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04/26/2019    Friday - Vinny Eastwood and Jim Fetzer present their views on The Christchurch Multiple Mosque Massacre.

04/25/2019    Thursday - NZ Gun Confiscation After Mosque Shooting NOT Justified! Mike Loder on The Vinny Eastwood Show.

04/22/2019    Monday - Vinny is the featured guest with Jeffrey Daugherty, The Christian Whistleblower and Jay Campbell. Jeffrey and Jay welcome Vinny Eastwood, New Zealand's top alternative media personality for a discussion of the recent tragic events there and much more.

04/21/2019    Sunday - Vinny welcomes Matt Landman for a marathon 3 hours discussing a number of topics such as 5G, Geo-engineering and much, much more.


01/30/2019    Wednesday - Today's guest was Mark Passio www.whatonearthishappening.com. The world is populated largely by immoral, unthinking, spiritually vacant vessels whom could hardly be said to be alive at all. Are you one of them? The world will not become better if one does not work on the darkness within themselves, this is what the shadow work is really about!

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