz/ By far the most BORING topic to many people is any kind of talk about local government, "Aww why me?!" they shriek (internally and silently) as they're lulled into a sound slumber ala the droning monotone, via the whining microphone, through the groaning speakerphone, rebounded off the empty acoustically rebounding lavish ceiling of a city hall meeting. The truth however is far more interesting than just mere dates and figures rambled forth, but in fact a great world of intrigue! The truth would be better defined as a white collar crime syndicate disguised as a local government that feeds off the wealth created by people who actually work for a living, then hand it off via bribery disguised as bidding, to international organised crime syndicates disguised as contractors, who then invent crises disguised as work projects to confuse people as to where the justification is in stealing everyone's money.

01/18/2016    Monday - Vinny's Special Guests were Vincent Siemer and Roy Harlow.

01/12/2016    Tuesday - Veteran activist Ken O'Keefe http://www.worldcitizen.solutions tells of his awakening experience in the Marine Corps and discusses how the traumas he faced and continues to deal with are in fact what made him strong. An incredible show with enlightening philosophy that may change you as a person just by listening to it!

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