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05/16/2018    Wednesday - The artist formerly known as Frater X http://www.Middlechamberfx.wordpress.com The entire human race has been suffering a form of complex post traumatic stress disorder since the time of the great flood, this trauma, made us susceptible to manipulation by psychopaths and indeed may have led to the enslavement of the whole planet under their rule. But is this just a simple thing about the cycle of indoctrination and abuse run by early secret societies like Freemasonry? Or are there actually REAL entities out there in the ether trying to influence our thoughts and society? Frater's upcoming book "The Ghosts Of The Nephilim" explains!

05/09/2018    Wednesday - Gary Carlson www.icheckyoursoul.com A discussion about our souls, guardians, gods and reptilians, can humanity advance to the next level of consciousness before it's too late?

05/02/2018    Wednesday - Jay Parker www.thecenterpath.weebly.com Having survived years of abuse and indoctrination by his own Illuminati family of pedophiles, we present to you the positive side of this equation, that although horrific things happen to us, it doesn't mean we can't change who we are or what we do about it. A truly inspiring show about humanity and the cutting edge science and research that enables human beings to stop living in fear and start being brave, the future, literally depends on it. Some people choose good, some, choose evil, while others sit on the fence, we're just trying to burn the fence down.


04/25/2018    Wednesday - Greg Caton www.gregcaton.com Herbalist, Farmer & author of "The Joys Of Psychopathocracy" We are dealing with the very real threat of a mass extinction, some would argue that it is already underway. A government can only be used for what it was meant for, and that purpose is to perpetuate a criminal conspiracy. If we want to save our planet and ourselves, we have to co-create solutions to this world's problems and end the role of government in all our lives. Please Support Vinny Eastwood At www.Patreon.com/VinnyEastwood

04/18/2018    Wednesday - How To Unleash Your True Power As A Creator, Truthseekah. Tell us who you are and how you got to where you are now...Seems as great a place to start a discussion as any other. After going through a period of religion, a deeper revelation dawned that the occult and mystic arts had more to do with being a powerful creator, rather than just a servant of one, that realization carries with it certain obligations, namely, that it honors ones creator if one is also a creator. But, guilt, fear and pain, while unpleasant, are in fact one of the principle drivers behind the creation of in many cases, great art and innovative, inspiring individuals. A deep and personal conversation about what makes people who they are, is, sometimes, the easiest way to see ones own path to a better future. Please listen, laugh, learn and ponder over this truly provocative conversation that touches on everything from religious indoctrination to making music that comes from the soul!

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